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  1. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Sunrise is less than an hour away and there are quite a few towns that haven't dropped below 36.0 degrees overnight ( nor since the 9am reset yesterday ). The Australia record highest minimum is 35.5c at Wittenoom, WA in 2003.
  2. Styx

    Australian Weather

    It got to 41.6 in Canberra today, an equal record for January. All time record is in fact 42.2 in February 1968. Another go at the record tomorrow, forecast high of 41..
  3. Styx

    Australian Weather

    It's really hot this morning. Wednesday's forecast extreme maximums will be 49 in the state of South Australia, 47 in New South Wales and 45 in Victoria. These numbers are still about 2 degrees off the records for those states though, but individual locations and regions continue to break January daily records in what is turning out to be an unusually hot summer. Marble Bar in NW Australia so far has a January average maximum of 45.1 ( +5.2 above average ), Alice Springs 900 miles away in the centre is 41.5 ( +5.2 ) and Canberra is 32.6 ( +4.5 ). So big anomalies stretching across the country up to the middle part of January. Canberra's forecast maximum of 41 for Wednesday is not too far off the record of 42.0 ( in 2013 ).
  4. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Its been phenomenally hot across most of Australia for two-three weeks. Yep Alice Springs did indeed record its highest temperature - 45.6 - but this happened on December 29th, only to be equaled again yesterday, January 3rd. The previous record was 45.2c in January 1960. Alice's December record, previously 44.2, was actually exceeded three days in a row late last month! Alice Springs AP has records since 1941. The high daily anomalies across vast areas made it Australia's hottest December on record for average temperature. Even though quite a number of individual locations in most states and the Northern Territory have broken daily records for December and now January, there have been no major ones to fall. Major as in highest temperature ever recorded in a state or territory for a month ( but it has got very close, like Western Australia's 49.3 at Marble Bar late last month). No capital city has really got close to their respective monthly records ( yet ).
  5. Well..this is really beautiful sight...mesmerising. When will our planet rise to deliver the big one? Been a while now since there was a globally significant event
  6. Styx

    Links to Reports and Papers

    It is interesting to me that some people seem so fixated on an issue or ideology ( be it political or what have you ) that they will shun or stereotype a person who may express a different viewpoint or belief, even if it is communicated gently and with thought/effort. It's particularly galling and silly to me when it has jot all to do with that person's day to day living or occupation. People adopt too many unnecessary identities which they then go about relentlessly defending if their idea of the world is threatened. Forums produce the worst of these sorts of people but quite generally it's a real social issue as far as I am concerned. Sad. I am just having a ramble none of what I have just said is aimed at anyone in particular or about any issue in particular.
  7. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Some of the videos of the flash flood on twitter and facebook are really amazing, a great demonstration of nature vs the city. I am not able to link anything on here from those sources for some reason, but that's the place to go for anyone who likes to see the forces of nature at work! This will do : ^ That is not a river/rivulet channel, it is one of the city's main streets
  8. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Everyone is managing very well and getting on with things. There were no casualties. We haven't had an extreme high rainfall record since 1996 here - ( for an entire month or wettest day ). The trend is in fact for drier weather all year round. The city has an annual average of 600mm and the big falls almost always come from east coast lows, but they have not delivered enormous rain totals here in modern times. This is surprising because of the dramatically warming sea off the coast, in large part due to the extension of the sub-tropical East Australian Current. It is really elevating temperatures for us that is for sure. Apparently, this area of sea is one the greatest warming areas in the world. Whether it is directly related to global warming or not is open to conjecture and further study around all these teleconnections. Despite the absence of extreme rainfall records when you might expect them to be happening more regularly I have had a look at the Hobart climatology statistics and it shows that there is a very heavy bias toward high rainfall totals and rates in the last 60 years compared to the first 60 years. I am in awe at the big record with this flash flood just enormous. On the mountain range behind the city 236mm fell over the space of a few hours which ended up funnelling into the city rivulets in one big push, eventually, they couldn't handle the quantities of water. The meteorological term for what happened was training thunderstorms. Tasmania's entire east coast was wet in a good way with prevailing easterly winds wrapping around the exploding low off the coast, with multiple depression centres. The extreme rainfall was quite localised but obviously unprecedented.
  9. I would like to post a video I have seen from a Facebook page. I add the Embed code/address (below ) by copying it, but only the address shows up like this when i try to post it. Whats the problem, how can I fix it? <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fabcnews.au%2Fvideos%2F10158560527744988%2F&show_text=0&width=476" width="476" height="476" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>
  10. Styx

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Thank you Gray-Wolf
  11. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Huge Hobart flood overnight with cars washed down the main streets, as the rivulet which runs through the city collecting water from streams which run down the mountain overflows. In a truly epic record event, 129mm fell over the space of a few hours in a ferocious non-stop line of storms. The total wiped away the May daily record which stood at 47mm, from 1973! Rain record broken almost three-fold, in 120+ years of records. This morning the city has in effect been shut down as people survey flood damage to their businesses and clean up the mess and debri. A multi-million dollar damage bill and probably the worst city flood since April 1960. I am having some problems attaching some photos/video to my post, but I will try again later on.
  12. Styx

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Ah very interesting discussion points, 'Likes' all round for interesting points of views and knowledge from different sources. Hey Gray-Wolf I'm going to ask you because you like hypothesising, what is your forecast for Tasmania based on your readings and hunches. We are noticing the poleward contraction of the Southern Ocean westerly wind belt which seems to be delivering a very dramatic change to the climate. Whats your views on future consequences of Antarctic and ocean melting, and effects on the climate down here in the long-run.
  13. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Oh no, don't bow down to my experience that's only useful when talking about statistics, trends and historical events. Am in no way a weather expert when it comes to complex, unfolding events like this! Well done on your very early predictions! The BoM at this stage might be leaning conservative when it comes to temperatures and snow levels. We shall see what unfolds. Yes hold on in NZ as this thing explodes over the Tasman on the weekend.
  14. Styx

    Australian Weather

    Possibly significant snow for the Australian Alps at the end of the week, a rare early start to the ski season? Possibly significant rain in tasmania's east which has been very dry this year. All dependant where the deepening low tracks. Very windy. Quite cold for a time, but nothing special.
  15. April - Hobart, Tasmania A warmer and drier month than average. The mean temperature anomaly was +0.8c above 1981-2010 or +0.7c above 1961-1990. Rainfall this year is one-quarter down from the long-term average so far. Our annual trend over the last 20 years or so is: much warmer and drier. Average maximum: 18.8 ( +1.0 ) Average minimum: 10.0 ( +0.6 ) Rainfall: 30mm ( average 50mm ) Rain days (+1mm): 7/from 13 Significant heat spread across most of Australia during the first half of the month, but Tasmania was much milder and cloudier during this time in a westerly weather pattern, with fronts and low pressure occasionally bringing rain periods and a few showers. 8mm on the 6th was the months wettest day, it took about four hours to accumulate. A significant cold front crossed on the 14th bringing a cold night with showers ( 5mm ) and snow settling to 600m into the morning. Sunday the 15th was cold, windy and dry with a significant wind chill and with a snowcapped mountain it was pleasantly wintry, but it wasn't to last. Another intense low and front was approaching from the southwest, veering winds warmer and galeforce overnight from the opposite direction. The temperature rose from a Sunday maximum of 13c to a pre-dawn temperature of 17c on Monday, with gales bringing down trees and ripping away some loose structures. Monday the 16th turned progressively colder behind the front with winds easing a lot, with a 9am maximum of 13.5c ( the month's coldest day ). A shower or two following behind with snow settling down near 800m. The 18th-30th was predominantly dry with broad high pressure across southern Australia. Inland frosts at first, quite severe. Only a shower or two on the 26th and 28th, associated with weak cold fronts. Extremes in daily temperature for April ( records since 1882 Highest maximum: 24.6.....4th ( record 31.0 in 2014 ) Lowest maximum: 13.5.....16th ( record 7.7 in 1967 ) Highest minimum: 14.1.....3rd ( record 18.6 in 1959 ) Lowest minimum: 5.1.....18th ( record 0.7 in 1888 )