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  1. Latest forecasts on Myweather2 for Yorkshire are lots of sunshine and temps in high teens and low 20s for the next 14 days The skies over Leeds are dark at the moment ...looks like rain on the way this morning 15 degrees today. 21.08.2013.
  2. Im gutted that there isnt going to be a heatwave! Cold and wet all bank holiday weekend - what a washout!
  3. Bank Holiday showers and becoming cooler too Conditions are going to be turning more unsettled into the Bank Holiday weekend. There wil be some showers and outbreaks of rain around, although where, when and how much rain there will be is still unclear. Indications are that we are into a showery for next week, most of them in more northern areas, with the east tending to stay drier. Becoming cooler at the weekend too. For the weather for the next few days click here Friday 23/8/13 An area of low pressure just west of Ireland on Friday. A front will be edging eastwards taking cloud and rain wit
  4. it was dark at 8.30 last night in Manchester! I went out to enjoy the sun but it was too low in the sky even at 7pm - three weeks ago it was still lovely at that time! Only 4 months till the shortest day
  5. Looks like all the models over the past week were totally wrong !I have lost my trust in the GFS models that were predicting a 7 day heatwave! Not good! Why the massive change since last night? Current weather in Leeds - a lot of medium level cloud but clearer skies to South. Due to be in low 70s today
  6. So there is a heatwave in July and i am heading to Mexico. Anyone know how hot it will be in Cancun from July 6th to 21st 2013
  7. UK forecast Updated: 0301 on Wed 05 Jun 2013 Headline:Rather cloudy start, but sunny spells developing. Showers in north. Today:Rather cloudy start across central and eastern parts. The cloud will lift and break-up inland to give some warm sunny spells, but low cloud may linger in some coastal areas. Isolated heavy showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland later. Tonight:A mostly dry night with some clear spells allowing some isolated mist and fog patches to form. Cloudier in the north where some isolated showers may continue overnight. Thursday:Another fine day, bar the odd shower in no
  8. Cloudy all morning., 14 degrees but starting to warm up now. Hazy sunshine developing in Leeds city centre. Patches of blue sky appearing! Summer is returning after a cold morning!
  9. I love the weather! i dont think my ex wife liked that
  10. Im Nigel, 38 years old, divorced obsessed by the weather ! Any single ladies on here?
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