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  1. SalopWatcher

    Hurricane Michael

    RIP THE CNN RAILING Insane goings on multiple live streams... Unreal sustained wind speeds live on TV...
  2. SalopWatcher

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Its basically rained moderately since about 10am here interspersed with 10-15 periods of heavy rain and couple of minutes of torrential rain! been told a few roads are flooding around town but not been particularly gusty... Worst day of rain for a long time....
  3. SalopWatcher


    Just got back from two weeks in the Wildschönau which was 13 days of very hot weather and the last day friday the 24th a cloudy rain cold day (we crossed the boarder and went up the Wendelstein on the Cog railway. But in the good weather days, we had some fantastic days out in Austria/Germany, Krimml Waterfalls (amazing), Berchtesgaden and a trip on the Konigsee electric boats (reminded me of Milford Sound in New Zealand), went to Achensee which was another stunning place. Went to watch FC Wacker Insbruck play a game, lovely stadium while the wife and Daughter visited the crystal world! And on the quet days enjoyed the Wildshonau and all the amazing walks that there is there including taking part in the Schatzberg March! (not ideal 6.30 am start for a holiday!). Had a great time being our 4 summer holiday to Austria in 4 years (3 in the Wildschonau, and one near the Swizz boarder). Next year looking at moving a little further to the east, east of Salzburg or somewhere between Insbruck and the Swizz Border... lots of time to plan yet... Also saw the news of the floods at Sallbach... that's where my folks go every summer... they were shocked to see how bad the flash floods were there last Thursday night! Great country, great people.... cannot recommend enough!
  4. Line of storms from the Brecons up to South Snowdonia now heading northeast... anywhere in the west midlands could be in the game this afternoon. Slow moving though....
  5. This storm is mental, hail now, still going almost 45 minutes later, T and L, strong winds.... we are getting battered. Reports of flooding arond town coming in. Best storm I can remember hitting that town for a good few years No chase required!
  6. The wind got right up during that nasty little cell that went over. Looked at Twitter to see what others reporting around town and saw this! Looks to be back building over town and down towards Bridgenorth... line of cells developing.
  7. Another storm with T and L in Shrewsbury... Heavy rain again.
  8. Can confirm that, was about 20 mins ago from a storm that passed just west of town. Another cell passed over with heavy rain but no lightening. More development in South Shropshire for us to keep an eye on.
  9. Massive storm going on here in Leamington Spa right now. Constant rolling thunder with big booms. The sky constantly alight. Torrential rain. Epic.
  10. SalopWatcher

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    All this talk of snow and here in Shrewsbury we just had an epic hail storm and lightening and thunder! Close too. Crazy.
  11. Snows picked up in Shrewsbury again after a couple of hours of nothing. Look to be under light moderate snowfall for a fir few hours year looking at the radar as it inches north. Might fragment though. Unlike yesterday, hardly any snowmelt in the dry spells, two days of low ground temps and below zero today has helped.
  12. under a band in the West that’s over Shrewsbury and north shropshire and it’s getting more intense as morning goes on. Clear on the radar grabs for the last half hour. No schools shut here but they might get caught out by this. Even if if they were shut no one would know as the shropshire council website crashed and can’t viewed! Classic.
  13. Been under a couple of back to back showers in Shrewsbury Town centre and its left a small covering again and not melting away like yesterday. Looks like more showers brewing up east of us too. Probably won't amount to too much but think we might get a couple more showers over us before the deep freeze again tonight. Shawbury didn't get above -1 today.
  14. Been snowing moderately for the last half hour on ahrewsbury after waking to a dusting. We are just under a stream of snow coming from NE on radar while Telford isn’t. Shows how a few miles might make a difference today. Might pile up a couple of CM before lunch.
  15. That what it did here rained hard for almost half an hour before but when transitioned to snow it’s was so heavy it stuck. Eased right off now. We are quite low in altitude.