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  1. Hi gang ,i am around , i have been lurking ,reading all the posts etc .well in my book still time for snowfalls and plenty of action weather .Just a thought but could we see Erik this weekend ,i had an uncle eric . . Thanks to all the posters who keep this forum alive ,Best forum around .cheers gang ,sausage sandwiches brown sauce and a STElla to all the Cold Hunters .
  2. Hi gang ,with regards the outlook ,some juicy looking charts about can't wait for the Ecm tonight from behind the settee with the dog wagging his tail if they are good .This sub forum reminds me of my military days we are all a little bit naughty ,but we are the wild bunch ,still highly trained and will HUNT THE COLD AND SNOW , present weather front on radar looks impressive, is this the Advance guard of Winter ,hope so let's get the mild mush of this Friday out the way then hope and pray ,cheers gang .
  3. Better go skinny dipping quick as the water will be frozen over soon , charts from Ecm are on a wobble again , but still we have a cold signal ,fingers crossed ,cheers gang , back to bed now to dream ,cheers .
  4. Good afternoon gang ,it was certainly great to see this mornings ECM give us coldies a Boost at its later stages .in any case tonights will again be different on its later frames lets just hope its upgrades or as we say STella runs .so at the moment it looks like next weekend is gearing up to some very interesting wintry synoptics , Low pressure Low 850s , Detail yet to be established ,and we do have the professionals on our side . Having friends of mine in North america and Canada also in to the Weather as given me the info to read their weather forums etc ,and i can say that our Forum is probably the best in the Norther Hemisphere ,And that also is echoed by them .Certainly a very good week coming up as we firm up on our first real shot at winter proper , there will be losers as usual ,but taking all available info at the moment ,and the fact that our local Road maintenance company which is located almost near my home have been out the last few days filling up the grit bins in our village ,and actually have received many large lorry loads of new salt etc gives me a clue as to what memo the met office have sent them as regards the potential for about the 18th /20th JAN onwards ,all very devious of me ,and the fact that Bristol airport have also been given warnings as a neighbour works there , all very Top secret of course but fun putting parts of the jig saw together , { a Serious post , Top secret added for fun .}Let the fun begin ,tonights charts are eagerly awaited ,so crack open some STellas ,and perhaps some Sausage sandwiches to keep our energy levels up ,cheers .
  5. Hi gang ,I may be lurking about but it's great reading all the posts .Although this morning's runs aren't yet showing the perfect synoptics just yet ,I feel that the ecm in its later stages could go on to produce some STONKING charts soon .must Cleen behind my Settee for tonight's runs , cheers gang Stellas on me .
  6. Good morning Gang ,sausage sandwiches with brown sauce , a coffee then up the wood shed to prepare for hopefully the arrival of winter later next week .we have Grit bins in several places in our village , all up till now still have last years leftovers in them but hey Bingo this morning the Lads have been out topping them up . Iwent out and spoke to the gang filling them up and they told me that their bosses had been informed of wintry weather arriving in about a weeks time ,they also said that all the gritting lorries were being checked over at the yard in preparation .i am almost opposite the yard and the several vehicles have been moved this morning ,and yes they are checking them over .On with the charts ,nothing really very wintry showing yet but looks like some very deep and active lows will start to track south east next week , and i am expecting the main charts soon to start to show some good winter interest .this is certainly a slow burner , take care all and catch you all up soon ,Stellas all round , cheers ..
  7. Yes this current gfs run looking interesting , squirrels take note ,it will freeze your nuts off .
  8. For me please keep the hunt for cold forum . I think over the next several days we will start to see some really good charts appearing, not a hunch, but a gradual process bringing much lower 850 mb temperatures south , and possibly STORMY conditions, for me this is a start in the right direction and it's only January 6th , I'm excited ,STELLAS and Sausage naps with brown sauce are on me ,think I meant Naps, damn BAPS .CHEERS .
  9. Morning gang , I am liking the last few frames of the ECM , possible cold zonal .ok not what many of us crave but with a bit of luck if we can get some high pressure to the north of that lot we could start to see some good charts . Very early days as far as the SSW and it's affects , so all to play for , great forum , let the hunt continue , STELLAS all round .
  10. The game goes on ,but tomorrow's update could be different again .The warming as taken place ,I'm sure we will soon see some brilliant charts appearing, unexpected ,sudden ,mind blowing output . I'm up the wood shed right now ,it's freezing ,frost as just melted ,we await this evening's output, STELLAS all round gang.
  11. Good morning gang , I am certainly looking forward to the next 9 weeks of meteorological winter and also March .just wondering when the main models really latched on to the cold weather last winter ,Feb March etc .I can remember a big night when HEY Presto we all went crackers . Keep the faith gang ,I have noticed as usuall ecm days 8 9 10 all over the place , STELLAS all round .
  12. Hi posters ,yes ecm ,could turn in to a better run ,I mean on future runs .But looking at the 240 hr chart just look at those eyes and the mouth pretty scarey ,great reading your posts ,cheers. .
  13. It's a WAITING high ,perhaps we can name it a Brexit high .we need this high to make a quick exit .Think we need a meeting of Cobra , keep the posts coming great forum ,cheers .
  14. Good morning cold lovers .I do like the look of the 192 hrs chart on the ECM this morning ,not taking it as gospel but this evenings run could be interesting ,perhaps more in our favour ,lets keep our fingers and toes crossed .it does look like things become more mobile as we reach around the latter stages of the GFS , so perhaps some hope for us snow lovers .i know we are all waiting behind the settee hoping for that magical run of charts that show cold snow frost etc but we must remain Strong .Todays met office update due out soon ,perhaps we can gleen something from that .AN update from my local squirrels ,they are out enjoying the mild weather ,but going around chattering ,think they are saying Block moving north prepare for winter ,stock pile the food ,but i may be mistaken .take care all ,Stellas all round and enjoy yesterdays left overs ..ps my dog is getting excited ,perhaps something afoot .
  15. Hi fellow net weather friends. I am lurking about and do read the posts on model discussion forum .I wish you all a good Christmas and New year to you all. STELLAS all round cheers.
  16. good day to all my fellow posters on this very interesting forum , probably the best top weather forum on this planet .I have very good friends in Canada [ just north of Toronto ) They emigrated back in the mid 1970 s and my late wifes very best friend as worked in the weather business but now retired .I have had the pleasure on many occasions to visit weather centres in Canada and in this country ,especially when i was a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society ,but now demoted as i stopped paying my dues 5 yrs ago .The point is ,looking 5 days ahead with modern technology is prone to mistakes ,looking 7 days ahead is a head ache ,10 DAYS AHEAD , A BIT OF A HEAD BANGER .And us Snow lovers are trying to predict what will be happening beyond that .As i type i expect the latest Met office outlook is ready to go on line ,for me personally i follow this ,but only out to about 15 days , i always look at the ECM up to 7 days ,so as of now i do think better cold weather charts are just around the corner . with the SSW going on its going to be hard for any forecast model to get to grips with forecasts charts in our Neck of the woods .On about woods i have been up the wood shed this morning early ,had a good conversation with myself , checked on the local wild life and came to the conclusion that a big upgrade is a coming ,even the local squirrels are collecting peoples recycling ,two more squirrels seen wearing scarves up the woods today .Right gang ,must start preparing for tomorrows food ,i have my two boys coming plus grand daughter and a friend of mine ,also the dog ,i will be regularly popping in to this forum ,happy Christmas to all STellas all round ,enjoy ..
  17. I might be totally wrong but we must hang on in there and wait hopefully for some great charts to arrive on our screens .if this forecasted SSW does arrive and our luck is with us and the weather turns wintry in January that will be be half the battle .our squirrels here on mendip have been very active today and they have a look of hope ,think they love being all snug and warm and watching us humans suffer in deep snow and sub zero temperatures, iveven seen them laughing ,and last year in our Beast from the east they were heard saying bring it on .Great to read all the posts on here , I might not post so much these days but I am always popping in, here's to a mega cold spell ,snow for all ,from all types of synoptics ,similar to 1947 ,1963 , full frontal ,convective , etc etc .I wish all MY fellow weather mates a very good Christmas and New year and if you are a weather Model ,please bring it on ,cheers gang ,STELLAS ON ME .
  18. Good morning Gang .Just looking at the next 6/7 days on the ecm , and nothing wintry showing but rain ,some sunny days and Gales perhaps some wintry showers across the far north .But something is a foot ,I put my recycling out last night , plus a bag of old clothes for charity ,just checked on it and the bag was opened over night ,gone missing is an old scarf ,wool gloves ,several pairs of old socks ,the next door neighbour said there were several Squirrels out there at first light rummaging through my recycling and charity bag ,they even had their own carrier bags ,she let the Dogs out and they scarpered off towards the woods with all my stuff .Think the squirrels know what tonights ECM will bring and The next updated Met office outlook will bring ,the Wood shed is full of Wrens and Vermin all busy making themselves cosy .well gang we still have 10/11 weeks of winter left thats about 154 ecm runs ,plus 300 or so GFS etc etc ,so plenty of toys out of prams ,STELLA RUNS , being led up garden paths episodes ,Razor blade episodes ,and of course PROZAC moments, ENJOY the ride .This forum is the best in the world ,if you are interested in weather, the holy Grail .cheers Gang STellas are on me .
  19. Meant to post this last night but some forecasters saying mild Christmas. At this range ,about any thing could turn up ,strange year weather wise so far ,snow in the forecast tomorrow , STORMY with it ,plenty of rain next week and signs now of cold cyclonic next weekend . Our local squirrel s took BEDDING to their winter homes last week , yesterday they threw it out to the local polecats and like ,Today they are collecting it all back .went up woodshed just before sunset today and local vermin were BUSY storing winter food .some very interesting weather ahead I feel ,Stellas all round gang ,I'm usually lurking about as weather is always on my mind ,miss my dear late wife . It's great having this great forum , cheers all .
  20. Well gang ,something to get our teeth into .my dog as been over at the computer wagging his tail ,I spent time up the wood shed today summoning an easterly ,a good start ,some mild murk to come first and certainly some interesting charts on offer .I am off to the NORFOLK coast next Monday for a week Grey Seal WATCHING WILL I need hat and gloves .Great forum LETS hope we can all share a great winter , Stellas all round . .
  21. Certainly looking good for some fine settled conditions ,and if all the cards fall right some nice frosty murky mornings ,not bad for starters .going up the wood shed in a moment to have words with the weather gods , cheers to you all ..
  22. Evening all ,HI gang I have been lurking around and would like to thank all the regular posters for their contributions to our great net weather forum .Just put my bbq in the WOOD shed ,brought out the Snow spade and dusted the sledge ,Arctic air incoming ,some interesting charts with some nasty lows forming and running in our direction .What a year it's been ,something for everyone , Stellas all round cheers .
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