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  1. Met Office â€@metoffice 29s Graphic showing potential tracks of ex #Bertha for Sunday http://bit.ly/1pGdvRP
  2. Just looked on facebook and twitter, I'm surprised no one has mentioned how hot it is today.
  3. Michael Dukes â€@DukesyWeather 5m Massive 109mph at the exposed Needles Lighthouse on the 11pm obs https://twitter.com/DukesyWeather/status/434468540138405888/photo/1
  4. The windows will need to be replaced, The Marco Polo's AIS seems to be off at the moment and I'm *guessing* she will head to the nearest port (France) for now.
  5. Ian Fergusson â€@fergieweather 2m "@Luke_Crute: @fergieweather Ian, are winds likely to increase on Bristol channel coast as winds veer more westerly?" Yes
  6. John Pike Here you go re Croydon http://www.london24.com/mobile/news/police_help_evacuate_flood_hit_homes_in_croydon_1_3318691
  7. Sorry John, No idea - No updates from MPSonthewater (thats the Met Police water squad) on twitter and a quick search on Twitter didn't bring up any exact locations.
  8. Freak wave hits the Marco Polo cruise ship in the SW Channel tonight, 1 dead another airlifted to hospital. Edited *freak (large) in these conditions, took out several windows.
  9. Really helpful when friends and family are struggling with the devastation of floods - almost as helpful as closing threads after an in depth view of the week ahead. Apologies a little stressed.
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