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  1. Didn't stay in Austria this year as spent two weeks in Garmish Partenkirchen - And back in Mid August we went up the Zugspitze from the Austrian side and at the top there was snow and the glacier was open for the kids to sledge on... but compared to photos they had there it looked way more patchy that it seems to have done over the years. Your right on storms though. When staying over the last 4 years in the Wildshinou (and once on the Austrian/swizz border) we had only 2/3 days of storms out of the two week. This year it happened almost every day, and there were two days where it torrentially rained, hard all day! Can see why that would wash the snow away. Oppresivly close at times too. Anyway, loved that part of the world again. Spent time in the Mittenwald, swam in the practically deserted Walchensee, Went on the Highlline 179 near Reutte (AMAZING VIEWS!), Schloss Linderhof and best of all for the kids, up by Munich Therm Erding (massive in door waterpark and Spa). Also only an hour on the train to Munic too. Sadly so taken by the mountains have we been in the last 5 years, and as you might not let us back so easy in the future ( ) were looking to see what Canada might offer next summer, but for sure one day will be back to the Alpine slice of happiness.
  2. It’s heading right for you..... watching the line of strikes.. just west of town. Just seen a bolt hit down by the hospital!
  3. Great storm hitting Shrewsbury now from the south... lightening and loud booming thunder I suspect everyone at the Shrewsbury Flower show today is scuttling for cover!!!!
  4. Missed some of the action on Thursday back home, but southern Germany more than making up for it today!! Possibly a little over excited C2DA35B9-A881-4898-9752-BB1BC2DFE771.MOV
  5. Estofex has my house in Shropshire under a level 2. But leaving to go on holiday, to arrive in Southern Germany later which is under a level 2
  6. Still going here, though the most intense part seems to be heading north of us. But its still constantly flashing and raining hard. Loud enough thunder to wake my children and looking at the lights in the street plenty more.... not been as relaxed as I was sitting in the garden for a hour watching it approach for a long time. Got to love weather. It’s holding together nicely too so north of here right in the firing line.
  7. This is brilliant. When the sky lights up the clouds look unreal... I don’t think the main cell is here yet... thunder finally getting louder... 5A755E0C-7AC5-4F17-8ED8-4D2C11EE0368.MOV
  8. Now getting that amazing strobe effect others have talked about as the storm approaches... been a very long time since we saw something like this in shrewsbury. Very little thunder though.... it’s eerie
  9. Exeter Storm... welcome to Shrewsbury... it’s kicked off... flashing every few second and lound thunder.... this is going to be great!!!
  10. Flashes in Shrewsbury now coming from the south... believe this is the big cell that’s gone from Exeter via Cardiff and up the boarder... we look nailed on to get at least something the way it’s panning out.
  11. Have come out slide bang on midnight (who needs sleep) and can see the sky flashing away to the west from shrewsbury town center. Also distant rumbles. So still. Deckchair out. Bring it on!
  12. Drop or two of rain here.... now horribly humid. Almost totally clouded over and dark to the east. Feels primed.
  13. One of those evenings where no chasing may be required for us in Shropshire.... We look well placed in just about all the charts and forecasts... Fingers crossed.
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