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  1. Great posts on this forum ,great charts ,very interesting weather .This weekend could be very newsworthy. Its great to have such a good gang of fellow posters ,makes our hobby very interesting, compared to before the Internet ,take care gang ,STellas all round .
  2. Very hvy rain in bristol ,looks like there could be some flooding issues later .
  3. Looking very interesting ,a tasty synoptic situation looming .lets hope the following 6 months brings plenty of STella charts Prozac moments ,Northern blocking ,below 490 dam thicknesses ,an ice bridge across the channel .right im of to Asda to stock up .Great forum ,cheers gang STEllas on me .
  4. Hi gang , great to read all the posts although i have been a lurker of late .finaly sorted my life out after the passing of my late wife 2 yrs ago .Looks like some real action weather over the coming 10 days .have a feeling in my water things could get very interesting ,take care all .
  5. Just started raini g here on west mendip .looking at all the charts ,tv weather and internet sites it certainly looks like a very wet 24 hrs and more to follow . Its great reading all the posts ,but i do tend to Lurk in the background. Hoping to be able to post more again ,i have had a very busy two years , but the house is all sorted and i now have a bit more free time again .i am looking forward to whatever Mother nature throws our way , cheers to all and STellas all round .
  6. Hope we will be seeing more of young sidney .three months from now hey it could be the beast from the east ,with no food in the cupboards ,and queuing for all sorts of things , but back on topic our warm weather as predicted by todays charts will be most welcome ,cheers get the STellas out .
  7. I have seen in previous similar set ups everything kicks off with a sudden increase in tiny cells ,but im pretty sure its all running about Two hours late .so here on west mendip i am not expecting any light show till at least 11 pm .sure there will be some Corkers about , the question is where . Best of luck to all ,me kebabs have 2 flying ants stuck to the maple syrup , extra protein. Cheers .
  8. Hi Gang ,temp 29.7 here on west mendip .i am trying to avoid my conservatory at present as i have no fly nets ,the door is closed and the temperature hit 48.4 c at 13 05 , flying Ants are being attacked by bird's and spiders outside .Looks like showers are developing over north west france , could be some corkers later today, lets hope they kick off just after dark .hope many of you catch a good storm later cheers .
  9. I had a flat on Dundry hill many years ago ,about 700 ft amsl ,great views for storms .think we need to wait till tomorrow for details ,but some corkers very likely for many. I cant see any warnings out yet, but expecting some later today ,cheers all .
  10. Hi gang ,i have been lurking around .Nice to see some good potential for quite a bit of the Uk , personally i am hoping for some overnight activity ,enough noise to empty the chimney of soot . Hope many of you get to see some Corkers , i am on a diet but today is a treat day ,sausage sandwiches and brown sauce, cheers aĺl .
  11. The sun is shining here in west mendip ,although hazy .looking out towards the south there are some impressive clouds forming , i think there will be some good storm activity later ,we are now approaching the longest day so thats on our side ,lets hope for some chimney shakers ,where if you have soot ,it comes falling down chimney . Best of luck to all posters ,cheers legritter .
  12. evening all ,im still lurking but would like to say a big thank you to all the regular posters who post charts etc .Very good charts today if you like it nice n fresh , Go back 6 weeks or so and these charts would have been Dreamland ,take care all ,cheers
  13. By all means ,still a bit left for tomorrow so may get out the pickels .temp here 3c ,watching area of precipitation to our west it seems to be taking its time ,perhaps something wintry for some, cheers .
  14. Hi gang ,i can report hvy rain with some sleet here on west mendip ,but in the hvy birsts some wet large flakes , just putting a chicken in the oven to go with some roasters stuffing etc , cheers .
  15. Hi gang ,mates ,friends ,fellow coldies ,hot lovers etc etc ,we have a fantastic forum here on net weather ,there will always be some sort of upset ,but hey take a look around other weather forums sites etc across the northern hemisphere and you will see that our forums are much more lively with loads of information for learning and enjoying .Thanks to all the posters who post weather charts , and go out of their way to give us the info to enjoy our hobby ,three cheers to all of them ,ps im looking forward to some Zonal ,take care all cheers .
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