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  1. There was a document going around with the lack of imports and MCS into the Southern UK the last 20 years or so. Somebody will have the link.
  2. Driving rain here and huge gusts from a cell that just erupted. Currently over the top of Bognor.
  3. Fluffing hell! That was an almighty bang south of Bognor with huge gusts. Huge bang!
  4. That's on a SFD departure from 08R at LGW. It then joins the airway either from BOGNA or SFD to UL612. From my knowledge the routing it's took clearly avoids the convection. I'm not ATPL yet but in my current job, I'm told just avoid the red radar returns and hope behind the yellows and greens isn't a bigger red blob alais Air France 447. So the Flight crew tell me..
  5. Hold fire. It's tracking 020-030° if I'm getting very good visuals of lightning. You'll be in line.
  6. Hold fire. It's tracking 020-030° if I'm getting very good visuals of lightning. You'll be in line.
  7. Just had a cell fire up a few miles south of Bognor. Huge IC and IG lighting and gunshot Thunder. Anyone nearby comfirm?
  8. You means MCS? I've seen an MCC in Nigeria and they are bonkers. Our hotel pool was levelled by the rainfall.
  9. Currently in Bognor, looking south over the Channel. Peach lightning. Lots of bugs started flying about. Nature has senses right?
  10. I'm not far from Littlehampton. Which direction?
  11. Yes the tops are huge too. At least FL370 maybe even more than that . Latest MetOffice Significant weather chart indicates a trough heading NNE with CBs embedded bases at 030-06000ft. My money is Heading 025 degrees for directions at 15knots.
  12. My mother as we walked to dinner noticed the wind had dropped and the humidity picked up. The thundery showers we had at 130-2pm seemed to have cleared the damp squib over the channel and south coast.
  13. Hi Harry, I'm guessing it'll have a more North East direction as it hits the channel per usual. I'm in the coast in Bognor this weekend looking out over the sea. Will try post updates!
  14. I reckon Crystal Palace or Alexander Palace, they are all on hills and good views and of the heat Island.
  15. Angry cell over Bognor Regis right now.