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  1. Don't know how but England have steadied the ship and made it to 156-3 trailing by 203 still a long shot, but they could yet win
  2. Marcus Rashford has received racial abuse on social media after missing a penalty against Palace today Absolutely no need for it
  3. Done the same again today. Got booked this time.
  4. Bury given a final extension until 5pm Tuesday
  5. BBC monthly outlook Summary Very warm at first, then unsettled for a time _________________________________ Saturday 24 August – Sunday 1 September A hot weekend for some; more unsettled next week The weather for the weekend and the start of next week will feature a lot of very warm, perhaps hot weather, especially for central, southern and eastern England. We are expecting above normal temperatures in most areas, with the hottest places likely to reach 30 Celsius or perhaps a little higher. It should be largely dry this weekend and on Monday, although a few scattered showers are possible across Northern Ireland and western Scotland on Saturday. There could also be a few showers for England and Wales on Sunday and Monday, and rain could move into western Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland on Monday evening. The warm weather is expected to give way to cooler and more unsettled weather next week. There is some uncertainty over the exact timing of this transition, but it is likely to take place sometime around the middle of the week as a cold front passes south-eastwards across the country. There may be some thundery showers before this front arrives. It looks like the second half of the week will be cooler than the first half, although for many areas temperatures will remain near or perhaps above normal for the time of year. It does look likely to become more unsettled with showers and rain moving in from the west to affect some areas. However, the south of the country may avoid most of the showers as high pressure centred over mainland over Europe remains nearby. That said, there is a chance that this high pressure area moves further south, and all areas of the UK become more unsettled by the end of next week. Monday 2 September – Sunday 8 September Unsettled with some wet and perhaps windy weather Low pressure is expected to be the main feature across northern Europe through most of the first full week of September. This suggests that the weather will remain unsettled, with showers and longer spells of rain for many, and a chance of some spells of breezy or windy weather with temperatures near normal. Some parts of the country could end up wetter than normal for the time of year, although at present we don't see any signs of very wet weather. There tends to be an increasing level of uncertainty in the forecast the further into the future we look. This time of year also sees an added amount of uncertainty introduced into the forecast as the North Atlantic hurricane season picks up. Forecasting models don't always handle the impacts of hurricanes and tropical storms consistently, so generally confidence in the forecast tends to be a bit lower in September than at other times of year. The main uncertainty for the start of September is how extensive low pressure is across northern and north-western Europe. There is a chance that the weather could be wetter and windier than we expect, and it would probably be cooler than expected too. However, it is worth noting that there is still a slight chance that we will see high pressure building across western Europe at times, and the weather being calmer and drier at times. Monday 9 September – Sunday 22 September Turning drier and warmer than normal in most areas The run up to mid-month should see high pressure becoming established over north-eastern Europe, with Atlantic low pressure systems tending to be deflected into western and south-western Europe. This should mean that the UK sees the weather becoming less unsettled and there should be some good spells of drier weather for many areas, although the south and west of the UK could see some rain at times. Temperatures may well pick up a little above normal too. The main risk is that the low pressure systems track a little further north, bringing a continuation of the unsettled weather from earlier in September. A slight change in pattern looks likely after mid-month, with high pressure to the south and east of us and low pressure to the north-west. This is fairly similar to the typical pattern we see for the UK, although there are signs that high pressure will be more of a feature than low pressure. The upshot of this is that the weather should be drier than normal for most areas, and there is a chance of some warmer weather developing too. The main alternative to our expected weather pattern is for low pressure to remain more of an influence i.e. windier and wetter weather for the UK with temperatures around average. This alternative has a roughly 25% chance of occurring. Further ahead Are there any signs that the warmth we expect to develop after the middle of September will persist towards the end of the month? https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/outlook
  6. 17.0 to the 23rd 1.1c above the 61 to 90 average 0.3c above the 81 to 10 average ________________________________ Current high this month 18.8 to the 4th Current low this month 16.9 to the 20th, 21st & 22nd
  7. Vincent Kompany is a doubt to play in his testimonial at Manchester City on September 11th after he was forced off with a suspected hamstring injury in Anderlecht's 1-0 defeat by Genk last night https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49455583
  8. Increasing amounts of sunshine during Friday afternoon as the cloud broke. Currently dry and clear skies with a light breeze Temp 17.7c
  9. Bury sold according to the owner
  10. 1.50 - Wissahickon 2.25 - First In Line - Nap 3.00 - Laurens 3.40 - Withhold, Raheen House & Ben Vrackie 4.10 - Alligator Alley 4.45 - Forest Of Dean & Johnny Drama 5.20 - Moss Gill & Pass The Vino Goodwood 2.05 - Duke Of Hazzard 2.40 - Dark Lady
  11. One rumour says it's the former Gateshead 'financial advisor' who oversaw the relegation last season for 'financial irregularities' and 'multiple breaches of league rules'
  12. Gonna struggle to make it to the end of Saturday at this rate Anyone with tickets for Sunday and Monday may as well make different plans
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