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  1. Going back to work after a Bank Holiday weekend is just the best, isn't it? 😫

  2. Absolutely loving the weather. Spent the day at Bodiam Castle. Glorious!
  3. Well I think April weather is well and truly living up to its reputation.
  4. Hail shower here. Cat has come indoors covered in pellets. He is not amused.
  5. Lauren


    But you see again, these recent examples are a few people kicking up a fuss. It's not an entire generation or even significant numbers of people. It really does give a skewed impression of outrage.
  6. Yep in large pots as well as the tomatoes.
  7. That's what I decided in the end. Got a little collection of seedlings going indoors at the moment.
  8. Lying in bed listening to the rain. Glorious.
  9. Cold and grey. It's boring, it's too cold to enjoy the outdoors and it's depressing.
  10. Hailing! Definitely been more convective of late.
  11. Looks like it's due to drop into single figure day time temps next week. Boo! After the lovely weather we've had it will be quite noticeable!
  12. Lauren


    I'm not sure how any of that was related to what you quoted? But what parameters are we using here? People have given you examples of various points throughout this thread and you've generally answered by saying that example wasn't very good or wasnt funny or whatever so isn't evidence. You are judging evidence but your own opinion. What I am asking is what MEASUREABLE, statistical FACTS, would you accept. Evidence is fact, not opinion. I didn't say you were lying, but you do keep assuming people who were not born at your time have no comprehension of things.
  13. Lauren


    You didn't answer my question. And you're still making massive assumptions.
  14. Lauren


    See, this is where I think people confuse being liberal with censorship. My belief is that nothing should be censored unless it's actually criminal e.g inciting terrorism. Jim Davidson, I find disgusting. To me his comedy isn't about being funny, it's about maliciously mocking people different to him for a laugh. Michael McIntyre for example (I know some find him unfunny but I'm using him as an example), does poke fun at others, but it's done in a lighthearted way and also pokes fun at himself. There's no malice in it. Do I think they should both be allowed to perform? Absolutely. That is freedom of expression. But I also believe people have the right to call out people they feel are offensive. Now some who call themselves liberal would see any humour they take offence at or could be offensive to others banned. This is not being liberal, this is actually being conservative by silencing things you do not agree with. So in that regard shows that are perhaps seen as being offensive now should be shown and people should understand the attitude at the time and they can not watch it if they feel it's not OK to them. People tend to vote with their feet.
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