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  1. Australian Weather

    I'm blown away by some of the temperatures I'm seeing this morning. The mid 20 degree readings at 4:50am in central Australia, western New South Wales and South Australia state are near 20 degrees above average for September. I thought the map wasn't updating and had to double check but nope they're right. They would be impressive even for summer.
  2. I was thinking specifically about the farming cycles and yields ( mainly horticulture ), speciality crops that succeed in narrower and more predictable temperature ranges. I was also thinking about record sea temperatures down here, they have played havoc with salmon and oysters, mass algal blooms, warm water wiping out a lot of salmon. Out of season bushfires, damage to our rare alpine environment, flow on effect to the tourism industry, and government budget. A lot of things have been going on related to the heat down here, or at least its a significant component. I sometimes mention some of the stories in the Australia weather thread.
  3. Australian Weather

    Heat drama underway. Bushfire threat in Australia's south already...that is a little bit unusual. BOM confident that today was the hottest September day on record averaged across Australia. On the weekend, September record or near record temperatures are possible from Alice Springs through to Sydney, Canberra up to Brisbane. An individual location in New South Wales and Queensland may break the September record for those states. I don't usually put up BOM's severe weather video forecasts, but this is extra interesting and for the record!
  4. Australian Weather

    Wintery cold spells won't let go so easily in the south east of the country. Canberra had its third coldest September temperature last night of -6.1c ( average 3c ). It then rose to 17c.... 26c next weekend. There is 240cm of snow at Spencers Creek in the Alps at 1830m, the deepest measurement since 2000. ------------- Canberra's lowest September temperatures ( records since 1939 ). 1......-6.8.....2012 2......-6.4.....1982 3......-6.1.....2017 4......-5.6.....1940 5......-5.4.....1939
  5. A cold start to the new season here too. Half way thru September we have a mean anomaly of -1.7c below the 1981-10 average or -1.5c below the 1961-90 average. The Hobart average min is 5.0c to the 15th, and the average max is 14.0c. I don't expect it to be as cold as this at the end of the month, but its a reasonably big gap already to notch up the third 'cold' month in a row. This is a really nice break from what looks like the new norm, recent years have seen month after month of warmth, creating a lot of problems.
  6. Australian Weather

    I want to get some more snow pictures in before it's too late! Something to savor perhaps, before the snow arrives proper in Europe. At 860m... Cradle Mountain Hotel, Tasmania. Most of Tasmania's western side is forested, mountainous and sparsely populated, with remote forest and mining operations, the odd tourism lodge, and mountain passes. Maybe even thylacines Having a tough time dealing with so much snow out there...
  7. UFO sighting in Slovenia 2017 :)

    There are two UFO events which come to mind which seem too curious to me, to dismiss outright as a fantasy, or even a mass hysteria experience...but having said that, I went to ( an envangelical church as a child unfortunately, so I've seen how a group of people can mimic the emotional reaction of others while abandoning their own thought processes.. But anyway, the two encounters I am thinking of are: Westall school UFO encounter in Australia in 1966, involving 200 witnesses, a supposed landing near the school, army and ambulances called, a supposed coverup. There is a documentary on it on youtube interviewing students, now mid-age, that were there. Ariel school UFO encounter in Zimbabwe in 1994, involving 60 witnesses, a 'landing', childrens description of 'floating aliens'. Also a documentary on it on youtube with a trained psychologist interviewing some of the witnesses.
  8. Where is everyone August - Hobart, Tasmania Like July this was a fairly cold month, mostly due to low overnight temperatures. The mean temperature anomaly was -0.7c below 1981-10 ( in brackets below ) or -0.3c below 1961-90. It is the first time since 2011 any two months in a row have been colder than the 1961-90 period. Average maximum: 13.3 ( -0.4 ) Average minimum: 4.6 ( -1.1 ) Rainfall: 65mm ( average 53mm ) Rain days ( +1mm ): 14/from 20 Dry at first with local frost, severe away from the coast, then a variable month with regular fronts preceeded by mild air from the continent. This was the first month since January to have above average rainfall in a year that is running with a modest rainfall deficiency. The wettest day this month was 19mm in frontal convergence. This was not a significant month for snow in the Hobart area, and there was no snow in the higher suburbs ( <300m ), which usually happens in most August months. Snow line of near 1200m on the 10th, 800m on the 12th&17th, near 500m on the 18th, 700-800m on the 27th&30th. All light falls or dustings. Extremes in daily temperature for August ( records since 1882 ): Highest maximum: 18.1.....10th ( record 24.5 in 1977 ) Lowest maximum: 9.1.....18th&27th ( record 5.5 in 1974 ) Highest minimum: 9.8.....26th ( record 15.0 in 2005 ) Lowest minimum: 1.0.....3rd&20th ( record -1.8 in 1962 )
  9. Australian Weather

    Yep always nice to have a decent snow event and it settled very low in the west and north-west...Hobart missed out this time , prevailing wind from wrong direction. Thought you might find this an interesting post, it is the ore train on the historic Melba Line in Tasmania's north-west, transporting from the Roseberry mine, to the small industrial city of Burnie on the coast. Not sure how often the train gets snowbound but I think it's quite rare.
  10. Australian Weather

    Winteriest week of the year in Tasmania. Maybe snow close to sealevel in the Hobart area on Friday!
  11. Australian Weather

    ^ Some resemblance of a 'normal' winter in south-east Australia at least....and next week looks like big news with a major cold outbreak with low level snow ( possibly disruptive ) and an absurd amount of snow in the mountains.
  12. Australian Weather

    How winter fared in Australia: Mean temperature anomaly ( 1961-90 ) June +0.5 July +1.8 Third warmest on record August +1.0

    "The accident is believed to be the deadliest so far this season in the Austrian Alps, where several dozen mountaineers die annually." Is that a mistake in the article...that many? Surely not?
  14. Australian Weather

    It's heating up prematurely in the tropics. It may well be a stifling build up towards the wet season. Darwin is on course for its hottest August on record, with a mean maximum almost 2c above the long-term average. Big margins like that in the tropics are quite rare. On Thursday, Darwin had its equal-second hottest August day with a maximum of 36.0c, near 5c above average. -------------- Darwin's highest August temperatures ( records since 1939 ) 1.........37.0.......1971 2.........36.0.......2017 and 1998 3.........35.7.......1958 4.........35.6.......2012
  15. Worth taking a look at the Hobart webcam ( in my signature ) throughout Friday and into Saturday ( we are 9 hours ahead ) if you like updated snow images, snow forecast to settle in the lower hills near the seafront, should be the most wintery scenes of the year for us. Timelapse view of 12 August in that link in my signature looks great too !