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  1. It’s hype because the warmest weather isn’t in the SE for a change. Over 16C today in Leeds with beautiful sunshine.
  2. cheese

    Winter 2018/19

    Fairly obvious I’d have thought. Many more warm records are being broken now than cold records.
  3. Uh, yes? You only need to compare the number of warm/heat records to cold records over the past 20 years to see that breaking record low temperatures is increasingly difficult.
  4. On Friday we had a low just below freezing and a high of 16C. This is a good time of year for large diurnal ranges. Also, don’t forget March 2012 which widely had days going from freezing to 20C+.
  5. cheese

    Winter 2018/19

    Winter isn’t dead but it’s lying in bed attached to a drip. Tick tock.. ⏰
  6. cheese

    Winter 2018/19

    Today I learnt that winter = January.
  7. It was warmer to start but it was 16C yesterday afternoon here.
  8. Another beautiful day here, 13C with only patchy cumulus. 😎
  9. You had to go back to the 19th century to find a year ending in 8 that had a warm summer. Then 2018 came along. Everything will ultimately average out eventually but the weather doesn’t follow quotas or rules. Also, if our climate is indeed changing then what ‘average’ looks like will ultimately change too.
  10. 15C today, sunshine from the get go. 🌞😎
  11. In March 2012 we had days where it fell below freezing in the morning but rose above 20C in the afternoon.
  12. 10.4C with sunny spells, a breeze. Pleasant late winter weather. Could even put the washing out.
  13. cheese

    Winter 2018/19

    2013/2014 was worse from a snow perspective, since that winter had no lying snow whatsoever. This winter isn’t far behind though.
  14. cheese

    Winter 2018/19

    Yes, and good riddance. 😎
  15. 1975 and 1976 spring to mind. The dryness of 1975 contributed to the 1976 drought. August 1975 was also the warmest August on record until 1995. We missed the boat in 2015 but maybe we’ll get to break the August record again 24 years later. The only way is up..
  16. Given how warm global temperatures have been in recent years, it’s probably a reasonable assumption.
  17. I think the 2003 heatwave had lower pressure. It didn’t last as long either.
  18. It really was great. August wasn’t as good but it was still sunnier and drier than average here.
  19. Indeed. The heatwave last summer was as dry as a bone until it began to wane towards the end of July, with a slacker flow and more disturbances.
  20. Yup, temps in double digits with sunshine. 👍 Might even get the lawns mowed.
  21. Heatwaves in the UK are usually dry and not humid. 2006 was similar. Humid hot weather in the UK is usually the result of short-lived plumes rather than extended periods of high pressure.
  22. Even if this summer is cool and rainy, I’ll happily take that over a miserable winter. Even 2007 had warm periods. August 2007 was also a fairly good month here with plenty of dry, sunny weather. Plus you can never change the longer days. There is no quota on good summer weather though. We saw back to back good summers in the 90s. 1994-1997 were all decent summers. Most summers from 1989 to 2006 were decent, with a few horrors thrown in.
  23. I guess, but usually in April it’s a day or two around 20C, not nudging 30C. wasnt April 2014 quite warm too?
  24. May last year was very warm, and of course we almost reached 30C in April, so I’m not sure there’s any substance to that.