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  1. Yeah, the Met shows 24C for Brighton at 12pm, falling to 20C later due to the sea breeze.
  2. Yeah, this is the time of year where even now at 1am I can see a very faint glow on the north-eastern horizon if the skies are clear.
  3. I remember seeing lightning from a storm near Hull a few years ago, 60-odd miles away. Bizarre experience.
  4. How mad was that?! CGs, hail, shotgun thunder. Didn’t expect that tonight!
  5. Great storm here, shotgun thunder and hail included. Road turned completely white! Moving away now.
  6. Given we had a good 8-9 inches in March 2018, I’m going to say no. Certainly the frequency and severity of snowfall has decreased and will continue to do so as temperatures increase, but I think the chances of getting 6+ inches here is a little better than 100-1. Maybe that’s true for lowland southern counties though - places like Dover got around 9cm this month which was their best snowfall since 2010, but that wouldn’t even be Leeds’ best snowfall this year.
  7. 2/10 Max snow depth a pathetic 3cm that melted in the sun, zero ice days (closest we got was a high of 0.9C), lowest temperature only -5C. Nothing special in any sense of the word. As mentioned, a few areas have done well but as the satellite images confirm, it’s been a very underwhelming affair for most of the UK. A classic it certainly isn’t, and -23C in Aberdeenshire doesn’t change that.
  8. Our max depth has been around 3cm, and it melted under the sun, only persisting in shaded areas. 2018, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2005 - all great easterlies here. 2021 is a massive fail. I can say with confidence that nobody here will remember this cold spell in 10 years time. Doesn’t matter how cold it got in rural Aberdeenshire.
  9. The cold and snow is nowhere near as widespread now as it was in 2018. We had a max of 2.6C here today following a low of -5C, nothing remotely noteworthy. In fact, we haven’t managed a single ice day here during this cold spell. It’s interesting seeing those very cold temperatures in Scotland but it doesn’t change the fact that this cold spell has been very underwhelming for most places.
  10. Disappointing cold spell. Let’s hope we get a scorching hot summer to make up for it.
  11. Very strange seeing such cold temperatures in what is a very mediocre cold spell for most of the UK - certainly no widespread deep cold like December 2010.
  12. Even Feb 2012 delivered a 15cm snowfall, even though most of it melted.
  13. Had heavy showers here but south Leeds (where Elland Road is) missed them I think. Even so, it was just a dusting that has largely melted. Disappointing day.
  14. It’s a total fail for us, let’s be honest. Hands down the worst easterly ever.
  15. If those showers were literally just 10 miles further north we’d he gotten a direct hit. Very frustrating.
  16. To be fair SB, Leeds is a pretty good place for snow as this winter has shown - we’ve had at least two very good frontal events (3 if you live in North Leeds) while most places have had very little. York just 20 miles away has seen naff all. We’ve undeniably done much better than 90% of England this winter. It’s just this particular event isn’t our time shine, unfortunately. I mean, look at it this way - some people down south are saying 5cm is their best snowfall for 8 years. That’s dreadful! I don’t think Sheffield is bad either - if nothing else it has great suburbs that basically front the peaks.
  17. Yeah, not sure what people expect. With these narrow streamer-like setups most people inevitably miss out while a lucky few get a decent covering. Of course we’re going to moan! I’m not exactly going to be sitting here grinning like the Cheshire cat because it’s snowing in bloody Rotherham am I?
  18. Looks like some of the rural roads around here in 2013 & 2018.
  19. Only a top temp of 0.7C here but the side of the garden that gets sun is now completely bare! Took no time at all to thaw. This is probably going to be remembered as one of the biggest disappointments in recent history.
  20. I think the high res models just grossly exaggerated convection and particularly streamer potential. I thought GFS etc were underestimating but they may well be proven right in the end.
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