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  1. Speak to The PIT regarding that. I bet it's gone into overdrive
  2. Come on we know it will reach the outskirts of Leeds take a break then fire up as it is Leaving lol
  3. Not all bad. At least I got to see some night time flashes. They were not that close but very bright
  4. Got more chance of the winning lotto ticket falling from my bum than getting a storm here
  5. Cheers. Is a long way off but still amazing to watch. How's it going down there????
  6. Started raining here too. The lightning is miles away but is hurting my eyes from here
  7. whoever is getting that storm to the sw of here it looks beautiful. I can see the odd really bright flash from it..Believe it or not I am really happy to see that
  8. Just seen very distant Lightning from that lot over Manchester
  9. The one that died near Sheffield seems to be sods law for up here
  10. Whoever gets them ENJOY but don't risk your life for a video or photo....
  11. DID you spit your dummy out Admin...YOUR WAY OR NO WAY AS PER USUAL Grumpy #######
  12. It's all your fault....Always is lol. Good luck tonight but stay safe
  13. Take it easy tonight. I t would seem that the Emergency services will be pretty busy as it is DO NOT SAY THAT YOU WILL GET STRUNG UP I JUST DID
  14. HOW MANY MODS DOES IT TAKE TO RUIN A FORUM........Answers on a postcard please
  15. Well put Harry and thanks for that. See how nice and polite His post is. Take note people
  16. Enough of the sarky comments... what about the one in the post I replied to . The point I was making is that statistically (feel free to check with the met office) this area does not do well for storms. people have already pointed out that the crud that is left over from the storms last night could scupper any chances for some. It has happened time and time again. Sorry if that pees people off.