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  1. Would be nice to get a storm tonight but it will just be rain and with the way the weather is around here I think it will be along time before there's a thunderstorm.
  2. For the first time in a long time I decided on Tuesday evening not to use anything to see what the weather was doing, Internet, Phone apps etc and just kept a eye on the sky. I called it a night at 11pm as I had to get some sleep had work in the morning but woke up just before 1am and it was raining there was no thunder or lightning so went back to sleep. I had my alarm set for 4am and when it went off I leaned out of bed to hit that snooze button, as I did the room lit up followed by almost instant thunder, scared the life out of me wasn't expecting it and was half asleep. Got
  3. Finally finished work and it's baking...don't see anything storm wise happening around here today have more interest in tomorrow but you never know.
  4. I can't deal with this heat it's ridiculous I've had 2 cold showers but yet again I'm dripping with sweat and like many got work tomorrow bring on a breakdown and for once I don't care about a storm I just want a temperature that doesn't make me feel like I'm a melting ice cream it's horrible.
  5. What a night Friday into Saturday but tonight I'm gonna go to bed at a reasonable time as I don't see anything thundery tonight in these parts
  6. Everything crossed for the weekend hope something happens this time as was a bust for me last weekend...getting slightly excited when viewing charts reading members views etc could be a very good start to a week off work.
  7. Can't wait for the weekend it's the start of 9 days off work and the chance of storms....bring it on.
  8. Cloudy here with very light rain so far hoping the sun can break through later and something happens here after yesterday's disappointment.
  9. In Willsbridge tonight on way here seen some impressive formations but I think it's going to be another bust...Just had a look at the ATD not happy viewing seeing that Bristol gap.
  10. After watching the BBC Forecast looking like it will be dry tomorrow as well hopefully something hits but can see it being having to wait until the next convective period.
  11. Through out the day had storms to the west storms to the east storms to the north everything missed here no rain stayed dry all day ah well more opportunities will come...I'm happy though as man utd made it to the Europa League Final so something to smile about.
  12. We shall see hopefully we will be reporting something over the next few hours and possibly second storm this month
  13. I'm no expert AJ but I think going to Bristol would be a waste of time...Looking at the radar anything potentially thundery is moving away to the west...I'm personally not expecting anything to happen here.
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