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  1. richie3846

    Autumn 2015

    My local weather station (Lyneham Wilts.) has recorded 12 hours of sun so far this month - 18% of the average. Many spots in the south east haven't managed 10 hours of sun yet Yeah it has been mild but very cloudy. I see an Aberdeen station has 31 hours, 50% in the bank. It's not very often I'm jealous of the Aberdeen weather!
  2. richie3846

    Autumn 2015

    The beeb said it was a temperature inversion, and the cool air at ground level mixed with the warmer upper air. Coupled with the sun, this was enough to break the record. I''m not really surprised. I drove most of the M6 on Friday, and a similar thing happened there, the temperature lifted (car reading) considerably around Staffordshire and was 2-3 degrees cooler elsewhere. 16c in most places, lifting to around 19c for a 10-20 mile stretch of motorway. Not scientific but was backed up by official readings nearby.
  3. richie3846

    Autumn 2015

    And possibly a fortnight, by the looks of some of the models. This mild spell reminds me of last year's amazing spell of late warmth. This spell is also amazing, in my opinion - it's just a tad overshadowed by last year. Looking at halloween, 20c could be on the cards for some.
  4. And for those that missed it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/34489981
  5. Not experienced by myself, but an amazing range at Braemar yesterday (1.10.15). -2c to 22.7C! Braemar was both the warmest and the coldest place in the UK on the same day.
  6. richie3846

    Autumn 2015

    http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~brugge/CURR.html A pretty decent site for a snapshot of the month so far.
  7. A summary of the warmth can be found here: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/global/201508
  8. The vast majority of stations will be over grass as this is what the standard measurement requires. There is the odd exception like London WC, I think that is on a roof.
  9. richie3846

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Jeez.it's a bit early for the f word isn't it?!
  10. richie3846

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    I've just had a quick glance at the met's figures. Commercial revenue is around £200m or so - this is a massive hole in the balance sheet.
  11. richie3846

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    Do any of you guys know how much this contract is worth to the Met Office? Are we talking millions? Or tens of millions?
  12. Quite a shock! I reckon the Met Office data is the best out there. I wonder who the beeb will use now? There is some good news if the BBC forecast goes down the pan though - the Met publish a regular video forecast at the bottom of the homepage. It is far more entertaining than the beeb, as the 'presenters' are clearly chosen on some sort of 'pull the short straw' system, so lack the refinement of the beeb presenters. I watch this forecast daily, for the weather forecast, and for the entertaining presenters too! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34031785
  13. A similar thing happened last Sunday. By Thursday's forecast for Sunday, it was looking like a total write off for the south, with rain all day. What actually happened was an hour of moderate rain during the night followed by a glorious summer's day!
  14. I know a lot has already been said on this subject but this is why I am sure the reading was valid: I live in Swindon, not too far from Heathrow really (I guess around 80 miles). By 9am temperatures were rocketing into the high 20s already. I already knew by then that perfect conditions could smash the Swindon (Lyneham) record of around 35c. All time record not July record. We ended up on about 32c. What stuffed it up for us, was that there was a great big bank of cloud around 1030-1230, followed by other smatterings of cloud throughout the afternoon. Despite the cloud, we still has the warmest temps since '06. We only had around 10 hours of sun I reckon, so a full 15 hours or so would have smashed that record. In addition, you could argue that town temperatures are what people actually feel. The Lyneham station is rural, exposed, on a hill. Swindon itself in a valley,10 miles further east, urban, and based on my own observations, though not scientifically perfect of course, can be 1-2c hotter on a summers day. I reckon it was 33.5c to 34c in Swindon itself that day. If there was a weather station actually in the town, the Heathrow value might not seem so far off.
  15. richie3846

    July 2015 CET forecasts

    Do you know what is causing this very cold pool of water? Is it ice melt from Greenland?