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  1. 42c, 108f forcast in Seville today talk about scorchio

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    2. Interitus


      According to Aemet the May maximum is 36.2 for Valencia and 36.0 for Valencia airport.

      Cordoba airport reached 41.1 and Sevilla airport 40.7 but the hot spot was off the mainland with Lanzarote airport apparently 42.4c (42.6 on Synop) six degrees above the record of 36.6c

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Valencia at 42C, just crazy.

    4. Interitus


      Synop report for Valencia airport gives maximum of 42.6 compared to previous May maximum of 36.0 since records began in 1966 - a phenomenally large deviation and 0.8c less than absolute max of 43.4 from 06/07/1986.

      Top temperature so far on Aemet has been 42.9c at Carcaixent in Valencia province.

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