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  1. Massive thunderous cell over London, with aircraft still flying through it. Literally.
  2. I'm curious does a stalling hurricane weaken due to lack of energy or if conditions are perfect. It will sit over that source all day long?
  3. A fair bit of activity now, huge system moved south of Cape Verde. 80% in next 5 days.
  4. Its travelling too fast for any mounts. I see they have one on the top of the flight deck panel. Impressive equipment that's for sure. Unreal footage. Best to watch it all.
  5. That's some pretty big balls! Unreal flying. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/706072/us-air-force-reserve-hurricane-hunters-fly-through-hurricane-dorian
  6. Yeah that is mental in itself. It's all possible, another GSM coming up.
  7. As a qualified pilot, that's some roller coaster. Imagine having to do it multiple times per day - presumably they get used to it. Wouldn't want to sit in the back of that aircraft!
  8. I've been doing some nights (finishing at 4am) and the daylight is really drawing to a close. But I seem to remember how quick winter went, and it was soon June 21st. This winter will probably not be any different, although I suspect we might be in for something more seasonable Nov-Jan, and I don't mean snow. But we are well overdue a wet and wild period.
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