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  1. I’ve planned to fly on Thursday and Friday to see my mutate in Cardiff. No doubt it’ll be a no fly due storms... lol
  2. Nobody will ever moan about August for a long time...

    1. Atmogenic


      you're always going to get moaners no matter what

    2. Weather26


      At least not until next year when we're back to normal! 

    3. A.J


      depends on where you live tbf

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  3. I wonder how much the wind would have prevented hottest day ever? Surely a fair bit.
  4. It's like November outside. What is this. Eurghh....
  5. This storm over Northern Italy right now is incredible. Anyone got any webcam links? Windy as forecasted WWW.WINDY.COM Wind map and weather forecast
  6. There's a little seedling of doubt that tells me something will happen tonight. Meanwhilst...
  7. Ready here in SE17. Looks like I might have to check the radar before venturing inside for a sleep. Moon looks beautiful tonight, but has a halo tonight. Good sign....
  8. Latest MetOffice update for Severe Weather Warnings - Yellow! Thursday 25th June - Issued: 10:16 (UTC+1) on Wed 24 Jun 2020 Thunderstorms may develop across parts of western UK late on Thursday afternoon and into the evening. A larger area of thunderstorms is then expected to move northeastwards overnight into Friday. Many places will miss the worst of the storms but where they do occur torrential downpours could bring 30-40 mm rain in less than two hours. Lightning and hail are also likely to be additional hazards. Friday 26th June/Saturday 27th June - Issued:
  9. Yes that was a good setup, coming in via Kent. All home grown as far as I remember. But @Harry will tell you, what we've seen down this way is nothing compared to the 90s and very early 00s. I honestly don't get why we don't get those setups anymore, but probably something to do with the way the Azores and Atlantic currently setup? But yeah we've had a few crackers.
  10. Can't for the love of life of me, why I couldn't find them on Wetterzentrale. (Y) Amazing charts!
  11. Wasn't there a study done on this exact thing. We haven't had anything down here like this for absolute years, early 2000s at least. Does anyone have any weather charts for this day???
  12. 3km into my 5km interval run, look at that beauty moving away into Buckinghamshire. Yes - cells rapidly popping off and becoming electrical now. Cells back-building over that one over central London. Watching from my Living room view.
  13. Storm cleared in London so I could walk home. Rain was torrential. Note London eye in background ?
  14. I am not too concerned, the outlook this June looks fairly good. I suspect July when the heat ramps up in Europe and heads this way we'll be in with a shout of a classic 1990s style MCS/MCC. Bigger than this Post Page WWW.STRATUSDECK.CO.UK UK weather forecast map - Met Office WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Met Office 5 day weather forecast map for UK including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind speed, cloud, and pressure.
  15. Just seen this posted. Watch as Co-founder of Meteoblue Mathias D. Muller talks about the weather forecast system in the partnership with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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