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  1. Don't know if it was a Raptor but it was David Payne's (channel 9 reporter) truck anyway. Thanks for your comments!
  2. It's time now for our episode about the El Reno tornado! EPISODE 8 : "Chaos in Oklahoma"
  3. As for the external mount, I used a Fat Gecko with two suction vortices. It fell once indeed but the hail was very violent and I'm not sure I had stick it properly on the roof. In other occasions, it resisted to nearly 100MPH winds with heavy rain. We also had an official GoPro mount for a spare Gopro we used from time to time and it never fell off. You just have to be carefull about the car body being clean and dry before you set up the mount on it. An additional fastening gear may be a good idea though... What did you prefer on season 1? Is is due to the different editing tempo? I'm
  4. Here is EPISODE 3 : "RECOVERY"! For sure, the Rozel bust is still hard to forget! We felt a bit depressed after that day. Luckily, we made up for it in Wichita and the next chases as well.Moore was a very special day, one of those you don't really want to experience. As you say, this is tough chasing something when you know for sure it's gonna hit a populated area. But, well, Nature is in charge!
  5. Hello guys ! Episode 2 is now available EPISODE 2 : "Instabilities" I hope you'll like it!
  6. Hi Nathan, I'd definitely not watch our Bennington episode if I were you indeed. It's gonna hurt you! haha Joking aside, I'm sorry you missed it! But we had some pretty big bust too, like the Rozel tornadoes of May 18th for examples. Still painful today... I guess it's part of the game. Wouldn't be so fun if it was going well everytime. See you for the episode 2 in four days !
  7. Today is the beginning of Series 2! You can watch the first episode with subtitles below. EPISODE 1 : "Awakening of the senses" You heard right ! We actually go there every two year because of the time it takes and the money it costs! I'd rather go 4 or 5 weeks every two year than 2 or 3 weeks each year. There are less chances to get there in a bad period with a "death ridge". But if I have the opportunity to go there next spring, why not! Yes, you recognized the May 25th beautiful supercell in South Dakota. It was a great and easy chase day! Even without tornadoes
  8. I'm glad you enjoyed the first 2 episodes ! As for the subtitles, they should appear if you click on the subtitile icon in the Youtube player and then chose "english".
  9. Hi guys! We're a team of french storm chasers who go to the Tornado Alley every two years to live the dream! While looking for tornadoes, we shoot a lot of footage and we created a webseries named "Rendez-Vous in Tornado Alley". I assumed you might want to take a look at our journey. Well... if you enjoy angry skies and tornadoes of course. Don't worry, it's entirely subtitled in English! Below is the trailer of the series 2, shot this year in the Great Plains and coming on Youtube this December. http-~~-//youtu.be/ZWsXKTApMQ8 Our first season was broadcasted on the french Weather Cha
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