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  1. Will it Snow In Cardiff Jay? .... My sister at Uni in Cardiff just sent me a few snaps. Looked a decent covering.
  2. I don't mean to sound IMBY.... But does the snowband extend down to the Home Counties and London... South Midlands get a few inches still?
  3. Thats the site i had been looking at a while back, Thanks!
  4. Hi Chaps.. Is there a website we can view like Snow Means aross the suites of ECM/GFS. Obviously can view the GFS/GFSP/ECM but just wondered if easier chart/graph form and where i could view. Sure i've seen it before on here. Cheers.
  5. Yeah its an interesting one i would of thought it would change to GFS P. Yes it will be funny it changes run to run because its the GFS.
  6. Yeah i'll come up @Sweatyman The XC weather forecasts are derived by latest GFS data. so that is the GFS 18Z.
  7. Next slider, also brings another milder sector in the south. This is going to be interesting watch over coming days that line is going to keep changing.
  8. The wrap around gives snow again, this time further south as colder air filters back in to southern parts after the brief milder slot.
  9. Trip to Cadbury World might be on the to do list!
  10. Yup. Cotswolds/Chilterns could join in on the action given height, i think the boundary isn't going to be far off.
  11. IMBY Syndrome! Its fluctuating North/South run to run but thats to be expected given the envelope. Someone could get dumped on next week, My prediction is Midlands Northwards.
  12. https://www.wxcharts.com/?panel=default&model=gfs,gfs,gfs,gfs&region=eng&chart=overview,850temp,wind10mkph,snowdepth&run=18&step=132&plottype=10&lat=51.761&lon=-1.201&skewtstep=0 Is Handy.
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