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  1. do you think the showers will get there act together later on near you?
  2. wish those showers would just nudge south a bit
  3. nah lol am stuck at home didnt even bother trying to get to work today
  4. newbie hear.... what would that mean for us esp in my area?
  5. are the showers ment to ramp up today. seems to be in a lull for a good hour now
  6. are these showers that you have got with the thunder coming anywhere near west lothian! i want some lol
  7. Seems like whitburn is in a wee lull lol
  8. nae danger am even trying to attempt driving to work tomorrow it was bad enough getting there just to be telt were getting sent hame an hour later!
  9. Fife schools are to Shut tomorrow just seen it on twitter
  10. walking with a white highland terrier in this weather is a nightmare! every shower since i got home from work has been more and more heavy and this is before the amber warning comes into affect didnt expect this amount of snow already!!!! @LomondSnowstorm whats it going to be like when the showers come more east to west in whitburn will it still be as intense as these ones tonight
  11. wonder whats the next council will be to cancel schools then? any takers
  12. least falkirk done it early i think its gonna be nightmare if we don't deiced soon about schools etc
  13. if the met office is to give an red warning when would they do it cause surely they wont leave it til the very last minute... here in whitburn an other heavy shower that is heavy compare to the last one
  14. cleary the most heavest shower here in whitburn and the wind is whipping up the snow also!