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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2643743 - going by this... a possible decent Summery Spell!
  2. Mr Vogan still confident -

  3.  % Percentile of hitting the first 30*C of 2018 today? 

    1. Mokidugway


      0% ,conditions are good but to early for that kind of heat 

  4. Flew into Moscow yesterday, they de-iced our airplane and turned us around so quickly. No problems! They really now how to operate an airport in snow.

    1. alexisj9


      Good to  hear as my daughter will be flying through there tomorrow, she's in Siberia at the moment.

  5. Guys I am flying to France tomorrow and hopefully back to London before the big storms arrive. So if it's the biggest since the 1990s, it's because I am airborne lol.

    1. Spikecollie


      Where to in France Robbie?

      Bring your shorts and t-shirt even if it's a short stay, we've had 31c today and it's still 27c out here!

      Hmm...northern France can be a bit of a devil, storm-wise, and certainly there is a bit of activity progged for tommorow http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-france/metropole

      It's hit and miss as usual with storms but I've had a few instances where the Paris airports have shut for a while during the worst of the electrical activity. If it's flying that you're a bit worried about, don't be. They'll get you there safely, maybe a bit late so have an extra coffee or glass of wine. They won't set you off in anything unsafe and the view of receding CBs is nothing short of breathtaking from aloft. As they say - sit back, relax and enjoy your short flight - and get cloundspotting!

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      I went to Le Touquet for the night.  I was the pilot. I flew in a small aircraft ?  Flew back this afternoon.

    3. Spikecollie


      Le Touquet is a nice little airport! I've never flown in or out of there but I did have occasion to camp nearby a couple of times and visit the car rental desk (we had a fuel pump failure in the car near Berck on one of our trips and it was over an Easter weekend so we were a bit buggered but happy to camp for a few days and have a rental car while things got sorted as we had all our gear with us). 'Twas amusing as we took a few walks with our dog and quickly realised that the huge garages in the pretty affluent neighbourhood were not garages at all. They were hangars for light aircraft!

      Sorry to affront your dignity as a pilot but you came across as a nervous passenger! I always try to assuage flying fears as there is an awful lot of needless suffering out there! I've done upper hundreds of thousands if not over a million miles and haven't died, so I always figure it's worth passing on the karma.

      When I get enough money together, or find a willingly suicidal donor, I really want to learn to fly. Something gravitates me toward gliding first - the silence up there I guess among the clouds or even lack of them.

      I could be horribly cheeky and suggest that if you fancied a flying trip to the Nouvelle Aquitaine region (crappy mouthful, we still call our bit Limousin!) then I'd pay for the fuel to at least fly over my village...I don't have the space to put anyone up in the house but we do have a nice little piece of land (our nature reserve) where folks are welcome to camp.

  6. How can one calculate what the temperature would be Mid/Late July in this airflow? 

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    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Thanks guys! So probably low 30's but nothing notably exceptional (except this time of year?).  Does the 850-1000 thickness of this time of year get moderated with the sea temperatures too?


    3. alexisj9


      In my experience, the temp here in Dover is normally between 4-6 degrees below the max temp further in land, so I'd say say the sea temps do make an impact, but it doesn't seem to make much difference how cold or warm the sea might be, during heat waves anyway.

    4. Daniel*


      Yeah Robbie in July the anomaly wouldn’t have been as exceptional still notable however the 850 temps we’re very warm but not hot, hottest temperatures seen in U.K. the 20C isotherm pays a visit a rare visitor yesterday think it was 12-13C uppers at most. What helped achieved 29.1c yesterday was that it’s been quite warm in near continent already we missed out last week so it did build.

  7. I would prefer a winter blast end of Jan and February and any warm spell to last from March till August ;) 

    1. karyo


      No thanks to the second part.

    2. Mokidugway


      Opposite  of above ?

    3. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Warm winter, cold Summer?

  8. Nobody will ever moan about August for a long time...

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    2. Atmogenic


      you're always going to get moaners no matter what

    3. Weather26


      At least not until next year when we're back to normal! 

    4. A.J


      depends on where you live tbf

  9. They say curiosity killed the cat.  But I am curious to think how polar opposite this Summer is? In fact, for me it feels very British. Rather than "Climate change".

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      This is more typical of what we usually get and I remember years when it was not usually for rain stopping play at Wimbledon (which became a seasonal tradition to expect rain) but in the past summers that has become a rarity.  I'd rather see seasonal and typical weather in all the British isles seasons.

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      That's why I think we will get heat, but nothing on the scale of last year. Probably a traditional late 90s style summer with plenty of rain.

  10. "The Carling Cup" is now "The Capital One Cup"... What a shocker of a name. :S!

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    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      I almost spat out my lemonade, it was called what? LOL

    3. cheeky_monkey


      or the rumbelows trophy remember that!

    4. I remember Atlantic 252
  11. GFS 06z FI is perfect for a freezing cold arctic blast..... many months too late :( LOL

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    2. SP1986


      Some of Canada is actually south of us.. that said were far north enough to get extreme cold (for May)

    3. cheeky_monkey


      The UK is further north than many parts of Canada.

    4. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      You reckon?? I am wondering what the coldest coldest May that delivered widespread snow. Would be interesting if it's listed.

  12. GFS going for -10*C for Central London this Sunday Morning. Incredible if true, but then saying that if Heavy Snowfall does go ahead those temperatures would be expected right??

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    2. Optimus Prime

      Optimus Prime

      -10c would be a record for C.London. That isn't going to happen.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      yeah I agree -10C would be exceptionally unlikely to happen in this set up, though the 12z GFS did show it for that area by 9pm on the 19th!


      it even showed -6C tonight..

    4. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      Apparently, -18C in 17th century. But most recent was -10.6*C

  13. 4 snowfall events this year, Since 2008, there has been 14 snowfalls that I have counted in London. Compared to 1993-2007, there was none for me. A trend that's for sure...



      Yep, a definite trend for the whole uk generally!

  14. 500 hPA going for a Greenland high, I remember in 2010 the models went for an easterly and Scandinavian High with a Polar Vortex lobe over or close to Greenland. What's similar this time too, is the 500hPa heights is showing above normal over Greenland and Lower over most of Europe, just like 2010... What gives??

    1. NickyB


      That'll do me just fine thanks :-)

    2. TAFKAP


      Sounds good to me.

  15. 52mph gusts for me tonight in Central London, that shall be interesting!

  16. 9 Snowfalls this year, amazing!!

  17. 98.61mm at Heathrow this month, anyone want to put a bet if it will hit 100mm?? LOOOL

  18. Absolutely amazing weekend in Munich (Via Berlin), hit 27-29*C - at least the sun was shining down on Chelsea's party!!!! So tired though!!

  19. Actually feel physically sick, can't believe what happened to poor Christina Edkins!! 16 years old!!!!! So upset and angry, because it should never of happened....

  20. Actually really going to miss Didier Drogba, if the news is true..... what an Incredible player he has been since 2004 for us. Going to be a big loss to Chelsea!!!

    1. Weather-history


      Is he one of Ken Dodd's diddymen?

  21. Aint seen a QNH that low in a while, must have been about a year for London.

  22. And she bangs, she bangs Oh baby When she moves, she moves - Atlantic Low Pressure Systems!

  23. And the heating goes back on, didn't need it this winter except that February cold spell!! But now on max to warm things up in Mid Spring. loool!!

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