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  1. Lunch in Cambridge [Pictures + Video]

    By late September I was planning a trip to Jersey, CI. I hadn't done much in the way of Instrument flying since my Newquay trip and even then that was in moderation to what flying I could face all the way to Jersey using the IR(R). I wanted to convince myself that I could fly 2hrs 30 minutes non-stop and have no issues whatsoever, but by late October the weather could go either way and a flight in IMC has some big considerations in a NON-FIKI aircraft. In preparation for a very long flight to Jersey, I and Ventzi flew to Cambridge from Stapleford. The flight was flown entirely on IFR rules, in VMC conditions. This gave me practice before undertaking such a long flight in potential IMC conditions to the Channel Islands. We depart Stapleford with some communication problems, caused by me accidentally turning down the volume rather than the squelch. We flew up to waypoint DAGGA, climbing to 5000ft once clear of the London TMA then onto ADNAM were Wattisham was a great help in transferring our details to Cambridge for the ILS procedure. We had to fly the 10DME ARC due to lack of radar. After a lovely landing, we took a bus into Cambridge for a stroll and a late lunch. Here's the video of the flight to Cambridge. We had an amazing walk towards Trinity College, taking in the sights and seeing what was available for lunch. Me and my friend closely decided on searching for an Indian. Nivedyam came up reasonably priced for lunch time and was only a short walk away. After a lovely lunch in Cambridge and knowing our take-off weight was now the same as what it was when we departed London, we decided to go for some more walking and explore the University town. We stumbled across The Pepys Library of Magdalene College, Cambridge, which is the personal library collected by Samuel Pepys. The library houses Samuel Pepys's original diaries and remains one of the most significant collections of books, manuscripts, documents and prints acquired by any private individual. Much of the planning for the return flight was completed, but we didn't have as much time as I'd hope and a day trip with limited daylight hours isn't ideal. But one to visit in the Summer, maybe for a weekend. This was brilliant preparation for my flight to Jersey, as the flight time was 4x as long so time would be limited to enjoy and make careful considerations for the flight home. Of course a quick weather check before departing and any updates to NOTAMS in this extremely friendly airport. The only downside to Cambridge is no radar. Enjoy the flight home!
  2. Flying this Autumn - Severe Turbulence

    Hey Guys! Here's a very very quick video of some of the best bits of what I got up to during the Autumn flying months. Lots of learning and lots of lessons learned.
  3. Flying across Gatwick Airport

    On a very warm August Morning, we transit the world’s busiest single runway airport; London Gatwick. The final flight of Summer 2017. After a quick take-off roll, we fly towards the far east of the London City zone for a shortcut towards Biggin Hill then flying westbound towards the Buckland VRP, where we are cleared into controlled airspace routing towards the north terminal clearance limit flying overhead the world’s busiest single runway airport. We route via Handscross then Haywards Heath, climbing up to 4000ft – avoiding some weather and routing back towards Stapleford for a lunchtime arrival.
  4. Been ages since I've posted a detailed thought on the model process. Based on the 06z ensemble, I wouldn't trust anything past the 3rd-5th of Dec. It's all over the place, so looking past the 5th is pointless. The key timeframe is 120hrs onwards, to see how much warmth from the Gulf gets pushed up over Greenland. Once we have that in place, potential Wed-Thursday next week onwards for some low lying levels. IMHO, the zonal default as per usual post that Greenland High forming is no mans land. Let's wait and see. ^ It's volatile.
  5. Bumpy flight - Bournemouth to Stapleford

    Can't really comment. But sometimes it's easier to land hard than grease it and risk floating and going around. Short runways like Aberdeen or Belfast City require a firm landing to stop quicker.
  6. Bumpy flight - Bournemouth to Stapleford

    The true aspect of flying in warm weather. Turbulence. This flight takes part across one of the hottest days of the summer, and it's a bumpy one. We even left our seats at one point, or two.
  7. Newquay Weekender'

    One airplane, one pilot, lots of planning, severe storm winds, fog and heavy rain, 3 lads and a Cornish Pasty. What a trip, and what a weekend. The idea to fly to Newquay came about late April, early May shortly after I completed the differences training on the Diamond Star DA40. It wasn’t until we booked the aircraft and had approval from the owners that we started the planning and how feasible such a trip was. The accumulation of 4 flights over one weekend in the Summer is finally here. Don't forget to check out the individual flights available on my YouTube page. I've also wrote a blog over at Wingly if you'd like to read upon it - Click here
  8. November 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Bit late, but 5.2*C
  9. A fairly big cell just tracked South to North across the extended centerline for Heathrow. Didn't seem to phase the Flight crew flying right through and under it. Quite a fair bit of muck floating around the London Airspace at the moment.
  10. A months worth of flying!

    Here's the latest vLOG, note the new intro. Hope you enjoy the flight to Le Torquet and back and why sometimes it's good to carry an instructor on firsts.
  11. Some incredible shots posted on Twitter in London last night. Quite huge embedded cells.
  12. Few more cells just sprung up over South London, lots of Thunder.
  13. easyJet A320 just landed about 20-30 minutes ago into Gatwick and recommended to the others to delay the approach. Can imagine they was being thrown all over the place if they said that.