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  1. regards newspaper headlines , in my many yrs of weather interest the information is given to the news media .it is then worked on by journalists with a little knowledge of weather related subjects .although there are some very professional journalists out there with an interest in weather, many in my opinion over hype the facts just to make a good headline . this makes the likes of the met office a constant joke ,i can assure you that professional meteorologists do not look that far ahead and predict temp of 90s plus ,when they know that a forecast a week to 10 days away can go pear shape , given the fact of super computers and sat etc etc . if there is any journalist reading this please present your news story with a little bit more consideration ,and as they are aware during their training DONT EXAGGERATE YOU WILL PAY FOR IT LATER ,and i know its a free country but be professional , i am only posting this as just had phone call from my dear moth in law who is saying that her coffee morning was non stop talk of next weeks big heatwave , THEY READ IT IN THE PAPER SO IT MUST BE TRUE ,
  2. yes 30cms in 24hrs down near exeter at minus 3 with gale force winds ,feb 18th 1978 ,white hell was headlines . also march 4 th 1947 , south of bristol 40cms at minus 2 vast drifts , april 1908 a couple of exceptional deep fals especially in oxford cambridge bristol ,also low temp for late in season ,the victorian blizzards in the 1880s not sure which year , 60cms quite widely across southern britain .cheers legritter
  3. very interesting results ,and a few surprises ,cheers legritter
  4. good post RICHARD 2901, must agree what a boring autumn ,good for heating costs etc .we just neeed some action , looks like you could get some up there . me and the wife toured scotland oct 8th / 21 st ,by car did 2200 miles from somerset and back .had virtually every type of weather ,isle of sky warm ,and blue sky and sea , wester ross magical . left thurso and travelled down to perth ,we were playing catch up with a weather front ,as we got quite high up near cairngorms we went through 5 mins of wet snow ,then rain . following morning we went to clamis castle and could see top of cairngorms covered . went to aberdeen 10 yrs ago ,what a greet country you have up there ,. for all of you out there chins up , plenty of time left for wintry fun .cheers legritter .
  5. euro high go away come back some other day , preferably late spring ,.let your big uncle scandi high rein supreme . let your atlantic cousins form a line and head east , preferably up the channel one week , and a little further north the next .time for my prozack , chins up gang , a good 12/14 weeks anything could happen .regards legritter .
  6. just a quicky from me ,FEB 18TH 1978 , BLIZZARDS ACROSS SW ,and parts of south ,short sharp and certainly disruptive , as i put in recent post very hard for met office to forecast , front came to a grinding stop north of bristol , just a peppering in glos and swindon in parts . also some good snowfalls in 1880 s ,going to finish now as boiling a nice gammon plus need a quick fag , cheers
  7. tasty meal for 2 hungry soles . cook 6 thick slices of belly of pork , grill or roast . let cool a little and then cut into cubes . cover with garlic powder or granuals , add a good portion of mushrooms , and pour over some cream .put back into a very hot oven for 10 mins ,remove and give a good mix , cook a further 10 mins or untill well rendered and crispy , serve with tinned tomatoes , and homemade scollops , even better , get a jar of baxters alberts chutney and dip the scollops in , take regular exercise ,and eat plenty of fruit and veg , all the best legritter .
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