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  1. The Dales seem to get better thunderstorms than Leeds for some reason, makes no sense at all. All eyes on tomorrow.
  2. T&L here with heavy rain but we’re only on the edge unfortunately. Central areas of Leeds seem to have copped it.
  3. The anvil from that storm has blocked out the sun now. Temp is 29C
  4. I remember seeing lightning from a thunderstorm near Hull a few years ago. That’s about 60 miles.
  5. Indeed. Scotland always seems to get good storms even though they don’t get the heat.
  6. We had a pretty good thunderstorm on July 24th last year. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/news/leeds-news/videos-capture-huge-thunderstorm-leeds-16635780
  7. Neither were particularly bad - each had two okay months and 1 poor month. 2010 was drier though. June 2009 had a great thunderstorm on the 16th.
  8. High of 31C on Wednesday here according to the Met.
  9. A little cell has sprung up over Castleford. Too far north here though.
  10. No storms here either. We had thunder in May on one day but that’s it so far this year. Every morning has been foggy recently but it clears away by noon.
  11. Very humid and hazy today. June could end up like May - despite a notable cool spell, it ends up warmer than average anyway.
  12. Fortunately low 20s are set to return later this week, albeit probably muggy and showery.
  13. Let’s be fair, you could pick any random figure between 13 and 20 degrees and you’d have just as much chance as anyone at being right. Seasonal forecasting is and always has been a guessing game.
  14. The grass is yellowing off here too and looks like what you’d expect in August.
  15. In Leeds, 1998 was pretty poor, with only August resembling something close to normal. The highest temperature for the 3 summer months - and the year as a whole - was a pathetic 26.5C in June. Definitely one of the poorer summers of the 1990s. 1999 was much better with a good July. August was mediocre but the first two days reached 30.8C and 31.4C respectively. June was just average. 2001 was probably the best overall imo with both July and August being decent. The 15th of August reached 30.2C. June again was just average. I do remember the eclipse of 1999, I was in hospital with my mum at the time. We watched it from one of the balconies. Disappointingly cloudy though.
  16. Mean at the Leeds university station is currently 12.3C. Given the current forecast shows every day above 21C with a couple of days of 25/26C, I expect a firmly above average month here, with the second consecutive month under 10mm. The grass is turning yellow.
  17. Anyway, on another note - given how dry this spring has been, there must be the potential for record-breaking heatwaves this summer if the dryness persists. Just like 2003 which was preceded by a dry spring.
  18. Sunny76 is always looking for the worst in everything. August 2019 was fine - the middle third was disappointing but the first and last thirds were very good. August 2013 was okay too but much cloudier than August 2019. August 2019 was probably the best August of the decade here.
  19. Indeed, it’s been a great spring. Even during the cooler few days recently it was still fairly sunny and completely dry. No surprise that the park near me is rammed. A grand total of 2mm so far this month. Temperatures recovered to normal on Thursday. 16C today which is normal for mid May. Could be 25C by Wednesday. I expect a warmer than average month again, though not as anomalous as April.
  20. The thunderstorm in September 2016 that traversed the Pennines from Manchester to Leeds:
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