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  1. @LomondSnowstorm what’s the chances the amber warning might get extended if these showers are going to be the same as last night?
  2. Could they be a possibility that the amber warning might get extended?
  3. Sorry I’m a compete novice to this but what does a convergence zone means for my area
  4. Hi everyone bee sent home from work due to weather getting worst sky is black as anything and looks like it’s on all night again
  5. Heaviest shower so far of today/tonight keep this up I no be able to leave my street at this rate!
  6. It might be for that reason they won’t give a red warning..but surely for the sake of the people getting jag they might put out a red warning to stop them risking there life
  7. @LomondSnowstorm are these showers were getting now are they ment to be even more heavy throughout the night cause these showers are mental when it comes to intensey and this is before the amber warning too
  8. im not good at reading charts but it looks like im in the redish brown colour?
  9. well that was a right beefy shower everything has went white in a space of 15 minutes!
  10. that looks like that my area is going to get some amount of snow upcoming 😄 wee update here its not snowed in a hour or 2 but those showers on the radar are inching more south
  11. I don’t know if an right or not so I’m sorry if it’s not true but on the met office radar does it look like the heavy showers what are up Aberdeen way making the way down towards the central belt??
  12. Showers here are getting heavy and now started to lie... skys outside look dark and grey plus radar looks promising
  13. Been snowing off and on all day just nothing is lying although last shower was quite heavy @LomondSnowstorm what’s it looking like from tonight onwards?
  14. so does whatever fall here according to the dewpoint will be snow or is it just a bit marginal ?
  15. Could anyone help me. Was wondering with the model charts for what does it mean for Bo'ness I’m on the fourth and the last time we got an beast from the east we done well. So how does this one upcoming do for us
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