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  1. For my location, I think we must get lucky or something. I have seen it several times (probably about 9 times in all), most memorably 3 times in the 2010 snow. At the time I spoke to someone on here that lives very near me who said our position on top of a hill and near the river meant it was more likely, the local weather forecast mentioned something similar. Don't know if there is any truth in that. Most memorable was during a heavy fall in the 2010 snow. I was watching it out the window which overlooks onto the farmland and countryside beyond and the whole sky lit up and it was so bright where it reflected off the snow. It was like someone had turned the light on a winter scene.
  2. There is a chill in the air today for the first time in months. I don't like it.
  3. We've had thundersnow quite a bit here. Apparently the river helps.
  4. Once you see one, you see them all. Just had a quick inspection now and we have at least 8 nests! They popped up out of nowhere.
  5. I hear they make a massive mess if you mow over them though. I guess we'll just have to scoop the top soil so the nest remains but doesn't make a mess.
  6. Are ants nests in the garden something you should get rid of? I have discovered a few nests, the biggest being maybe 8 inches diameter. I'm not massively bothered about them being there if they aren't doing any harm, but we need to mow the grass soon so how is the best way to handle them? Also are a few nests likely to turn into more or is it a case of leave them be and they go away?
  7. So BBC and MetO have a weather warning out for heavy rain and flooding for me later today, but what weather symbol is showing? Sunny all afternoon! Think I'll take my waterproof.
  8. Unexpected torrential downpour here. Raindrops really 'bouncing' high when they hit the ground.
  9. Is it me but does the rain seem to be doing a U shape? Coming from the NW moving SE and then curving back up towards the NE?
  10. The test generally goes like this: Feeling cold? 1) Put on a another layer.----------------------Better?-----------------------------------Yes. Sorted. I I I------------------------------------------ No. I 2) Get under a blanket.------------------------- Better?---------------------------------- Yes. Sorted. I I I----------------------------------------No. I 3) Put the fire on in the lounge.--------------- Better?-----------------------------------Yes. Sorted. I I I-------------------------------- No. I 4) OK, now you can put the heating on*** ***But even still, the heating will only go on if steps 1-3 have been repeated without success for several days.
  11. Certainly so, haven't heard this much thunder (although I wouldn't say a large % of that was actual storms) in years, probably since the 90's. We have had 4 thunderstorms (2 of which were spectacular) but I would say the last 2 months I have heard thunder on over half the days of the month.
  12. Radar showing that there should be heavy rain coming through, but had nothing but light showers/spitting for the last hour or so.
  13. Until about 3. I hear the main stormy stuff is due late afternoon/early evening so it might be OK.
  14. Heavy rain and a few rumbles here. Stuck in the office so I can't have a proper look
  15. What sort of time of year should I be bringing in my tomato and pepper plants? They still haven't produced fruit yet, but I hear if you keep them warm over winter then they can still produce.
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