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  1. My thoughts are with those in Manchester unconfirmed number killed

    1. cheese


      19 dead, mostly children probably. I feel sick. Too close to home. 

  2. Lovely warmth outside tonight it's nice to have the warm nights back so early in the season
  3. BBC monthly outlook Monday 22 May—Sunday 28 May An early taste of summer! The week will begin on a rather cloudy note across Northern Ireland and Scotland, as a weak Atlantic weather front moves north and east across the respective countries, bringing some rain at times through Monday. Elsewhere though, a bright day is in store with some good spells of sunshine allowing temperatures to climb into the low twenties, with a high of around 25 Celsius likely across parts of southeast England. Overnight into Tuesday, skies will be largely clear, allowing a few patches of fog to form in rural locations. Tuesday will bring another (albeit weaker) weather front to some northwestern areas of the UK through the day, and some cloudier skies to western and southwestern coastal areas at times, but conditions further east will again be warm and bright for much of the time. By midweek, an anticyclone will be centered right over the UK, ensuring that the majority of the UK see plenty of dry and bright weather, and it will feel very warm in any afternoon sunshine. The possible exception will be some western coastal parts that will be a little cloudier at times. Thursday and Friday will likely be the warmest days of the week, with temperatures reaching the highest values since the warm spell of last September. Highs into the high twenties of Celsius are probable across central and eastern parts. As we move into the Bank Holiday weekend, considerable uncertainty starts to creep into the forecast. At time of writing, the main computer forecasting models were struggling to reach a consensus on the behavior of an Atlantic low that is likely to slowly drift in from the southwest to bring showers at times and also a transition to less warm conditions. The speed at which this transition occurs remains in doubt, but it does look as if weather conditions through the weekend will gradually tend to become more unsettled. Watch this space! Monday 29 May—Sunday 4 June Not so flaming June. The uncertainty in the forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend does spill over into the last few days of May. That said, the latest estimates using the array of forecasting tools and models at our disposal suggest that although the Bank Holiday week will likely begin on a warm note, the aforementioned Atlantic low will eventually clear away to the east, leaving much of the UK in a showery regime, with a generally fresher feeling westerly wind. To that effect, it is looking likely that the first few days of June (and the climatological summer) will begin on a fairly unsettled note, with northwestern areas experiencing the wettest and windiest conditions. Conversely though, southeastern areas will likely be drier for longer periods, with generally less showers. Monday 5 June—Sunday 18 June Turning a little warmer and drier again? As we move into he middle part of June, there is still a relatively large degree of uncertainty in the forecast detail, even for a longer range forecast. However, the latest available information does suggest that the jet stream will begin to realign to allow pressure to build in the vicinity of the UK again. Such a scenario would permit a good deal of dry weather, and temperatures at around average or just above for the time of year. Next week Looking further ahead into June, are there any signs of lengthy warm spells on the horizon? Find out next week ...
  4. UK Outlook for Saturday 27 May 2017 to Monday 5 Jun 2017: The sunny and very warm or hot conditions are likely to hold on in many eastern and south-eastern parts during the Bank Holiday weekend. However, we will already begin to see a thundery breakdown pushing in across northern and western parts during Saturday. Perhaps turning fresher, with drier and brighter weather moving into western parts on Sunday and Monday. A brief settled spell of weather is likely to follow, before we see unsettled conditions developing into the first week of June, with a mixture of sunshine and showers or longer spells of rain with strong winds, mainly in the north and west. Temperatures generally returning closer to normal, although in any sunshine it will become rather warm at times.
  5. As the season ends Liverpool are flying out to Australia to play Sydney FC
  6. 11.8 to the 21st 1.0 above the 61 to 90 average 0.6 above the 81 to 10 average ___________________________________________ Current high this month 12.3 to the 1st
  7. A dry start with some sunshine starting to break through Temp 12.3c
  8. UKMO extended shows a new area of high pressure trying to develop at D7
  9. You watch Wenger stay another year just to annoy the Arsenal fans even more
  10. ECM keeps the heat till Sunday then fresher air sweeps through on BH Monday
  11. Arsenal miss out on the champions league for the first time under Wenger Thursday night football coming to the Emirates next season
  12. I make it 37 goals scored today