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  1. Whoooop! I got an interview with Thomson Airways for overseas!! Luton May 17th!!!

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Not Luton airport - lol - you might be flying me on my holidays :-)

  2. Was flying above Bewl Reservoir earlier this afternoon, it's looking pretty damn low.....

  3. Wohooo, I've got myself a ticket to watch Chelsea Vs Benfica in the Champions League Quater Finals!!! WOOP!!

  4. Doesn't look at all like Summer out there, it's about as hazy as you can be.

    1. Scorcher


      Many of the hottest days in summer are hazy

  5. It's been the warmest day of the year so far with temperatures in Gravesend reaching 19 °C hahaha!!

  6. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!!!! Bring on FC Barcelona!! NEVER SAY NEVER!!

    1. I Cumbria Marra I
    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      What a great game that was, once of the best I have watched in a while

    3. Eugene


      Disgraceful cheating by drogba though pretending to be elbowed in the face replay showed the napoli player didnt touch him

  7. Bye bye Winter 2011/12 you was good to us!!! Temperatures now recovering to average, I think we are too expectant after 2010.

    1. Snowy Easterly

      Snowy Easterly

      isn't that typical of every month in this country ?

    2. Snowy Easterly

      Snowy Easterly

      well here it is anyway



      Until the next cold spell, and those after that.

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  8. I hope that Polar Vortex in fantasy Island is going to pay tax when it gets to Europe, it's not gonna be cheap neither :D

  9. Working tonight will be fun!! Heavy snow outside, and I've gotta serve customers.... who's on shift!!! Let me look haha!

  10. Haha, I bet we all look like smug mugs now... all crying since October 2011 for some decent winter weather, and yes it's very unlikely but you never know, we could have another November/December 2010 on our hands or maybe worse... Jumping like a kid with that Greenland high!!! :D

  11. I work in a Wetherspoons, working Saturday from 3pm-midnight.... would be interesting getting stuck with my use of transport being buses. Heavy Snow for London much?? According to BBC OUCH!!!

  12. I wish that front to the south west on the weather radar would just blast through the UK, talk about monster snowfall!!

  13. Just purchased the Netweather V6 Radar, for a month to see if I have fun with it.... Come on Winter be interesting!!

  14. Quote of the day!! With SST's slightly milder than what they should be at this time of year, -4C uppers would be enough to start some good convection. -13C uppers and lower over the North Sea? You've just got yourself a snow machine.

    1. Backtrack
    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      The last bit just made me rofl!! It's on my FB now, too long for twitter.

    3. Backtrack


      Haha, glad you liked it x)

  15. Everyone stop refreshing your pages over at http://www.meteociel.fr it's crashing LOL!

  16. Fantastic summary from the UKMO High pressure is firmly established above the UK. The only frontal system close to the country is a weak warm front brushing the northwest of Scotland, bringing only cloudier conditions to that area. The rest of the country lies in well-subsided air eliminating most cloud, allowing the surface to radiate freely lowering temperatures.

  17. I just got told not to include the word 'Common sense' and 'Heathrow Airport 3rd Runway' in the same sentence, being honest in the time it's taken the UK to decide not to Beijing built a new airport in 1/4 of the time.

  18. Regardless of what people say, Winter 2011/12 has brought some amazing Storms, reminds me of my childhood! The NAT is a big generator!!

    1. Aaron


      Nothing exceptional here, except for tonight, but even then I've seen worse.

  19. Round 4 anyone??? 2008 October - January 2009, December 2009 - February 2010, November 2010 - December 2010 and January 2012.....???

  20. The UK is in the grip of an Arctic Blast, after the warmest Winter periods in 10 years temperatures in London as low as -25*C in March! [Daily Mail 2012]

  21. Why is there no optimism in this Model Thread? It clearly shows high pressure starting to go further to Greenland!! COME ON GUYS!!

  22. Why is it that everyday that I have booked the aircraft next week (2nd Jan and 7th Jan) both dates have windy days! GRRRR! I've got girls to go see!!! :D

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