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  1. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    That is because virtually every run is pointing towards increased mobility through the final third of the month. You can choose to ignore that FACT if you wish, you can choose to focus on the shorter term if you wish (there are other threads for that), but don't just dismiss it for no other reason that not liking what you see. The model thread is full of people like that.
  2. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    Ah right.
  3. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    06 GFS not really that keen, so best ignored eh?
  4. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    I would not be going overboard with 'proper summer heat' arriving during next week Gavin, especially across the north and west, in fact this is still far from a done deal even for the SE imo.
  5. shedhead

    What the heck is the polar vortex, anyway?

    It will still be warm by Camborne standards in Chicago, 21-22c still looks on the cards despite the Arctic air....so it's all relative and a big t'do about nowt imo. Folk in Shetland would kill for a cold spell like that...
  6. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    Perhaps another read of my post, this time properly and objectively might help. 'This may well then herald the prospect of.....' does not suggest I am very confident, unless of course it suits your agenda to say it does.
  7. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    That's a decent score for your neck of the woods NR.
  8. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    Looks like another week or so of mixed weather, with the best of any heat in the SE, then downhill across the last week or so of July as the Atlantic fires up and eventually smashes thru. This may well then herald the prospect of a mobile westerly pattern for August, with rain or showers at times and near average temps to close out official summer.
  9. shedhead

    The FIFA World Cup - Brazil 2014

    Agreed, definately a case for the lesser of two evils, but I have a horrible feeling that the Argies will sneek it on pens.
  10. shedhead

    The FIFA World Cup - Brazil 2014

    Looking at the prospect of a boring final now imo. Argentina will set up to defend and take things to pens and the Germans will find them a very difficult side to break down, as the Dutch did. Was hoping for a Germany v Holland final, which I think would have been open and spicy, but what we have now has borefest written all over it imo.
  11. shedhead

    The FIFA World Cup - Brazil 2014

    Sounds like typical bookie shyte to me, you know the kind of stuff.....bookies to lose millions if a single flake of snow on Xmas Day. It's all a big marketing ploy, PP just trying to gain some free publicity and say 'bet with us and you will win'. Wouldn't believe a word of it tbh.
  12. shedhead

    The FIFA World Cup - Brazil 2014

    I don't believe that for one minute, absolute rubbish, no one would have ever even contemplated that result let alone placed their hard earned on it. This now look like a win/win situ for neutrals. If the Dutch win it sets up a final between two sworn football enemies, but if Argentina get through there's the prospect of them winning the World Cup on Brazilian soil, which will kick an already distraught nation where it really hurts. Great stuff, it's been a brilliant WC.
  13. The message this morning is make the most of what fine, warm weather the next week or so throws up, because the 2nd half of July is looking increasingly unsettled as the jet powers up and heads our way.

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    2. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      Yep, the Metoffice 6-15 hasn't used the word hot in a long long time. GO figure :p

    3. shedhead


      Not everyone lives in EA and the SE, which I'm sure you are well aware of.

    4. TonyH


      Or perhaps not :)

  14. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    FI on the 06 again shows the jet powering up and bowling straight at the UK, so a far more unsettled, Atlantic dominated second half of Summer is far from out the question.
  15. shedhead

    Summer 2014 thread

    Well Mushy is already writing off the prospect of any decent summer heat in the Model Banter thread and judging by the latest outputs he might have a case....at least where July is concerned anyway. We still have Aug to go of course, which can and often does deliver some very warm/hot spells across the south in particular, but on balance I think we have probably seen the best of things now for Summer 14.