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  1. Anyone's temp rapidly shoot up around 3am? We went from -4C to -1.5C and then went back down to -2.5C.
  2. If all the snow had cleared by daytime, with maximum nocturnal cooling we could have seen -10C+
  3. I think my partner is beginning to think I'm going mad. Radar checks, lamppost watching, curtain twitching.
  4. Can't grasp the delay with the amber if I'm honest. Covering their backs?
  5. Some moisture coming back into birmingham. Snizzling a little now.
  6. Assuming it doesn't peter too much, a nice coasting after dark will be nice as things start to refreeze!
  7. Western edge over Cheshire starting its journey southward.
  8. I'm about a mile or so away from you in Maypole. Wythall always looks beautiful in the snow.
  9. The band is about as north as it will go on its western side. Eastern side still swinging north on the circulation but won't get any further than Lincoln.
  10. Almost a shame that Monday's system is modelled to bring patchy rain. If it was heavier, it would sure be snow from evaporative cooling due to entrenched cold.
  11. White out here in south birmimgham. Alreacy a cm in about 15 mins.
  12. Looks like stall point will be a line from just north of birmingham to Peterborough. Kind of snow falling that's useless for a snowman - very dry! (But lets be honest, who cares!)
  13. Latest icon sticking to its guns wrt snow distribution.
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