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  1. Must be very hard in some aspects to get the wording right on forecasts past one week away especially on the occasion of a major change in the charts . newspapers reading these outlooks will always pick out any juicy bits and exaggerate so the met office will always stay firm on whats in front of them . going on past cold spells over the last 40 years or so i always look out for those words ,uncertainty and hard to shift etc ,i,m pretty sure when we arrive at this saturday some of the forecasts could be real wintry ,cheers all ,heres hoping .
  2. Well again today we have bumble bees ,last night a few frogs moving about and the heating only going on last night for my frail mother in law . but hopefully a few crumbs of comfort on todays charts ,something quite stormy and very wet later next week and the possibility of some high pressure setting up shop but exact details very slim at the moment . certainly very interesting synoptics around so mother nature in a very active mood ,its this i,m clutching at ,we could go reverse ,heres hoping ,oh well lets take the old dog out before todays rain arrives ,cheers .
  3. Well for some reason my Daffs are still under apart from some here and there , took a bit of rest time today up the wood shed [yes we have one ] also the potting shed . Well plenty of insect life running around owing to this mucky mild mush ,sat in the doorway and observed plenty of bumble bees having a feed on my nasturtiums which have come from seed laid down naturally back in september . What was amazing was a hummingbird hawk moth turned up for a feast on my late flowering Larks spur , December!!! more like a late september day .Well i do like the look of the last frame of tonights ECM ,if that crosses us it could be fun but at ten days away still many options could be the outcome ,lets hope its picking up on signals of some very cold air coming our way ,so if we can get a very deep low too our east we could be in business , i,m going to crack open a STella ,cheers gang .
  4. Todays charts carry on showing us mild muck ,ok great for heating bills and great for slugs and snails ,but hang on is something stirring in the wood shed ,looks like a cool down in the far off charts and i,v got a feeling in my water that something is about to happen , perhaps the charts will liven up for us coldies next week we could all do with a nice cheering up on that front ,cheers all decorating the tree today .
  5. Hoping my old look could entice some nice winter synoptics ,off down as da today for our big christmas shop ,got our Christmas Dec's out of the loft last night and was amazed that several Bats were over in the corner ,always thought they were under lead flashing around side chimney ,did see two very large bats back in summer which are possibly these but does anyone know that two types live close together ,the other ones are pippistrals but the ones flying around this summer were huge in comparison cheers:cold:

  6. yes very strange that our blackbirds are leaving the berries alone [ours are pyracanthia berrys ] also we have a gang of long tail tits passing through several times per day could be 20 or 30 birds ,and i have frogs croaking when usually they are well and truly usually under some log or shed ,all very interesting
  7. What the GFS gives ,the ECM taketh away . but i,v got my fingers crossed ,straws are sat on the table ,sacks of salt piled up in the Wood shed ,off down asda tomorrow for a winter stock up ,dont want to get caught out with no food during christmas freeze and raging Blizzards .crikey black birds sat today counting the berries on the bushes ,what do they know that we dont ,
  8. Got man flu  so relaxing in a nice chair with the dog by my side .

    Sorting out well over 400 weather magazines and their weather logs ,so if we can't get the white stuff at least I can read about it .

    Don't really fancy a big meal but a nice Bap ,currently watching some large bumble bees on the last of the flowers ,perhaps they know something that we dont , also black birds not even touching the berries ,even some of our bats are also spending an hour on the wing ,this post done from my new Samsung tablet , rather than my usual desk top one ,brilliant new toy ,cheers all .:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  9. evening gang ,not been posting much lately as busy with elderly mother in law .but been viewing the charts and reading the posts .

    looking at current charts i cant see any real wintry  cold weather ,but all this could change very quickly ,so with 180 plus ecm charts360 gfs charts to come this winter we have plenty to talk about ,heres hoping :yahoo:

    1. legritter


      totally cocked up this post , i think i need a quick BAP and a THatchers cheers all .

  10. good morning all ,i was going to have a good moan ,but i,m happy with all the mild mush bartlets ,zonal trains etc etc . certainly looks like the following two weeks will see usual british late autumn early winter synoptics ,all models seem to be showing same old BUT we know it can all change and we have all winter left for some fun and games ,last weekends cold spell was good for late autumn although short lived ,Just a reminder gang that Cold air is not far away to our north ,as i said i,m happy with current mild ,would rather have it later when its more use , :drinks:of course i mean i,d rather have the cold later than too early .
  11. Ginger nuts ,my dear old mother inlaw who is now living with us 93yrs young ,loves her ginger nuts ,i,v just opened a packet of them to put in the biscuit barrel and noticed not one of them were Identical ,a bit like snowflakes just hoping that i wont see more ginger nuts than snow this year ,also got the windows open today for a good old freshen up ,extremely mild out but very overcast ,cheers .

    1. DisruptiveGust


      Mmmmm... Ginger nuts dunked in tea :)

    2. Mokidugway


      Lotus biscuits :)..

    3. Dami


      I lived on them when I was expecting bubs.

  12. No daffodils out here but still bumblebees and a new crop of figs ,getting back to things that tick me of ,neighbour, No snow this winter the ground is too warm ,unless of course he,s trying to wind me up ,cheers .
  13. About 35 yrs ago i used to live in an upstairs loft room in an old Manor house ,which i must admit was a bit of a spooky place . Late at night especially early hours a creaking noise and the sound of some one moving about could be heard some nights . One night i got the nerve to have a look and low and behold the owners dog which was partly blind and deaf was running around ,i kept this to myself and still have a chuckle now ,it was one of those dulux dogs , and one night it cornered a guest who jumped up on a table to get away from it and fell and broke his arm ,I love spooky woods ,especially with the owls hooting with a full moon ,looking forward too this weekend as our local kids put on a real show for us older people even my wife will join in ,take care gang .
  14. taking my dog for a nice walk then he will be having a nice Pamper ,shampoo and cut ,I will pop into the Cafe near and have a nice breakfast ,full on English with coffe e,then its my turn for a trim at the barbers after i get our dog home .cheers .

    1. Mokidugway


      I took my ginger bapper for a nice walk on my return from that great metropolis known as Wigan ....:0....

  15. Jack frost paid a visit this morning ,and a great red sky ,even ice on the cars ,time for a winter Bap and some soup cheers .

  16. so when will Abigail grace our weather charts any predictions ,a few of the charts are throwing up some interesting possibilitys later next week .

    1. Spikecollie


      Hasn't your storm for this week got a name yet? Abigail (Abi(gale)) sounds so benign!

  17. legritter


    Yes the act of shooting down this plane was terrible ,perhaps one day the truth will come out ,many conflicts produce many terrible acts whether intentional or accidental ,its a very Dangerouse world at present lets hope things only improve .
  18. Had a great time in Blackpool ,never had fish n chips but plenty of other tasty food .went on day trips and tasted some local Baps around the burnly area ,tried a Barm stuffed with bacon which was wonderfull .found the food up north very reasonable prices along with drinks in the clubs ,a great break for five days and we sent the mother inlaw down to her sons ,she,s sat watching her motor racing eating her cheese on toast and her man Hamilton is winning she,s great for a 93 yr old ,frail yes...

  19. counting down the days for our first ever visit too Blackpool next tuesday ,Fish n chips ,live shows Amusement arcades , and on cue Ecm gives us a nice low ,but cant grumble weather at the mo brilliant ,some very interesting high level clouds outside tonight ,tinting the moon , last night i counted two hummingbird hawk moths having a visit to my Larkspur ,and two Hedgehogs sniffing around ,after 7 years since we last had any in the garden its great to see them again .

    1. Mokidugway


      Blackpool Vegas of the north ,not :)..

  20. watched a spider yesterday set up a web ,mother nature is amazing ,today sat and watched again then all gone in a flash a bird swept down and game over .Catterpillars quite often suffer the same fate ,up the wall they go get to the top then bingo food for another creature ,had a lovely roast chicken meal tonight not a bap in sight .

    1. Andy Bown

      Andy Bown

      Mesmerising to watch a web being created.

    2. Spikecollie


      How lovely! The "foodchain" at its finest...

  21. Fantastic day here ,at 7am this morning hardly any contrails from north american flights in when usually we have dozens ,a great science emerging in contrails for those who want to understand upper air charts .May even butter up a bap or two and enjoy with a coffee on the patio ,cheers .

    1. solarcycle


      Nice day for a bap too!

    2. Mokidugway
    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      to see those planes from here, has to be clear day, with low sun angle, mainly visible from Nov to Feb

  22. Pulled up and destroyed all my brussel sprout plants today ,i took my eyes off them for a while whilst sorting out family matters and those lovely cabbage white butterflies laid their eggs all over them .

    1. Mokidugway


      Noooooooooooo,have a nice bap :)..

    2. solarcycle


      No sprouts for Christmas? If you have to settle for supermarket sprouts my fave recipe is to trim and halve them, boil for around 5 mins, no more. Plunge into cold water to stop cooking. Then brown some strips of smoky bacon in a pan and saute the sprouts along with the bacon to warm them up again, yum!

    3. legritter


      sounds great with bacon ,yes it will be supermarket ones so i will try the bacon and perhaps a few sausages cheers .

  23. Baps have been off the menu lately ,i,v actually lost half a stone ,tomorrow though out with the dog for a long walk and i,ll probably pack a bap and packet of crisps ,winters on its way me legs are getting cold so the fire is on low with the dog soaking up the heat ,cheers .

    1. Dami
    2. Mokidugway


      Tuna pasta tonight good food for when you've been beating the local scalies :)..

  24. Rain now stopped here in north somerset ,total rain about 4mm ,so the weather beets us again , must admit i was expecting something a bit more meaty but we all know the score bring on the winter storms cheers .
  25. A very interesting day coming up ,its all now coming together and looks to me that things will quickly change so i,m going to check every hour or so on radar and still time for surprises as its all very complex ,well thats the nature of our hobby very frustrating at times but that goes with a Science thats not exact even here in the year 2015 . Television forecasts have always been open to big changes over the day not so much these days but generally its been a case of collecting Data and getting in on the screen in the form of a forecast ,time is limited to telly forecasts but its great we now have the Web in our interest ,some action now as regards to thundery activity to our south ,best of luck to all
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