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  1. You know what media and politicians? Until you've worked in the NHS on the frontline, you can stick your opinions up your I have a problem. You have no idea, none.

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    2. Lauren


      All moaning about it and sing it as a political weappn without actually doing anything about it. We could have told them (and did) years ago that this would happen, but no one cares until it does happen by which point it's too late. They slag off staff like scapegoats.

    3. lassie23


      The only bring up the NHS when there is an election. The privatisation argument always resurfaces and A&E crisis.

    4. Glaswegianblizzard


      Very sad what's being done to the NHS down there. Being softened up for sell off, so they deliberately underfund it and make it look incompetent.

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