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  1. November - Hobart, Tasmania A little bit warm and dry. A mean temperature anomaly of +0.4c above 1981-2010 or +0.7c above 1961-1990. Mean maximum: 20.2 ( +1.3 ) Mean minimum: 9.4 ( -0.5 ) Rainfall: 41mm ( average 53mm ) Rain days ( +1mm ) : 11/from 14 Hot and partly cloudy at first in a fresh northerly breeze. A trough crossed on the morning of the 2nd followed by a cold front and the day was overcast with rain increasing. The first half of the month was then dominated by active Southern Ocean fronts with rain at times and mountain snowfalls - but more moderate conditions around Hobart and the sheltered south-east. The 7th-8th brought a few showers between sunshine with snow settling at 700m asl. A few further showers between the 12th-14th with a dusting of snow to 1000m asl ( mostly at night ). In complete contrast serious heat was developing in Australia's west and moving east, the heat intensified by drought. This heat was dragged south-east ahead of an approaching front giving Hobart it's equal hottest November day. The maximum of 36.8c at midday was followed by a cool, dry wind change. Winds then turned dry westerly in the days ahead, then a few showers from the 26th with cold fronts in a west to south-westerly flow. A thunderstorm with hail on the 29th on an active cold front, and a cold night with a dusting of snow to 900m asl by the morning of the 30th. Extremes in daily temperature for November ( records since 1882 ) High max: 36.8.....21st ( equal record with 1937 ) Low max: 12.7.....7th and 8th ( record 8.4 in 1885 ) High min: 15.0.....1st ( record 19.9 in 1937 ) Low min: 4.1.....5th ( record 1.7 in 1941 ) Equal record
  2. Styx

    In Memoriam

    Great Aussie band from a magic era in Australia music. Video was filmed in Hobart.
  3. The Perth record for December is 44.2c in 2007 ( it doesn't mention that in the news video you put up ) Meantime in Tasmania it is icy. The mountain summit was -4.0c last night ( 1260m asl ) and the city minimum was 5.8c ( 6 below average ). The pinnacle road to the summit is closed due to ice and snow. The road is narrow and they don't want cars jackknifing or falling down ravines. The Tasmania record low for December ( and summer ) is -5.0c in 1969.
  4. It's a pretty cold start to summer! The mountain is snowcapped this morning ( to about 800m asl ) but it won't be around for long. The minimum was -3.2c on the summit and 7.7c in the city. Tonight, the snowline could go lower and more mountain snow is forecast on Thursday if there's enough precipitation around with the next pulse of cold air. December snow on the city mountain happens once every second December on average ( but usually just a single day ). In 2006 the mountain was snowcapped on Christmas morning. In 1972, the snowline was half way down the mountain. Both those events were colder.
  5. Australia crushed its spring rainfall record for dryness. Consequently the January-November period is likely to be a record too - but that's yet to be confirmed. 1902 is the only other year that was as dry as this from beginning to end across the continent. 1902 was the final stage of a multi-year drought across Australia known as the Federation Drought, the most severe the country has seen ( those summers produced some extreme heat events ). It was the fifth warmest spring on record. The mean maximum was the second warmest ( fractionally below the 2014 record ) and the mean minimum came in 20th. There are many other maps and graphs on the BoM website but I think these ones sum things up nicely.
  6. Sydney to face its toughest water restrictions in 10 years WWW.ABC.NET.AU Sydneysiders will be able to water their gardens and wash their cars using only a bucket from next month, after the NSW Government announced tough new restrictions.
  7. I forgot to talk about Melbourne. It was also the equal-hottest November day for that state capital on Thursday. Melbourne has records since 1855 and for over a century the station was at the same inner city site. In recent times too much UHI warming was causing problems. In 2014 a new station began operating at Olympic Park near the Melbourne Cricket Ground. When the two sites were operating in tandem during the 18 month switch over period it showed the inner city site was +0.8c warmer for maxima and +0.4c warmer for minima. It was never used for state or national averages. The other sites listed in the record table are all in Victoria's south. Wilson's Promontory Lighthouse ( records since 1910 ), Laverton and East Sale ( records since the early 1940s ) and Mangalore ( records since 1959 ). The Victoria state maximum was 44c in the north-west ( about 2c below the state record ).
  8. What would be useful is an areal average temperature for Tasmania for today. BoM rarely releases those details and we don't have anything like a daily CET measurement that is publicly available. Campania is 20km to the north of Hobart and while it almost broke the state record, it only has 20 years worth of temperature records. There are no closed weather stations in that geographical area either that may offer an insight of previous weather. Hobart has by far the longest dataset on the list ( 138 years ), followed by Bushy Park and Flinders Island ( 58 years ) and Fingal ( 34 years ). The rest on the list: Tunnack, Ouse, Devonport have 22-28 years of data. It took about 5 hours for the cool wind change to clear the island from south to north ( a slow mover ) and right now it's a pleasant 16c at 11pm. Hobart highest November temperatures ( records since 1882 ) 36.8.....2019 21st 36.8.....1937 36.7.....1888 36.1.....1966 35.8.....1982
  9. MIDDAY THURSDAY - An absolute scorcher in Tasmania. Hot, breezy, low humidity and diluted sunshine through cirrus. Hobart right now 36.8c ( 18 above average ) and tie with November record. The state maximum so far 37.7c - 0.8c below the state record for November. Not smelling any smoke out there so that's good. More later...
  10. 'Catastrophic' fire alert in two Australian states WWW.BBC.COM The warnings for South Australia and Victoria come as massive fires ravage other parts of the nation. South Australia was very hot today but there were no serious bushfires and a cool change has now gone through. There were ten November heat records in South Australia but Adelaide's 41.6 wasn't one of them ( it was 1.4c short of the November record but 16c above average) and the state maximum was 46.6c at Nullarbor ( 20 above average ) near the coast, in the western part of South Australia. This was just 1.5c short of the state record for November. Thursday will be hot and windy in Victoria and Tasmania. Temperature records far less likely. The catastrophic alert for Victoria is just for northern districts. Nullarbor's readings were pretty impressive today. I have never seen a 1% relative humidity reading before. Nullarbor also started the day at 13c minimum - a massive 33c diurnal temperature range.
  11. This is a cool month in Tasmania and snow is still falling regularly in the mountains. The cool month in Tasmania and the southern fringe of south-east Australia ( from about Adelaide to Melbourne ) is linked to the rare stratospheric warming event and persistent Southern Ocean fronts. The current snowline ( made up of large patches of snow and drifts in shady areas that have been around for weeks ) is about 1200-1300m asl. Dove Lake ( in the picture ) is 940m asl and the mountain top is 1545m. The latest webcam image shows snow near the lake has gone, but the upper mountain sides has been snow covered for weeks - likewise Tasmania's southern ski-field of Mount Mawson ( 1250m ) in the picture below.
  12. A November temperature record of 40.4c in Perth today ( 13 above average ). It spiked at 41-43c at other stations in the Perth metropolitan area just before the trough line came through, so the official maximum for the city could have certainly been higher, given a little more time. The Western Australian maximum was 45.8c in the north-west. The heat reaches the east Wednesday-Friday. BoM has a lot of New South Wales under a severe heatwave but the coastal strip ( where many of the fires are ) will be cooler. Perth highest November temperatures ( records since 1897 ) 40.4.....2019 16th 40.3.....2003 11th 40.3.....1913 24th 40.1.....1978 22nd 39.9.....1962 24th
  13. A lot of lifestyle advantages of living in Australia but that photo is a sore reminder of what we miss out on at this time of year!
  14. Styx


    I lived in Swansea 15 years ago. By the looks of things, a lot of changes!
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    Awesome photo! Where is this?
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