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  1. Can see the top of the approaching cell now even in the dark. Keeps lighting up . It’s gorgeous
  2. I’m close to Rugby. Starting to see the flashes from the cell south of us now.
  3. There is no water shortage. There is more than enough in reserve. Stop fretting.
  4. Paying attention to Tamarras posts has kept me nicely relaxed these last two weeks.
  5. I’m inclined to agree after paying attention to Tamaras posts recently.
  6. 1976 was the best by a mile for me. I was 8 yrs old. It just went on for ever and ever. Playing out every day of the holidays. If this current summer lasts well into August with no rain it could compare.
  7. See that area just northwest of Northampton that keeps breaking up even though it’s pink all around? Guess where I am!
  8. It came through here as snow start to finish and i'm only half a mile from the river Avon so i'm not high up. Reckon you could get a result down there whoever catches it.
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