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  1. Some much needed rain tonight for the gardens this should be clearing SE by around dawn Warmer and sunnier tomorrow with the lows 20s our high in the east
  2. Correct they use NetWx-SR and NetWx-MR
  3. What a difference 1 week makes last week we were around 30c now in clear blue skies.... Fast forward 1 week its cloudy with a light westerly breeze and feeling fresher Temp 21.5c
  4. Record-breaking rainfall and cold weather grips South Africa
  5. If the below average rainfall continues through August and into autumn we may start and see some issues with water shortages
  6. 17.0c to the 25th 1.0c above the 61 to 90 average 0.4c above the 81 to 10 average
  7. UK Outlook for Wednesday 10 Aug 2016 to Wednesday 24 Aug 2016: After perhaps a brief settled and warmer spell at first, the weather will most probably return to a changeable regime. Outbreaks of rain, along with sunshine and showers are likely to affect the country at times, but there is also expected to be some warmer and settled periods. Northern and northwestern parts will generally see the wettest weather, with the south and southeast seeing the most lengthy dry and fine spells. Temperatures will probably average out around normal, with some warmer and cooler days likely.
  8. UK Outlook for Sunday 31 Jul 2016 to Tuesday 9 Aug 2016: A good deal of bright weather is likely at first, but with showers affecting western and northwestern parts, while southeastern areas remain generally dry. Temperatures will be near or slightly below average, with some chilly nights, especially in the north. From Tuesday it is expected to turn more unsettled generally, with a mixture of brighter but showery spells interspersed by cloudier conditions with outbreaks of rain. Northwestern parts will see the heaviest rain and strongest winds, whereas the southeast will get the best of the dry and bright weather. Temperatures generally around average, but sometimes cooler in the northwest. The weather may turn more settled for the first weekend in August, with temperatures trending upwards, but how long this lasts, if it occurs at all, is very uncertain.
  9. Irish jockey John Thomas (JT) McNamara has passed away aged 41
  10. Some warm runs among the ensembles this morning but nothing like yesterday and Sunday Skipping the very warm to hot possibility it does look like staying rather dry in the south as we move into August gardens could certainly do with some rain now even up here in the NE the ground is very dry
  11. A sunny start but cloud has increased since early on Currently dry and mostly cloudy Temp 17.1c
  12. For the past couple of days, I've posted the GFS ensembles in the MOD thread which are hinting at some very warm to hot weather next week.... the beeb have picked up on this now still only a low chance but a possibility none the less
  13. Some very warm to hot runs again from GFS among the ensembles during the early stages of August Just for fun at this stage
  14. autumn

    Latest 3 monthly outlook from WSI as we leave summer and move into Autumn
  15. Agreed its still a very low chance at this present time, we'll just have to see how things pan out in the coming days