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    Unusual weather, lighting and lamps, electronics, engineering.
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  1. Spotted an annoying bug yesterday, when there's a lot of lightning strikes on radar it becomes very slow to pan and zoom around, becoming completely unusable at times.
  2. On the 10 day at a glance and only that page, I get redirected to a malicious page asking me to download an app to remove viruses. I suspect it's coming from one of the ad banners.
  3. Certainly happy with what I've woken up to here. Pretty much the same as the last event.
  4. I have the nexus 6p running nougat 7.1.1. The maligned tiles tend to happen when I move the slider too fast since I like to slide it left and right quickly to see where precipitation is moving. On fiber wifi with actual speeds of 28 meg. I seem to have a knack of finding bugs in programs though.
  5. There appears to be a couple of annoying bugs in the free radar app though, tiles often dont line up, and they dont load at all past a certain zoom level. Also location zoom doesn't show unless I go into the menu and turn it off and on again.
  6. Likely a stadium or car park with lots of sodium lights.
  7. I was looking at that slot lining itself up perfectly for me.
  8. Got about 10-12 cm here so im happy with that Although the wind on the radar looks to be steering NE to me, bringing the showers from up north further south for a time id suspect as a result of the 'kink'.
  9. Gap appearing on the radar as usual for me. All going to be passing to my north unless some showers appear from nowhere. Got a covering from the showers that are getting me currently however so cant complain yet.
  10. Im too far north argh looks like a gap opening in it just for me :(.
  11. Fine for me too now, it was rather odd, especially since it was occuring between devices.
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