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  1. Democracy in action....BBC/media nothing to report here on the Scottish Bill....tumble weed moment
  2. Stupid question so here goes, can the HOL in their reading of the Scotland Bill amend it with a new permanency clause? HOL has ex Labour Scottish MPs who must realize the tide of political awareness sweeping through the country.
  3. Quite a comical scene this morning on the Andrew Marr show, whilst reviewing the Sunday papers. Andrew Marr brought up the subject of Jim Murphy and how popular he was amongst Blairite supports, the unions and media, the lady reviewing the papers (sorry didn't catch her name), answered he isn't popular with the people and that's what counts (or words to that effect)....tumbleweed moment, then moving on....Made me giggle. Maybe, just maybe, the BBC will eventually accept their man Jim Murphy is a failure and now history.
  4. Yes I know why I am voting Green, not to spite the other parties....millionaire politicians was just a observation and can see why you questioned me. I don't agree will all the Green party policies, but are closer to my views.
  5. Well there is the Green Party south of the border. I realize they have not much hope of being in Government, but they get my vote, as the main three parties are self serving millionaire politicians... just my thoughts!
  6. Scottish FFA explained interesting read http://www.thelyonyawns.com/?p=948
  7. Don't often post but this is a good read> http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/queen-palace-coup-miliband-snp-cameron-huitson-345
  8. Well on drive home from work, Radio 2 news was full on about Lord this and Lord that justifying the need for tactical voting against the SNP. Democracy has come full circle. The unelected lords now telling us to be undemocratic and vote for a party of the union and not of your choice. The BBC are pushing this well and will keep the story alive to keep it in the back of unsuspecting folks minds until election day. Would be great if it back fires and more people vote SNP in spite of those BBC/Lords.
  9. Very heavy snow here in Braintree, my misses reports none back home in Bishops Stortford!
  10. Snowing in Bishops Stortford for half an hour but not really settling.
  11. Happen to see a brief snippet of the Sunday politics show, the panel were worried that Labour might not be able to form a coalition government if the SNP have 20 MPs after the election 2015. It may have just dawned on the Labour that they are in trouble in Scotland. New leader, new sense of direction and the BBC to help? (New sense of direction will be regurgitated propaganda....that's the cynic in me).
  12. The way I see it, Westminister wants a quick fix to more devolved power to Scotland, all nicely wrapped up by GE 2015. Unfortunately the cats are out of the bag, there will be lots of scrambling about try to make concessions to each party, but ultimately, if more powers are not forth coming remotely close to "home Rule", then things will become very interesting in Scotland and the elite in Westminster. As it has been said before, this is the being of the end for cosey two party monopoly in UK governance.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29606220 Having read this article on the BBC, I looked at the comments page and the top rated are not looking good for labour...most people will get the impression that Labour are undemocratic with this english only votes. More importantly, Labour have not grasped the concept that in Scotland they are already losing support and with UK MSN portraying them in the undemocratic light they could shed further support.
  14. Reference the new up take in SNP membership. I think this has a great deal to do with the "safety in numbers" analogy. By creating an entity larger than oneself, you have a better chance to be heard and taken more seriously. This has been born out of campaigning and engaging in politics, also reading impartial material via the social media. SNP increased membership will also make Westminster sit up and take note that the people in Scotland are watching them...this is my take on the evolution of politics in Scotland. One further point, I was going to suggest last week that as soon as there
  15. 100% agree with these comments. Our politicians still believe and act in a way that the great British Empire is still alive and well. They spend our taxes on illegal wars and helping the financial banking institutions, but deny the people a decent living wage, a decent living pension and allow the most vulnerable people in society to have to rely on charities to help them feed their children.....is this a society we want to live in?
  16. Reference the polling data. SS has been saying for ages that the weighting has been wrong and few fellow posters on here even laughed mocking at the figures that have been blatantly skewed when the H&I showing at majority NO vote....when it should have been the other way round! The No campaign has been too negative, nothing to offer except fear. This becomes depressing, even the most die hard No campaigners will tell you this. There needed to be some positivity, but nothing was on offer except, stick with us and you will be ok. The reason,I think, that Devo-Max was not offered, was
  17. That was my take on this too. Parliament is where democracy takes place. The promises by the main three No parties of more devolved power, is that, just promises. I remember promising my boys a holiday, my car went seriously wrong, such is life, and I had to reneigh on that promise due to lack of funds. Likewise the UK Government may decided after a No vote that they would like to join in the fight against ISIS, and say sorry Scotland, but we have more pressing needs at the moment and we could really do with keeping the tax receipts afterall...but we promise we will look at it again after
  18. Newsnet are covering a story from a radio 4 programme, that there will be no new powers devolved to Scotland in the event of a "no" vote! What Christopher Chope is saying, that there are enough backbench Torys that do not want further devolution given to Scotland and that Westminister can only give Scotland more powers. Challenged by the presenter that it would not be no change, Chope replied: "It will be, because we can't change the constitution without the approval of the United Kingdom Parliament and that seems to have been lost in this debate." http://newsnetscotland.com/index.ph
  19. Not sure of what to make of the news reported earlier in this thread that the three main UK parties are in urgent discussions to offer more devolution the the Scottish parliament. What does this say to the average Scottish voter? Just a thought, one way I suppose, is parliament pushes through urgent and permanent new devolved powers to Scotland (devo-max) before the vote and promises reform to the HOL to an elected second chamber....pure fantasy I know, very big resistance to HOL. This federal agreement would also have to be applied to Wales and NI in the near future too. I know what I am
  20. After seeing the tweets and pictures on @indyref comparing attendances on yes stalls against no stalls and historical meeting attendances from both parties...never understood why yes weren't ahead at the polls.
  21. Yes very clever and poignant, reverse psychology is required when reading or hearing the MMS.
  22. Any polls out today, as it seems weird that so close to the referendum that polling data is non existent...is this normal? Surely, the public need to know what the mood of the voters is taking the country. I am genuinely worried about democracy here and no conspiracy theories intended.
  23. Conspiracy warning to readers of my post....maybe there are, but have not been published due to large swing to the yes vote! On a serious note, does anyone know if "Wings" have any plans to do more polls before the vote?
  24. Well worth a read, very emotive and why independence came to Scotland's door and is now knocking very hard! http://afewkindwords.me/
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