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  1. Way overdue? Really? September is practically a summer month as far as average temperatures are concerned so god knows why anyone would expect autumnal weather so soon. Do you expect warm spring sunshine as soon as March arrives?
  2. Now now, I wouldn’t call markyo’s post a forecast..
  3. Exactly. Anyone who thinks the current weather is ‘grim’ clearly needs to get out of the house a bit more often.
  4. Well, yes - that happens every year. It’s what we call ‘changing seasons’.
  5. Cool misty mornings, pleasantly warm sunny afternoons. Not sure how anyone could describe it as grim. This is exactly what September should be like. Probably the best weather for stunning autumn foliage too.
  6. Not unlikely at all, probably the safest bet in our increasingly warming climate. October has often been lovely and warm in recent years and long may it continue.
  7. A warm start to October looks possible though thankfully.
  8. Nothing grim about it - the cooler air can wait until November when it’s actually useful.
  9. Cracking weather recently and the rest of this week is looking great too.
  10. 2015/16 still had snow here. 2013/2014 by contrast had absolutely no settling snow at all and only a couple or so days of falling snow. Never experienced anything half as bad.
  11. Never ever. I’d love a repeat of Feb-Mar last year, or March 2013. December and January 2010 were colder but the Marches of 2013/2018 were snowier here. Both months produced the best drifting snow I’ve ever seen in Leeds and probably as close to blizzard conditions that I’m ever going to see here. Winter 2012/2012 was exceptionally snowy overall. But I think we’ll be breaking far more winter records like February 2019 in the coming years, which to be fair I don’t really mind as long as it’s not wet and windy.
  12. It was a fairly good summer on the whole. June was a letdown, July was a massive improvement and August turned out to be the best of the lot.
  13. Stats for the University of Leeds Mean maximum: 22.3C Mean minimum: 13.9C Mean: 17.8C Highest maximum: 30.8C on the 25th Lowest minimum: 10.7C on the 13th The station stopped reporting rainfall at some point during the month for some reason so no figures available. Local amateur stations reporting around 50mm though, slightly below average.
  14. Rainfall: Sunshine: Ties in with what I thought. We finished the month with just under 50mm, compared to a LTA of 58mm. So sunnier than average, drier than average and warmer than average - August actually turned out to be the best month of the summer here despite the pessimism earlier in the month.
  15. Looks like after a 13 year hurricane hiatus, things have returned to normal for Florida.
  16. Yup, we probably fared better east of the Pennines.
  17. August will turn out pretty decent here in the end. Good first third, poor middle, good last third. It’s generally been drier here than many other locations too, with rainfall looking likely to finish below average - currently at around 75% of the average. Sunshine will be interesting.
  18. 30.1C now, 5th day above 30C in Leeds, two each in July and August and one in June. For comparison I believe 1995 had 8 days above 30C.
  19. I’ve seen people wearing shorts in the middle of winter but on a 17C day in summer most people will definitely be wearing jackets, especially if it’s overcast, though not winter coats.
  20. Maybe you can just live in your own little alternate reality where the record temperature is only 36C. This isn’t the correct thread for asinine ramblings about Heathrow. Start a separate thread perhaps.
  21. More like you’ll bore everyone to death with the same repetitive complaints. Heathrow is accepted, time to move on and get over it.
  22. 30.7C so far. 4th day above 30C this year and 30C achieved in all 3 summer months. Today is also the second warmest day of the year, just nudging out 23 July which recorded 30.6C. 24 July obviously far ahead at 35C.
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