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  1. A lot of people saying this along the welsh boarder today I reckon! And you have the stuff from Tewksbury area that might hit you in a bit too!
  2. Lots of surface flooding across Shropshire By far the longest storm i have been in, tops some of the Austrian ones over the last few summers...
  3. Same here there is an element of the storm just north of telford over to Market Drayton and we are still getting flashes and deep rumbles...
  4. first thunder I heard today in Shrewsbury was 4.30 pm... its now almost 10.30 pm and its still rumbling away as a new element of this mega storm builds to the east... Now Stoke getting a storm. That will please some on here Funny some had said it would not happen there today... glad it has! All in though cant see this three days being topped. Jut mega around here...
  5. For me having been under them Monday 6/10 Tuesday 9/10 Wednesday TBC - Still happening ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ (over an 8 though)
  6. S.....O.....S shrewsbury swallowed by the middle of the monster
  7. This storm is unreal again. I have run out of flowery words to say about storms this week. As last night constant rumbles, constant lightening and even harder rain. South Shropshire Already a bit of a mess and seen emergency leaving shrewsbury down that way. Houses flooded people trapped. Poor people.
  8. Having a another strobe lightening party in shrewsbury again now.... 2 days in a two. So lucky. IMG_3918.MOV
  9. Got my hatrick of overhead storms (for the week). Couple of cells went close to town before the main mega bulk arrives. Drove up to top of Bayston Hill and had flash and instant booming thunder! This next on the way
  10. Take loads of vids of this, but most to big to host on here ATM but been sitting in a pool watch explosive cloud development. Mushrooming up! Will try and get some of the better ones up later. Before the second time this week with storms can say o have never seen that in the UK This is the storm heading north west of shrewsbury. Getting more active. IMG_3897.MOV
  11. You could get something creeping up there, but I like your prediction based on radar and steering winds. As we are up stream of your prediction area, we could be set for another round, but its a case of how long the developing line goes into the night... few hours before anyone in the midlands can call bust yet though.
  12. On for the hatrick today then... the forecasts look great for Shropshire up to the north west again. Though how anything can top last night I donโ€™t know!
  13. Agree. Same down here in Shrewsbury. And we should get too greedy but tomorrow looks a decent bet too!! the storm you are having now (And I can still clearly see flashes two hours after it started) and we had earlier was one of the best I have been in in the Uk and Iโ€™m 40 this year. A rare event to get something like that over us after a long storm starved period until more recently.
  14. Yes. My uncle in pontypool sent me a vid as the storm was over us of what he could see and it was the top of the storm with flashing and visible still lightening. Which is mad really as itโ€™s about 50 miles south.
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