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  1. Had some ninja snow, my phone was telling me that it was only raining haha. Lying but kind of slushy.
  2. Went for a shower half an hour ago to no snow and came out to this!
  3. Had a couple of inches here but was already going slushy when I woke at 8am. Still nice to see it though!
  4. Had a decent snow shower earlier and it started to lie but melted away when it stopped.
  5. Had seriously heavy hail and thunder and lightening out this direction around half 11 or so. Left a covering. Some sleety showers since. Interested to see where this more organised band will go!
  6. A taste of snow on Benbradagh mountain here but thats it.
  7. Just rain here so far (hi folks, long time no post!)
  8. Just had a light snow shower here. It lay in my back garden but not on roads and paths.
  9. Morning folks. Still snowing here, scientific top of bin depth measurement gives about 3 inches. Daughter thoroughly disappointed that her school is still open
  10. Looks like more on the way later if it makes it that far. I'll likely still be awake, someone arriving any minute to fix my heating. Swear it breaks down every couple of months and at the worst time!
  11. Waiting on the bus home from work in Drumahoe here. Really nice layer!
  12. Snowing here now, lying a little on grass and cars. Would need to be a bit heavier and/or bigger flakes to lie elsewhere. Just got a lot heavier, that's the stuff now ?
  13. Last band of showers died out before it even got to me ? So hopefully something later instead.
  14. Just starting to snow here and sticking right away ? Edit - stopping now but it was just a rogue shower ahead of that front moving in.
  15. Annnnnnnd rain. Benbradagh obscured by cloud, might be snow there.
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