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  1. autumn

    The beeb gave it out so I can only assume they have got one
  2. autumn

    Temperatures slowly returning to average during next week with plenty of dry weather for the foreseeable future
  3. Terry Scholey's thought's on winter
  4. Live video of the northern lights in Shetland

  5. 8 weeks exactly till we reach the shortest day and the process to the lighter nights gets underway once more
  6. autumn

    Today's warm spot was Nantwich hitting 19c the seasonal average is 13c
  7. The Band of the Coldstream Guards paid tribute to Jimmy Perry outside Buckingham Palace on Monday during the Changing of the Guard ceremony
  8. 120 day's of snow - coldest snap in 5 years I'm sure you can all guess which paper that is in today....
  9. UK Outlook for Thursday 10 Nov 2016 to Thursday 24 Nov 2016: The outlook for mid November remains uncertain however spells of windier and stormier weather look to be less likely than normally expected at this time of year. Indications suggest that at first northerly or north-westerly winds are likely to predominate over the UK, leading to lower than average temperatures for many and a widespread risk of frosts. The expectation is also for windier more showery conditions in the north, perhaps with snow over some higher ground, and drier more settled weather in the south. Towards the end of the period confidence continues to be low, with the more likely scenario looking to be a continuation of the mainly drier, settled weather, although there is a signal for below average temperatures.
  10. UK Outlook for Monday 31 Oct 2016 to Wednesday 9 Nov 2016: For Monday and Tuesday high pressure will stay established across the south, bringing a good deal of dry and quiet weather for many. Some will see patchy mist and fog form overnight though and this may well be slow to clear by day. Temperatures will be mostly above average, but with possibly some cold nights in the south. Meanwhile, the north of the UK is likely to be wetter and windier at times, more so further west. From Wednesday confidence is quite low, although the expectation is for colder weather with more widespread night frosts, and generally northerly or north-westerly winds over the UK. Indications suggest unsettled weather with showers and strong winds at times in the north, and generally drier weather with lighter winds further south.
  11. 10.8 to the 25th 0.1 below the 61 to 90 average 0.2 below the 81 to 10 average
  12. The ECM ens and Op show quite a big difference at t144 the Op has LP to our SW whilst the ens has high pressure
  13. A wet start with steady rain Temp 10.6c
  14. An early November cold snap is far from done and dusted yet as this mornings ECM shows