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  1. 35.4c in Sydney today, a HUGE April heat record for them

    1. Seasonality


      I dread to think what the Australian continent will be like should climate change continue unabated.

  2. Canberra 30.2c huge September heat record today

  3. Sydney 26.5c today - easy July record

  4. Where's knocker..

    1. Mokidugway


      He might be banned ,message a mod 

    2. I remember Atlantic 252
    3. Mokidugway


      in Cornwall :cc_confused:

  5. Sydney 34.2C today, warmest April day on record

  6. Australia's second warmest spring - just behind 2014 and just ahead of 2013

  7. Casualties in Australia bushfires. Ominous pre-summer conditions developing in parts.

  8. Massive October heat record in Australia, largest anomaly ever recorded for any month.

  9. Abbott about to be toppled as PM the most embarrassing period in Australian politics is about to come to an end..

    1. knocker


      Not before time

    2. knocker


      Tony Abbott's consolation prize: a $300k yearly pension. Or a $1.5m lump sump plus $153k yearly pension

    3. Styx


      ^ Decisions decisions! I believe we now have the most competent and forward thinking PM since Keating of the 1990s. Turnbull will now face the challenge of staring down the strong conservative bloc in the party..but he is popular and has the people behind him.

  10. Australia's second hottest February

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    2. D.V.R


      only the second?!

    3. keithlucky


      This is why Aussie met are under investigation http://t.co/GGtZAE092y

    4. Eugene


      Send Craig there, he'll then be right for once<lol

  11. BREAKING NEWS: Siege in inner Sydney retail store, reports say terrorist related

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    2. lassie23


      thanks:-) Seems like it is one person!

    3. NUT


      Pictures on Australian television showed people with their hands up against a window, and a black flag with Arabic writing. (quoted from the bbc site) it doesn't sound too good

    4. Lauren


      I wouldn't be surprised if it's a lone nutter doing a sort of copy cat thing.

  12. Australia's warmest s/Spring on record.

    1. lassie23


      Come to Britain before the summer, so you don't get roasted!

    2. Styx


      on the cards but plan delayed,someone special has crossed my path ;)

    3. lassie23
  13. Alice Springs 44.9C today smashing November record by 1.9C ( records since 1940 ). Extraordinary heat over central Australia at the moment, heading east.

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    2. Daniel*


      Australia keep smashing records rather scary, and those of the hot variety.

    3. Yarmy


      Barry95. I know, that's what I'm saying. I was there when it's nearly at its hottest. Being older than 5, i am familiar with the difference between the NH and SH.

    4. Barry12
  14. Australia's second warmest October, seems to be a planetary condition at the moment

    1. lassie23


      It has been a very warm year in the UK, only August was cool!

    2. IanR


      even october has 'felt' warmer than august, yes, very mild past winter, warm summer, the tide has too turn at some point,unless global warming really is kicking in (for the environmental thread) I just believe its natural variation and protracted below average will come with vengance at some point soon

  15. Fellow Tasmanian Richard Flanagan wins famous Man Booker award for his book "The Narrow Road To The Deep North"...if only the cars were sounding their horns right now..

    1. SomeLikeItHot


      Hooray. About POW on the Burma railroad relating to his father's experiences there and interviews he had with some of the surviving guards.

    2. Styx


      I must read one of his books soon, in recognition of his achievement. Unfortuently the local establishment is quite cool on him due to his environmental activism down here.

  16. BREAKING NEWS: Destructive thunderstorm heading for Sydney with major alerts, wind speed measure of 103mile/ph recorded at Wattamolla, just south of Sydney.

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    2. SomeLikeItHot


      I reckon that is the Blue Mountains, probably Blackheath, near Sydney (about 1100m asl and 60-80miles west) Not Sydney itself as temps are around 10c in Sydney Basin according to the BOM

    3. Mapantz


      Someone updated to say it's Lithgow. Crazy weather. :)

    4. SomeLikeItHot


      Crazy indeed about 110 mm rain in some suburbs in just over 2 hrs.

  17. Perth 33.2C this afternoon and probably still on the rise - beating the 1918 record for September by 0.5C so far. Parts of the continent starting to show signs of unusual heat so soon after winter's end.

    1. Styx


      wow..33.8C now, that's the old record gone by 1.1C. Quite a significant margin

    2. Styx


      peaked at 34.2C, 1.5C above the previous record

  18. Darwin breaks record for August cold with a minimum of 13.0 last night (8 below). Records since 1941. m

    1. karyo


      Lovely to hear! :-)

    2. Scorcher


      sounds freezing!

  19. Person snatched by crocodile near Darwin this evening, third croc fatality of the year

  20. Adelaide 0.9C this morning, equal coldest August night in its 126 years of weather records. Add in the inevitable UHI for a population of 1 million, then I call the coldest.

    1. Eugene


      lol if 0.9C was the lowest temp in a city this winter here the razor blades would be out

  21. Snowing in Canberra at 4pm and 3C as strong cold outbreak affects south east Australia

    1. lassie23


      lucky canberra

    2. March Blizzard

      March Blizzard

      Canberra is surprisingly cool, with an average low of -1C in July!

  22. Brisbane 2.9C at 5:52am...lowest July reading since 1948 and just 0.6C away from lowest reading for any month on record.

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      Maybe the invasion of record sea ice from the Antaratic

    3. Styx
    4. Scorcher


      Impressive reading for a place at Brisbane's latitude

  23. Will, Kate and George continue their Australian adventure holiday with a trip to Uluru

  24. 5°C in Canberra this morning, autumn showing early signs in Australia

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Should get to 24c by this afternoon

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Colder than some of this winter's mornings here. Ridiculous.

    3. Bobby


      Colder nights in the Australian summer than in the British winter, pfft

  25. Hobart/Tasmania joins the england experience by recording its windiest February day on record (81mph peak). A temperature drop from 35 to 15 after the change and -19C windchill reading at 1270m level

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