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    exboxer(wandsworth abc)(kingston upon thames ABC). and i used to dj on rinse fm & drumnbassworldwide.com till nov 2007.but i still keep my hand in the music helping out local events & booking dj/mc/arts for local events .peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  1. morning all we got about 3-4 cm here in eldon credit to the local farmer clearing our side rds.need to buy the a couple of beers.
  2. -5.4 here in eldon lane even the cat said no to going out lol
  3. morning all .monday looks like we could get sum decent snow fall.might get the odd snow shower over the weekend.but monday looks like the day.had a little flurry about 40mins but nothing much the cat was chasing the little flakes lol
  4. Hi between about 3.00 - 4.00 ish today if metro rader is right
  5. all calm here in bishop.might get sum over night action from about 10.00ish onwards maybe.
  6. morning all a decent snow fall here in eldon lane a good 4 1/2 inches.going to be a fun day lol.be safe
  7. morning all light flurries here in eldon this morning
  8. Afternoon all 5 c here is eldon bishop auckland .looks like it could be a intresting week .be safe all regard less
  9. evening ,just had a big rumble of thunder here in eldon bishop auckland south durham ,possible action my be ?
  10. happy xmas to 1 and alll..............dont get to drunk...iam not going to get drunk at alll no ,never ever ...glad every 1 is safe after yesterdays s strom the A3 was madness last night ,happy the weahter is a tab more settled.
  11. evening alll hope every 1 says safe it getting ruff out there ,thank god my lot have pulled over in feilxstowe dock ,be safe every1 ,takecare
  12. spot on mate simple it will do whot it will do,i still want snow iam throwing my toys out the pram ,i want ,iwant,,,rant over was that ok,,,,,,very true tho mate.
  13. morninggg ,, i second that it might be dull outside,but its poetsssssssssss dayyyy,the best day of the week.have a goood poetsss day
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