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  1. Dry and breezy with clear skies moving down from the north west Temp 10.5c
  2. Most likely a technical issue it happens to most of the models now and then
  3. Very warm to hot next week some thunderstorms later? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/44556618
  4. Summer Sun

    World Cup 2018

    Gareth Southgate has dislocated his right shoulder whilst running today
  5. Next week is looking absolutely stunning pretty much across the board with temps widely in the high 20s to low 30s
  6. What a run from GEM certainly living up to its name this afternoon it ends with the heat building even more only question now is could we break the 1976 record
  7. Summer Sun

    World Cup 2018

    Uruguay and Russia are both into the last-16
  8. With the met office saying 30c for next week and another stunning set of charts this afternoon it looks like game set and match now for a hot spell 🌡
  9. Looks like we have a CO2 shortage for beer and other drinks plus meat https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44545010

  10. Summer Sun

    UEFA Nations League

    Fixtures and dates for the home nations & ROI groups with the 1st matches starting in September England 8/9/18 England vs Spain 11/9/18 Spain vs Croatia 12/10/18 Croatia vs England 15/10/18 Spain vs England 15/11/18 Croatia vs Spain 18/11/18 England vs Croatia Wales and Republic of Ireland 6/9/18 Wales vs Republic of Ireland 9/9/18 Denmark vs Wales 13/10/18 Republic of Ireland vs Denmark 16/10/18 Republic of Ireland vs Wales 16/11/18 Wales vs Denmark 19/11/18 Denmark vs Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland 8/9/18 Northern Ireland vs Bosnia 11/9/18 Bosnia vs Austria 12/10/18 Austria vs Northern Ireland 15/10/18 Bosnia vs Northern Ireland 15/11/18 Austria vs Bosnia 18/11/18 Northern Ireland vs Austria Scotland 7/9/18 Albania vs Israel 10/9/18 Scotland vs Albania 11/10/18 Israel vs Scotland 14/10/18 Israel vs Albania 17/11/18 Albania vs Scotland 20/11/18 Scotland vs Israel
  11. Met office confirm 30c for next week
  12. Summer Sun

    Europa League

    Aberdeen will play Burnley in the 2nd round of the Europa League qualifying Tie to be played on July 26th and August 2nd
  13. Summer Sun

    World Cup 2018

    Morocco are the first team to be eliminated from the world cup after losing 1-0 to Portugal