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  1. 1-4 August Weather: A cool start to August, with only highs of 17C. Fog hung over us during the nights. Finally, for the 3rd day of August we got up to 21C and a beautiful sunny day. Cloud came over during the night and a cloudy and rainny day persisted for the 4th.

  2. Still persisting heat in the South, up to 115F still in places!
  3. We had a C5.4 flare Earth directed. We should expect auroras measuring about KP4 or 5. There should be no significant disruption.
  4. Cloud today. Sun tomorrow. Thats great news. A high of 10C, hopefully the ground will dry up.

  5. I remember we had 57 days of snow on the ground... now we have the rain. The old spring weather..

  6. On Friday, low pressure will make its way through Colorado. By Saturday it will be in Iowa and on Sunday it will be in Pennsylvania. Traveling almost 2,000 miles. Current Low: 4F - Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. Current High: 82F - Texas
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