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  1. Deserves a music video dedication
  2. An unusually think fog settled over Brisbane this morning. These pictures are courtesy of Channel 9 In Tasmania autumn is ending dry, settled and cool. March was exceptionally warm and April was very mild, so at least the temperature anomaly is coming down. The thing I am noticing is the lack of snow this autumn. A dusting of snow has covered the mountains to about the 1000m level for a few hours on just three separate days. That's about as bad as it gets. So no action from the Southern Ocean injecting sub Antarctic air over us...yet.
  3. If you had said that in the "serious" discussion section you would have been labelled as a hard-right or a fascist.
  4. Well you guys shouldn't have colonised Australia if you didn't want us in it. I know it's embarrassing to be beaten by Australia at everything.
  5. Thanks for that Mark.. just tried it out, seems my region is barred. I'll just follow you guys for a while.
  6. Third year for Australia, finishing 5th in 2015 and 2nd in 2016. Not bad huh? He is a young aboriginal guy that has been through some challengers, hope he manages a high ranking. I have $2500 on a win. I can't see what is going on, not telecast until tonight here.
  7. Mint. Rum n raisin would have to be my favorite. Haven't bought either for a long time. There is such a good pickup in the supermarket I shop at : 100gram block of milk chocolate for $1 ( 55p ). I do something interesting, add a few blocks in plunger coffee, stir, and I have the best tasting mocha you'll find. Sure beats spending $4 on the real thing at the bakery.
  8. ^ A perfect summary of my own tastes, the only thing I would personally change would be extending the best years by a year, 1998-2002. Phats and Small, All Saints, Stardust... 1. 1990s 2. 1980s 3. 2000s ( half the decade only so 80s get a higher rank ) 4. 1970s 5. 2010s
  9. A world record would be nice, so 147 will give me another century and a bit. It will have to come with provisions. Most of my senses would have to be intact ( reasonable eyesight would be nice ), minimal physical pain, mobile enough to do the very basics, and brain functions. I would like a nice big tree outside my window to hear and see the birds and have some connection to nature. In a few decades virtual reality headsets will be cheap and come with a lot of programs so stimulation of thought and enjoyment would be right on tap. If this doesn't all work out then a quick departure via a freak weather event would be good, I'll go for lightning.
  10. Geesh knocker...
  11. April - Hobart, Tasmania After a very warm start to autumn temperatures backed off in April but it was still a very mild month. The anomaly was +0.9c compared to the 1981-2010 period ( in brackets below ) or +0.8c above the 1961-90 period. The March anomaly was a massive +1.8c. We have not had a cooler than average month here since November. Average maximum: 19.2 ( +1.4 ) Average minimum: 9.8 ( +0.4 ) Rainfall: 22mm ( average 51mm ) Rain days (+1mm): 5/from 9 April followed the pattern of March. The first three weeks averaged warm and dry, with strong high pressure over southern Australia, mainly centered to the east of Tasmania. On the 9th, a low pressure system formed over Bass Strait on a front moving in from the west. Onshore winds with moisture from the low brought 8mm, the wettest day of the month. The final week saw a more typical westerly stream with embedded fronts at 36-48hr intervals bringing 2-4mm each time, mostly on the frontal rain band itself. On the 26th, cold air behind the first decent front of the season. Temperatures dropped to single figures during the afternoon, followed by the coldest night of the year, and the first settled snow of the year on the mountain by the next morning - a dusting to near 900m, but this melted away quickly after sunrise. Extremes in daily temperature for April ( records since 1882 ): Highest maximum: 25.5.....6th ( record 31.0 in 2014 ) Lowest maximum: 12.6.....26th ( record 7.7 in 1967 ) Highest minimum: 15.2.....9th ( record 18.6 in 1959 ) Lowest minimum: 3.3......27th ( record 0.7 in 1888 )
  12. £50 on a scratchcard and £40 on Hot Picks ( the very first draw ). I really needed the money at the time too, I seem to get lucky when I need it. In the last few years I only buy a lotto ticket in mega draws. I have had some shocking wins on an online casino ( the slots )....60c = $2700 for example. Also shocking losses. I advise anyone wanting to play online to be careful, it's very seductive.
  13. What an incredible cold weather record for Darwin. tropicbreeze I found that background explanation really interesting. The official Tuesday maximum was 21.9c which beats the previous April record by 2.7c. The Darwin weather site has been reporting since 1941. Darwin has only had two colder days, but in the winter ( or the tropical dry season ). They were 21.1c and 21.8c in July 1968. And taking a look at the steamy tropical season alone which is now winding down, the previous record low maximum was 24.0c in December 1954. Lowest daily maximum in April for Darwin ( records since 1941 ): 1......21.9......2017 2......24.6......1954 3......24.8......1998 4......25.2......1956 5......25.4......1959 and 1948 ------------------------------------------------ Darwin became the third of Australia's 8 major cities to break a cold weather record this year. I am not sure whether that has happened before. In February, Perth recorded it's coldest day for that month and Canberra it's coldest February temperature.
  14. Substantially cold too. Darwin had a maximum of 21.5c today, the monthly average is 32c and it doesn't deviate much from that day to day. At 7:30pm this evening it is 19c. The April record low maximum is 24.6c in 1954 so it seems highly likely that another rare cold weather record will be set at 9am tomorrow, when the temperature day ends.
  15. March - Hobart, Tasmania A warm start to autumn which follows on from a moderately warm summer. This was the third warmest March on record. The mean temperature anomaly was 1.8c above the 1981-2010 period ( listed in brackets below ). Compared to the 1961-90 period the mean anomaly is the same. Recent Marchs here have been exceptionally warm: Average maximum: 22.4 ( + 2.1 ) Average minimum: 12.9 ( +1.5 ) Rainfall: 37mm ( average 45mm ) Rain days ( +1mm ): 8/from11 For the first 20 days of the month high pressure dominated to the east. On days when the city had cooler seabreezes or a wind change following weak fronts, it was almost persistently warm away from the coast and in the central north. A notable interruption to the pattern occurred on the 11/12th, as a small low formed over eastern Victoria, extending a trough down Tasmania's east coast. 10mm fell in the city over a 36 hour period. The major weather break occurred between the 21st-23rd as a low pressure trough extended down Australia's east coast. Forming a low over waters to Tasmania's north east, there were two to three days of onshore easterly winds bringing showery drizzle at times, cool sea air and hill fog. Clearing to mild to warm and mainly dry for the rest of the month, then a more significant front late on the 29th paving the way for much cooler but drier air to follow. Extremes in daily temperature for March ( records since 1883 ): Highest maximum: 32.1....14th ( record 37.3 in 2008 ) Lowest maximum: 15.8....22nd ( record 8.9 in 1925 ) Highest minimum: 20.7....16th ( record 21.1 in 1906 ) Lowest minimum: 5.7....31st ( record 1.8 in 1926 )