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  1. Just having a look around the new version and I like it. Something I use that is either missing or so well hidden that I can't find it is the radar opacity. There used to be an option to change that & I tended to use it a lot.  Is it still there or making a comeback please?

  2. Just now, Super_Uwe said:

    The wind in Salcombe this evening is utterly brutal. We are up near the top of town and facing towards the estuary, so the wind is blowing right into our direction. You can feel it getting through every single gap in the insulation and windows!

    All indications are the wind is not going to die down at all, so if we do have heavy snow it's probably going to cause carnage with drifting. Thankfully the schools are closed already for tomorrow, personally I think they will be shut on Friday as well. But we will see!

    Can you promise me pretty pics of Salcombe in the snow tomorrow please? 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Bazray said:

    Minus 5 here tonight, feels much colder, just had to bring the pet rabbit in, should have done it a bit sooner really. Just got an email from the schools saying it will open tomorrow but if things get bad you will need to pick your kids up (seven mile drive on B roads) brilliant, prob good idea not to send them?

    Our guinea pig has been in since Sunday as they're not supposed to be out in temps less than 15c according to the RSPCA.

    All quiet on the south coast front. And I have to say "damn those French stealing that snow, not only do they steal our storms in the summer now they've got our fluffy stuff too!" :nonono:

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