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  1. Still happy, despite back pain from hell!

  2. Afternoon - I'm in a spectacularly good mood today, but genuinely don't know why! Being nagged like crazy by the parents but it hasn't stopped me smiling through!

  3. And there goes Prom 43 - the Spaghetti Western Orchestra Prom!!! Very funny, and a big difference to the usual fare!

  4. Currently listening to my 42nd Prom concert this year, the Movie Themes Prom. Just heard the theme to the first Harry Potter film and I have the urge to run around the room, wave a pencil around shouting "EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!"

  5. YES! Bbc DimbleBot got mentioned on Question Time!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

  6. An 8-mile cycle today - almost to my gran's house and back.

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