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  1. Morning gang ,must admit i was expecting a better Ecm run this morning, and currently the gfs run is ticking along on a mild mush path .I am clutching on the fact that the models at the moment are working with a big monster high , possibly 1050 mb ,so hoping after a few days all models will get a better handle on things .I still think we will get a visit from the arctic or poles , Ecm at 240 hrs is still hinting at this .so come on gang ,feet up ,fry off some sausages, brown sauce, Coffee , welcome the frost with open arms , and may tonights ECM , reign supreme ,cheers gang .
  2. Just started raining very hvy here on west mendip. Watching radar over devon and a very intense area of rain developing , could hit Bristol or just past further east. Looking forward to the high pressure coming soon.
  3. Ok ,we have very high pressure close for at least 6 /7 days , then signs that the Atlantic will creep back in ,but will it be mild or will some lovely 850 temp be pulled s east or south, lovely i mean minus 6c or below ,we have startd the day on a bit of a downer, my hopes are this afternoons gfs will go back cold and tonights ecm at day 8 at least shows a north west flow with the high pulled back further west ,not asking much , wood shed is next on my list , a good old talking too ,and then fingers crossed cheers .
  4. And may tonights gfs continue to improve ,will be great if ecm gives us some LTC ,THE hunt as commenced ,Double STellas all round ,crispy sausage Bap after tonights gfs run ,cheers .
  5. North of Uk in general terms would give us an easterly, n east across Scandinavia could pull in some cold air from nw Russia, nw over greenland a nice northerly. Have a read up of winter 46 /47 ,look at charts for jan 15th and watch high pressure move north till 20th ,very mild to bitter in a week ,then 7/8 weeks of snow covered boots ,enjoy .cheers .
  6. Hi gang ,just a quick post from me .my thoughts today ,we have a solid high come this weekend, its where this high could finish ip which interests me ,a nice shift north and its game on , so we have some hope at last ,cheers gang .
  7. This is where i think we are , next weekend high pressure then the following week which is 8 days away i am totally clueless .looks to me that energy a cold plunge will occur sending arctic air south ,we should know where and direction about Wednesday of this week .i must admit looking at tonights ecm 9 day and 10 day made my blood boil ,so perhaps after a fall we are due for BOOM BOOM . Great forum gang , cheers .
  8. Good afternoon gang, very quiet today think many posters are relaxing, having a nap ,dreaming of polar air invading the uk zzzz .On to the models ,Gfs soon ,will it continue to roll out more wintry synoptics, or keep the atlantic slamming low after low at us. I realy do think that a pattern change is on the way ,my estimate 21st /23rd jan .so we need a good Ecm run tonight or by 7pm tomorrow ,The gfs i think as been Sniffing out much lower 850 mb temp that could head south or s east in about 8 to 10 days across the uk ,so we need to see this firming up in future runs .And ecm the same as this mornings ,bringing a blast of cold south , hopefully all starting to sing from the same hymn sheet. WE can read in between the lines of todays Met office update when Exeter finally update .right gang i need a snooze and a visit to the wood shed .ps ,spent ages earlier looking at weather channels in the northern hemisphere, something is afoot, But the big ASK Will it visit us , is the very bitter Polar vortex about to Unleash some individual Monsters in to mid latitudes ,cheers gang .
  9. Seems like another part of the puzzle unfolding on the gfs now an easterly, where will this all end. Hang on gang we could be digging ourselves out soon .very interesting synoptics for us coldies, over to tomorrow for the Ecm .
  10. Looking at ECM up to 192 hrs goes with what is generally forecast across many weather channels and charts in general, but the last two charts of ecm 216 and 240 look rather odd .im not saying they wont evolve like that because like many on here its a good step towards a pattern change which most on here are craving for .Could be that when the high gets pushed west at 216 ecm we could see a rush of very cold air s east across us just like GFS is hinting at . But i think at this range ,there are many garden paths including one that could Sink , so lets sit back relax chill out ,I'm sure there is a beast lurking ,will report more tomorrow ,inspection at 7am up the wood shed ,cheers gang STellas all round .
  11. In all fairness it looks like some light at the end of a very long mild wet stormy mushy winter So far . But at this stage not getting my hopes up yet .Gfs seems to be all over the place ,ecm 8 9 and 10 days a bit like a yo yo , So stormy wet for the next 7 days, but then what ,a toppler out west or a sustainable high hanging around a while ,or even Nothing ,sorry gang the weather cant do nothing ,but hey ho its only jan 11 th . Cheers gang ,sausage baps all round .
  12. Hi gang ,i am more confident today that things are gradually very slowly becoming more Wintry for the UK .a couple of days ago i did say that there was a possible that Atlantic lows would move on a more southerly track and that i was hoping we would see also lows moving south east .not rocket science i must admit , but I'm sure something to get our attention and may be cheer us all up .Gfs is sniffing out the possibility of high pressure to our n east in extended outlook, and Ecm showing an angry North Atlantic attack, but positioning of lows past 6 days will be very critical. Exeter yesterday hints at a cooling down ,wo der what today will bring. Some newsworthy weather on its way and not all mild mush .and its only jan 8th , take care gang cheers .
  13. Hi gang ,looking past day 6 on tonights ECM ,It would only need a slight adjustment south with the Lows and we could see some high rainfall totals and if they could just squeeze a tad further east some stormy conditions. I will stop there, as anything else is wishful thinking, go on then ,polar vortex to break away ,record number of posters on line .It certainly is dire at the moment ,but hang on in there gang , thought i would post to keep things running along, no stellas tonight just sausage baps and brown sauce and coffee, cheers .
  14. Not even a 10 day wonder chart from ECM, Unless of course you love it mild .off to buy the Express, but will be back tonight for 7pm , perhaps a miracle will come cheers .
  15. Hi gang ,Ecm today shows a very active Atlantic in its later stages ,so does the Gfs .biggest question ,what happens to the high pressure to our east ,does it get shunted away or does it stand up and fight or miraculously goes on holiday to Scandinavia (a nice resting place for an extended holiday ) .So whats LURKING past day 8 ,i have just got back from the woodshed ,and my prediction looking at todays charts is this ,around the 12th /13th a very active low pressure system will dive from the north Atlantic moving south east across the UK ,this will introduce good 850 mb temp of around minus 10c ,what follows is too far out .Just looking at this mornings Ecm was painfull ,but combined with Gfs there is a very angry Atlantic which looks to me like it wants to do Battle, so we could see the attackers being armed by the polar vortex, i may be Wrong , but i realy think at this moment that mid month or earlier could be very newsworthy and interesting for us coldies, let the future Battle commence, right gang ,Settees out ,fingers crossed, and remember its only the 5th of January, as i always say ,best forum on the planet, and thanks to all who contribute, cheers gang STellas and sausage baps all round.
  16. Mega horror show from the gfs .gives us a nasty low next thursday (thank you )and another in 10days ,then mush when will this end , I'm out of prozack, but plenty of straws , keep the faith gang its only 4th jan , ecm next ,wonder what i will find behind settee ,cheers .
  17. The only place we can go , take up round about watching , drive out and take photos of our roundabouts, No thanks ,think we can write off first half of January, but come on gang keep the hope alive its only January 1st, no STellas tonight sausage sandwiches and brown sauce, ECM in the morning to bring us cheer . Amazing mild across a large range of the northern hemisphere, but mother nature occasionally flips that to Arctic bliss ,cheers .
  18. Hi gang ,hang on in there , a lot of uncertainty past day10 .seen this type of dank high pressure many a time change to Arctic bliss .many long range forecasts past 10 days are currently uncertain of synoptics, so tonight folks we may see some BOOM BOOM charts ,never give up ,and giving up on the first of January is complete defeat with many weeks of winter left. Loads of very cold Air to our north, and hints from models today that the jet is trying to move south again .Happy new year to you all, Stellas all round gang, cheers .
  19. Hi gang , certainly very frustrating for us snow and cold lovers but we are at the end of December if it was late february i would be looking at the prozack cupboard. My hopes now are looking for a possible onslaught of deep lows heading to our East at around 10 days from now .we all know that the weather is so hard to predict ,nothing can be ruled out over the coming two months of winter ,so gang chins up , i wish you all the best for 2020 , fantastic forum, great mates ,let the hunt continue STellas all round cheers .
  20. Hopefully, all the slugs ,azores spoilers, flat pancakes, drunk ops ,raging vortex in the wrong place, and unwelcome bordom will DO ONE , great forum our time will come gang STELLAS All round , cheers gang ? .
  21. Is tonights GFS On to something or on ONE , looks good , hope all had a good Christmas, roll on snow and ice cheers gang.
  22. Good evening Gang ,wish you all the best at this festive time .we have a great forum, great team of knowledgeable posters what more do we want .SNOW ,DAM 492 ,SLiders , channel lows ,streamers ,Polar lows , Baltic cold wave ,frozen thames .on to the Models, tonights ECM run is all wrong, its bound to be its xmas there must be a data problem with lack of data ,i have just Cracked it ,the high pressure is going to Migrate North , Boris johnson will summon Cobra in the new year and later in February we will be connected to Europe via an ICE Bridge ,Not a drop of alcohol as passed my lips today I'm just MAD ,give me SNOW ,i have rhubarb sprouting, take care all, The advance guard of winter is on its way at day 10 ,STellas on me ,cheers gang .
  23. Hi Gang, last nights GFS certainly put me to sleep with lovely dreams of Arctic mayhem, and snow by the bucket. Todays runs ,well i am only looking at the most out to 168 hrs ,as i expect plenty of twists as there is a lot going on as i expect a major change to the northern hemisphere pattern come new year ,yes new year gang .not only can i feel it in my water but the way the charts are changing tells me something is LURKING , my fridge magnet of Michael fish fell off overnight , the last time this happened the beast turned up ,cheers gang STEllas on me .
  24. Good morning gang .TWEAKING , i have been Tweaking whilst looking at the charts so far this morning, tweak here and a tweak there .certainly some eye candy showing today ,ok all way out but we have moved on from the last couple of days of total gloom. Looking at current charts and a very stormy wet 5 days to come ,maybe early next week things calm down ,then i wonder whats in store for us all , looks very likely we will see pressure rise to our east but exact location is going to be critical for Cold Hunters amongst us .Did see the local Squirrels up the garden chattering a few minutes ago ,think they were saying Ecm as smelt the coffee ,great forum ,Stellas on me,cheers roll on tonights runs , All aboard .
  25. Good morning gang. Certainly a very turbulent week or so looking at this mornings charts , no BOOM charts to get me excited but as ever with a bit of tweaking on the ECM IN Its later stages we could get there with some colder 850s dragged further south .So over to the GFS For some eye candy ,its all frustrating but we do have some ery interesting synoptics around and this can throw up surprises for the UK , take care gang STellas all round .
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