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  1. just the usual dull cloud and wind today but no showers so gotta water my allotmant

  2. it always seems to be nice on weekends, people always say the weather is bad on weekends this is not true

  3. yet again the gfs is leading us up the garden path with a teasing heatwave

  4. ver good day here, i didnt expect this as all week they said it would be a horrible weekend

    1. Eugene


      I think you're better off listening to people on here than TV forecasts to be honest

  5. chilly horrible day, this is just getting stupid now

  6. something really weird is happening outside, i dont know the name of it exactly but its like this bright thing, i heard there is a name for it

    1. Eugene


      Something weird is happening here too, something wet is falling out of the sky

    2. EaasmanG


      Bird's pi55

  7. yet another day of temps not getting above 16 c

  8. what a shock the sky has cleared now

  9. what a shock the sky has cleared now

  10. spring was too dry, summer is too wet, we r never happy r we

  11. can somebody remind me what month it is again

    1. Milhouse


      If the GFS 18z verified it would be most certainly worthy of July.

  12. i see eugene is being mr positive again

  13. very warm today but once again the temps arnt't the problem its the lack of sun,

  14. for the 1 millionth time the clouds r clearing at dusk

    1. Eugene


      Loads of really strong sunshine here in warwickshire, it felt really hot in the sun, had to laugh to myself after reading all the doom posts saying the weather was not summer like, its been summer like since early June, been a great summer so far my summer forecast had to be binned it was so wrong

  15. ECM is just disgusting tonight

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