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  1. A fairly big cell just tracked South to North across the extended centerline for Heathrow. Didn't seem to phase the Flight crew flying right through and under it. Quite a fair bit of muck floating around the London Airspace at the moment.
  2. A months worth of flying!

    Here's the latest vLOG, note the new intro. Hope you enjoy the flight to Le Torquet and back and why sometimes it's good to carry an instructor on firsts.
  3. Some incredible shots posted on Twitter in London last night. Quite huge embedded cells.
  4. Few more cells just sprung up over South London, lots of Thunder.
  5. easyJet A320 just landed about 20-30 minutes ago into Gatwick and recommended to the others to delay the approach. Can imagine they was being thrown all over the place if they said that.
  6. Atmosphere over London is just destabilising. The Thunder I've just heard is insane in the distance. Sounded like a nuke
  7. Come to urban heat island baby. Aka London!
  8. So was just lying down. Mega bit of lightning SSW of London.
  9. Acid rain smell and a shower from mid-level convection here. Nothing noteworthy.
  10. DET (DETLING) VOR is a Heathrow Departure route, and also stuff going into Luton/Stansted is En-route holding at the moment due to the cell earlier.
  11. Something quite nice about jet's departing over London at 00:20 - hardly can hear them, but it's so quite out there tonight and it's a nice sound.
  12. Oopsy ahaha! Yes! Sigmet says, explosive TSRA to FL390. Nothing can beat an Abuja cell though, FL650 torrential levelling rainfall.
  13. Correct, current SIGMET says moving North at 15knots (so 17mph in a 360* direction or so) from present position.