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  1. Interesting that in Bedford there is very light snow blowing around. Can see in my garden floodlight. I think we are too far north though for any main snow?
  2. Def expanding east as it moves up. Could be a few cm's from this. In the end all good things were worth waiting for lol
  3. From the other thread but wouldnt be surprised to see Beds and Bucks in that too. Agree?
  4. Parts of beds and bucks are in the game imho. Its def further east than predicted. If you look at sat24 its moving very slowly NNE but I may have it very wrong.
  5. Touch and go imho. Right on the edge. If it could move just 20 miles east we are right in it. Anyone else agree?
  6. Here in Bedford I think we will be right on the edge of that clump coming up from the south. Could be interesting few hours here late afternoon.
  7. Wondering if that clump of showers over Lowestoft now heading towards Beds? any thoughts?
  8. Looks a lot further south to me? Surprise on its way? never know. Worth watching IMHO
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