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  1. That's regarding GloSea5. I guess it can't take an SSW in to account because the data has already been assimilated?
  2. A few posts getting hidden with more straying off-topic. If you want to moan, write off Winter or say there's all to play for, please do so in the moans/banter/chat thread instead of clogging this informative one up. Thanks.
  3. Play nice please folks, and keep to the topic in hand! Ta.
  4. 8.2mm of rain overnight. Quite a downpour around 4am as a squally area passed over. Graph action going on too.. Sunny spells and 9.7°C.
  5. Definitely a good excuse to remind people to refrain from posting a chart and uttering a few words such as 'stonking chart' It's not particularly helpful to those of a lesser knowledge that lurk in this thread.
  6. Warmer air out to the Southwest, pushing through? If you like wet & miserable, stonking, yes!
  7. Let's keep on topic folks. If it's just chit-chat, head over to here Thanks!
  8. That's not as cold as you might think. That flow would bring colder temps to central and some western parts of the country. 4's to 5's for the SE.
  9. Strange day of weather.. -2.2°C this morning, to several torrential downpours. 15.8mm recorded today.
  10. A low of 0.0°C this morning, and a high of 10°C. Still haven't managed an air frost - had 3 by this time last year. Currently 1.2°C, so it may drop below zero by the morning. Interestingly, the latest UKV has less of the UK below zero, compared to this mornings runs.
  11. Autumn currently stands at 424.4mm here. 957.8mm for the year.
  12. I do now. I didn't update to the latest build until an hour ago. I've already figured out an easy way to show soil moisture and PM 2.5 on my main site, which was my main goal. When it's out of Alpha I'll run a second instance of cmx on my mini-pc and have the data go to a new SQL database. I'll illustrate the data in graphs to compare with my Davis data.
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