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  1. at the moment i see a similar general pattern to christmas 1998 the boxing day storm, that was a bomb !!! I never want to experience the like ever again
  2. As long as the azores high pressure is around there will be little change it is king and has been for awhile, its as simple as that
  3. Solar cycle 21 peaked around 1980, it was a biggie, i had a cb radio then, and the skip as we called it was major to say the least propergation as its really called, now in cycle 24 is on the up, its been very good over the last few weeks, have ham radio now and its coming in from all over the place, multipul paths, and some reckon cycle 24 wont be up to much, i am not too sure Back to cycle 21, in 1981/82 we had a very cold winter, i remember minus 20+ at night for several weeks and that was at near enough the peak of a very big cycle, there can be only one explanation to that
  4. Sorry to start a row people, but everybody is entitled to their opinion in my case i will give you an example Last december one evening as i am on back shift, the boss comes along from his nice warm office and says, offload 42 600kg bags of fertilizer off that trailer, not in the pretty cold warehouse,but outside yes i did have a fork lift and no there is no heater it was minus 14 and saying no is the wrong answer i can tell you it was pretty flaming cold, made harder by icy impacted snow The frost as long as its not too much is quite good as it kills a lot of the bugs but snow, no, not for m
  5. You can all keep your frosts and snow, well, a bit of frost thats good, but snow, thats the worst, a real pain in the neck its ok for those that work in a nice warm office etc When you have to work out in the cold and snow its a different ball game I know the country is lacking some rain, but at least you are not freezing your crappers off So for all the people that work outside,for this time of year this weather is great, no complaints here Apart from some much needed rain from time to time, it can stay like this until next spring for me
  6. The storm of boxing day 1998 will always stay in my mind, i will never forget it, ive seen some dodgy weather over the years. For example the winter of '81/'82, over minus 20 for a lot of nights, milked cows then, was a nightmare, they sent 1000 litre plastic bags for the milk to go into when the tank was full as tankers were frozen and couldent collect very often, to my mind it made last december like a spring day and it went on for 7 weeks That freaky summer of 2007 went to nearest town on motorbike one day went round a corner into a literal wall of water,so i backtracked and stood under a
  7. I also remember the one in january 2005, the more well known storm that flooded carlisle, it was quite nasty. The big difference was rain, there was a shed load in 2005, cant remember any in 1998, wind wise, 2005 although bad wasent a patch on 1998, and it was cold too. Windermere is quite a bit south of me, that would have made a bit of a difference. The area around the solway, bad weather is a formality, ive lived here all my life, and have seen some bad stuff. But for me something has to be remembered above all others, and that was boxing day 1998
  8. See my post 26 th december 1998, that was the worst The winter of 1981/82 seconed, minus 20+ for days/weeks, i live on a farm, they had to bring 1000 gallon plastic bags for the milk as tankers could not get here. milking cows was a nightmare, things froze so fast January 2005, the storm that flooded carlisle, not as bad as the '98 one though. Will never forget a thunder storm that passed over on dec31st 1974/ 1st jan 1975, a real banger, woke everybody up. And that wiered summer of 2007, one day i saw a literal wall of water, it came towards me, a few yards from me it went in another directi
  9. Hi I am new here, so greetings to all. I would like to tell you all about the most frightening devestating weather incedent, i have ever witnessed Boxing day 1998 was fairly normal to start with, was at a mates house when it kicked off, managed to get home in time before the strongest winds arrived I remember looking out at one point and seeing a tin roof sheet flying across the yard and impaleing itself in another roof, i had to go into another building to secure its roof, as the roof on a lean to building next to it, was, i dont know where, and these were good solid roofs, well built. I liv
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