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  1. Looks like convection is in full swing now over South Shropshire - strong sunshine and clouds bubbling up dramatically in Southern and Western directions
  2. It seems to have setup on a convergence line not far from me and stayed put the last hour whilst now extending SW down into W Herefordshire. Quite a lot of activity but seems to be quietening down now.
  3. Storm just blown up out of nowhere in Shropshire - thunder and lightning south of Much Wenlock
  4. Some activity in Much Wenlock, Salop - a handful of visible lightning flashes and loud thunder.
  5. Remarkable transformation. Got back from a drive just after 8 and the car was showing 9.5C in heavy rain. An hour later I went back out in blizzard conditions showing 0.0. Settled down now but hopefully more to follow. (Much Wenlock, 590ft asl)
  6. Started snowing here outside Much Wenlock at 600ft asl Just as I was outside putting the Orthodox Christmas roast on the charcoal rotisserie, which was a nice touch.
  7. Yep it’s 10 miles north of me and growling constantly. Looks good too.
  8. Yep, just before 10pm last night I was sat outside watching lightning from the storm that had passed up over Bromsgrove way, thinking the night was over. 15 minutes later I was under the most intense electrical storm I've ever seen in this country, and that's saying something after seeing the storms over Mid-wales the night before at a distance. It didn't approach - it just ignited a few miles to the south and east of me. Looks like there is the potential for the same again today but over a much wider area.
  9. It’s electrifying all around here now, to the S/SW, SE and E
  10. That must be exactly what I posted the leading edge of a few posts ago. Come to papa !!!
  11. That’s the outline of the Brecon storm from 60 miles or so to the NNW
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