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  1. Raging Zonality right? Does low sea ice extent force this vigorous start? Reminds me of Day after Tomorrow and how mother nature fights back...
  2. After cancelling my weekend trip to Cardiff the week before due to Severe Thunderstorms, we get to fly a quick day trip for lunch. Due to a weak occluded front, we have some challenges navigating some convective weather, landing with an ILS approach.
  3. MetOffice warning went out a little bit late today didn't it?! A short period of very heavy rain and gusty winds will make for difficult travel and temporary flooding of some roads Issued: 19:40 (UTC+1) on Sat 24 Oct 2020
  4. Finally managed to fly today, after the storms. Not with thankfully, too risky with such a low cloud base and embedded cells. Here lies the Northolt/Heathrow cell, I think there was two tracking NNE. Gave a rumble of thunder not long after this picture. Very interesting structure to it, once cell that didn't really spread it's anvil; the other however........ Look at the length of that cloud top.... I saw a decent size cell over France, but picture didn't do it justice. So I managed to get that cell show up on the stormscope and get a visual of it flyin
  5. Something hit Loughton today... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-53809021
  6. Not sure what it is, but that road was terrible in 2018 (May Storms) and the drains can never take the water.
  7. For anyone that's watching later and I have no major issues I shall be flying from Essex to Cardiff and will try get some shots if it's safe to do so. Estimating my departure at 1900L, landing into Cardiff at 2003L https://www.flightradar24.com/GZANY First area of concern drifting northwards. FRQ TSGR OBS WI N5224 W00214 - N5252 E00003 - N5210 E00018 - N5139 W00231 - N5224 W00214 TOP FL380 MOV NNW 15KT NC The area of concern drifting northwards for the flight later. Which could likely cancel the flight and maybe the trip, if not done by road.
  8. Some more information about stormscope. Mostly fitted to aircraft that don't have a space in the nose for weather radar. https://www.l3commercialaviation.com/avionics/products/stormscope/
  9. I have done, but the airspace around London is fairly difficult to avoid these things. If I had an instrument rating, then yes you get on top of the scud and would get some great views of them. I did this flight on last years' storms, was interesting. As you can see, you've got to be very very careful. You could run into a cell. I hope in the EU we soon get ADSB Datalink for weather downloads. However there's this video of me flying through some interesting weather, later to become TSRA.
  10. Fellow Pilot of mine had this going off wild today on the aircraft we fly. Looks fun. At least I know it works for when I fly...
  11. Mid-Level Convection North of LGW (Gatwick) (South Downs being the initiation). Look at the growth in 10 minutes. And it just broke the Cap...
  12. These buildings just hold the heat, it's 29*C in my room at 7am. I am going to Brighton today in hope that it's cooler and breezier, as my apartment is just rancid. I am not sure how babies deal with aircon though? It makes me cough at the best of times.
  13. It’s stupid of me for not investing in portable air conditioners. However lockdown didn’t help. It’s unbearable in here each year, but this year is exceptional. Every day is hotter than the last as they hold the heat. at least when it was 37.8C last month it was breezy. Strangely the tube is very cool this year, must be the lack of people making it horrible.
  14. I live in one of these eco friendly apartments in zone 1 without aircon. Amazing in winter but a tropic tank in the summer. Everything in the house is warm. The cupboards etc are warm. This is a first in 10 years. Obsurd. Heathrow at 29C at 10pm. Might just do that record minima.
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