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  1. When was the last time snow fell on Christmas Day in London?
  2. Flew into Moscow yesterday, they de-iced our airplane and turned us around so quickly. No problems! They really now how to operate an airport in snow.

    1. alexisj9


      Good to  hear as my daughter will be flying through there tomorrow, she's in Siberia at the moment.

  3. You never know. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Oh my. Here's the next powerful storm. #BlackwallTunnel is currently CLOSED northbound due to flooding. Drivers are advised to seek an alternative route. Eastway Tunnel (A12) is also flooded Southbound. Approach with care. See
  5. I've just had my 4th storm in London. Huge cracks of thunder, torrential rain. Looks like another 4 or more are on their way.
  6. The next one is far more intense by the looks of it.
  7. Two more looking at the radar behind this baby. Hugely active TS.
  8. The Thunder we just had in London must have just woken everyone up. Hugely loud booming Thunder. This cell is intense.
  9. Huge lightning to the West of me, must be a single cell. Seems to have died a little. Edit: Still the Jurrasic Park thunder boom.
  10. Can anyone else hear the Jurrasic Park style thunder booms in London? It's eery, and to add just seen lightning on a track of 260/255* from Central London. I think T-StormRex is angry...
  11. What debate was that? I just remember them being so frequent. 1997, since then we've had probably 2-3. Maybe 1 of those imported in the early 00s, if that.
  12. 1997 - what a year that was. I think if I am honest, that's the last time I remember a proper imported MCS in this country. Harry will remember it well, constant booming thunder, lightning flickering. Rain and this weird feeling about it all. Was scary to say the least. Tonight is nothing compared to those years.
  13. Busy busy busy! Yeah a great show indeed so far wohoo! Lots of rain, is this the only band coming through or more Convective behind it. I haven't had my mind on the weather lately, it's been pants.
  14. Oooooh where's Harry? Nighttime Summer Thunderstorms Just watching the lightning in the distance. Absolutely lots.