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  1. First rumble of thunder from the cells approaching south Shropshire.
  2. It wasn’t there when I looked! Very rapid development. Will enjoy just watching the sky in this weather. 30 degrees here.
  3. Some interesting convective cloudscapes to my SW down towards Herefordshire and Powys. Looks like the beginning of a cell developing near Knighton.
  4. I’m seeing lightning in an arc now from E to SW - all distant but very intense
  5. Is anyone in mid wales? Sat in my garden watching this lightning 60+ miles away and hearing the faintest rumbles.
  6. I’m in Wenlock in an elevated SSW facing position. Frequent distant flashes to the SW probably the cells showing up in the Knighton area.
  7. Looks like cells springing up off the coast near Ilfracombe also. Is this the start of things kicking off?
  8. I'm sitting in a SSW facing elevated position and can see lightning anywhere down across the Marches and into South Wales. This is a really favourable setup for us tonight.
  9. A rather sleety drizzle here - not what I was hoping for!
  10. Yet 6 miles away in Wenlock in an elevated south facing position I’ve had hours of thunder and lightning between 0200-0400 and this morning from about 0600. Still nothing in Telford? I thought from the radar some of these recent cellls were tracking to my North.
  11. I can see things getting very messy round here if it does rain on top of substantial snow accumulations. Let's see what happens in the next hour...
  12. Same - 400m of knee high snow with drifts 2-3ft deep. Not going anywhere until a tractor comes down.
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