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  1. Wow what a crazy hour that was torrential rain slowed A303 down to snail pace thunder that rumbled so loud shook the house and lightning like I have never seen, now sat in total silence after last lightning must have hit something very near by horrendous bang and now power cut. On a good note sun has now pooped his head out again.
  2. Rain is easing still some good rumbles of thunder. Emergency measures put in place to collect dominoes from the door step umbrella at the ready ! Got to protect the pizza .
  3. Distant thunder which is now getting closer guessing Andover is getting the brunt it is a guess though really still outside and feels really sticky again.
  4. Sky has cleared again here can see the stars again. Interupted by lightning which seems to be closer than 10 minutes ago. Wind is picking up as well now.
  5. Think that's the lightning we can see from here frequent but can't here any thunder
  6. Just gone really dark here had to put kitchen light on. Big difference from earlier with sunshine .
  7. It's just clipped us here still rumbling around, a lot of lightning very little rain.
  8. Just had 2 rumbles of thunder to the east of me looks like it might just miss us . Brilliant sun shine one side dark clouds the other
  9. My sense of direction isn't very good lol. It's a shame we couldn't get the last little bit of the sunset in which highlighted the lower clouds.
  10. Hi Jtay, It looked quite spectacular I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it. Didn't get anything here yesterday other than sunshine. Today we have a few more clouds floating around but still quite bright. Hoping to get in on some of the action later if any.
  11. My daughter took this picture for me last night around 9:30pm looking west towards westbury direction.
  12. It's snowing here!!!! kids are happy walking to school this morning. Temp still dropping currently 2.3c at 6:30 it was 3.8 c
  13. I would like to ask a a question! What does the term bomb cyclone mean? Is it true that is what Dennis has become?
  14. Just had a flash and a loud crack of thunder . Visibility is bad outside can just make out trees bending in the distance. Already had a couple of trees down locally .
  15. All I can say is WOW!!! Constant lightning to the west of me for about half an hour then there was some lightning from the other direction a good half an hour before we heard thunder. Big drops of rain to start now sounds like it is easing off. Can still here the thunder in the distance. One very happy girl tonight.??
  16. Local weather station is saying 32c , my station is saying 40c but it has been in the direct sun since 10am. ? looking forward to the chance of thunderstorms.
  17. Just got another warning for more heavy snow this evening I'm just in the warning zone.
  18. ? hasn't stopped all day! Snow coming down heavy again wind picked up as well.
  19. Woke up this morning put radio on to check road reports and school closures daughter happy school is open. So off she went about 2 mile walk to school she doesn't care. Got phone call from her to say shes at school safe and sound , hang on a minute teachers just told us school is now shut I'm on my way home.!!! ??
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