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  1. What a horrible day here, been under cloud all day. Happy that you guys down south are having fun! Does anyone think that storm just passing Durham is coming my way?
  2. Hello all, Can anyone tell me what my chances are of getting something over the weekend, My kids love storms too and are nagging me for answers. I know I have a 70% chance tomorrow at 1600 but understand that can change and it's hard to pin point any storm action. Thanks
  3. just move to Scotland , stormy weather at least every 3 months ...oh and free prescriptions
  4. hello all ,not very often i post here but over the past two or so hours the wind gusts have increased enough for me to take note and see whats going on , so far i have found a couple of roof tiles in the back garden with little bits of insulation stuck to the fence(guessing its mine) , not much you may think , but the storm last week damaged my roof to the point water was pouring through the smoke alarm ,as it was connected to the mains i dare not , and would not, try and remove it , so spent the whole day with the alarm sounding till an electrician arrived. im thinking of bringing my two
  5. lol it wouldnt surprise me if there were funnel clouds around,i havent seen storms like that for years,first time i have seen purple lightning aswell,but it did get quite scary when we had 3 lightning strikes close to the house and miliseconds apart,exciting but scary at times

  6. there was a funnel cloud sighting at 2.35 over the davisons mains area of the the city with the first storm and there was also another one sighted near Kinds Buildings in Blackford not sure of the time but my friend was freaking the hell out on facebook about it ¬_¬

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