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  1. First hints of frosts from the met in the north west


    UK Outlook for Friday 28 Aug 2015 to Sunday 6 Sep 2015:


    Further spells of rain are likely to spread across all parts of the UK, interspersed with drier conditions although showers are possible at times. Scotland, western England and Northern Ireland could see occasional outbreaks of heavy rain along with strong winds, and even a chance of gales around exposed coasts. Eastern parts in contrast should be broadly drier, but patchy light rain may make it across from the west at times. By the first week of September conditions are likely to become more settled across the country, with driest weather most likely in the southeast. Temperatures throughout the period are expected to remain near normal for most, perhaps becoming cool in the northwest with the chance of some chilly nights, and an increased risk of frost.



    Jeez.it's a bit early for the f word isn't it?!

  2. Quite a shock! I reckon the Met Office data is the best out there. I wonder who the beeb will use now?


    There is some good news if the BBC forecast goes down the pan though - the Met publish a regular video forecast at the bottom of the homepage. It is far more entertaining than the beeb, as the 'presenters' are clearly chosen on some sort of 'pull the short straw' system, so lack the refinement of the beeb presenters. I watch this forecast daily, for the weather forecast, and for the entertaining presenters too!




  3. Second air frost this season -0.1c last night

    See the weather in Aberdeen is dire as usual :)

    Lack of frost in Aberdeen is likely caused by sea surface temperatures around 2c above average. Very warm nights have been the theme in many coastal spots around the UK during September and early October, especially the south coast and south Wales.
  4. When I'm in my car, which has a thermometer reading on the dash (not very scientific I know!), I found it incredible the wide range of variation as I was driving around. On a long, regular commute route, I started to notice trends based on where I was. For example, on a cold night, there was a frost hollow which could knock 6c off the temperature. Also, again on a cold night, the temperature could rise 3c on driving between two lakes. The same lakes knocked 1-2c off on a warm day. I reckon it's easier to think of your garden as a slightly different micro-climate, than think there is something up with your readings.

    Most official sites are in the middle of fields anyhow, so it's bound to be different in your potentiallysheltered garden.

  5. I've noticed the temperature forecasting anomaly for at least three months now. It tends to be 2-3c higher than forecast, mainly on fine days. I was starting to wonder if the met are trying to 'play it safe' - 2c higher is a pleasing bonus, whilst forecasting on the higher end, and it turning out 2c colder could lead to bad press and complaints.

  6. Yes, it's been the same as winter with no warmth at all really. Mean max here was an average 11C though mean min was 2C above average. 17-18C is what you'd expect for the warmest day of the month here but it didn't even manage 16C this month. It's now 4 out of 6 Aprils I've recorded a below average monthly maximum, 2012 exceptionally so, and it's the first time since the very cool April's of the 1970s that three successive April's have failed to reach 17C. Looking around the country many places have failed to reach 18C this month which is very poor. Several places in SW England with very low monthly maximum's for April: Liscombe: 15.1CCamborne: 14.5CCardinham: 15.5CDunkeswell: 15.9CLyneham: 16.9C A month to forget as far as I'm concerned. Last April was better.

    I live in the Lyneham area, and have to disagree. Statistics don't always reveal the real truth. I think April was pretty good, whilst it was fairly wet overall and lacked an early heatwave, there was an abundance of fine sunny days, which were most pleasant and enjoyable. We had no cold snaps with every day reached at least 11c, and we had no air frost and 2 or 3 ground frosts. Plus we had 12 days in a row with no rain. I looked back at the last decade, and even warm Aprils had some sort of cold snap, so in fact it was a very temperate month indeed, instead of yo-yo-ing temperatures playing havoc with my internal thermostat!
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  7. When the Met, or BBC forecast 'rather', in English that actually means slightly, or vaguely. I remember back in the '90s, 13c and sunny being described by the BBC as 'rather' warm in sunshine. A hint of warmth.

    Therefore I would take this forecast to mean a tiny bit chilly, rather than full blown nor'easters!

  8. The heating side of our combi boiler is 'off' so it won't come on regardless of the thermostat. I'm not so stingy with the heating just 'cos I'm a mean and belligerent sod ( although there is some truth in that!) but because there are very practical steps to keeping warm instead of the easy, outrageously expensive and unneccesary step of putting the heating on. Especially when it isn't cold by any stretch of the imagination and would only serve to make me uncomfortably hot. And yep I am indeed sat here in a t-shirt and have the windows open! Today is boiling, man!!

    You know you are talking to a born-and-bred Yorkshireman when you hear words like 'outrageously expensive' and 'unneccesary step of putting the heating on'! I personally like to set the thermostat at 19c and timer set for 6am to 10pm. The heating won't be needed just yet though, maybe early October. I don't worry for the cost as it's fairly reasonable at 19c. Bedrooms are probably a bit cooler than that, maybe 17c. Warm enough for comfort and to keep the house dry and healthy.
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