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  1. Wow, ranging here from nice and sunny to sudden wind and rain with a bit of hail and thunder mixed in! Rinse and repeat. All lovely up until the point I stood outside school in it, the hail pounding us. Despite a big brolly came home drenched where it blew in sideways at us.
  2. Good few rumbles around Dartford for about half an hour, woke just before it start to rain around 6.20am. Just drizzle now.
  3. Eerily quiet here this morning. Was expecting to have stronger winds than the seemingly light breeze we currently have. I assume it is still going to pick up a bit though based on what is happening elsewhere. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Hope she is on the road to recovery now, easy enough to lose track of the world outside when you are looking after someone in hospital. My youngest is under the RNOH as well, due at Bolsover Street clinic next week when the next tube strike is due. Am hoping it isn't too rainy on Wednesday as anticipating a fair bit of walking to be done perhaps - either that or a long queue for a taxi I guess.I am thankful that we bought this house and not another I had my eye on a few years ago - that one had the River Darenth running through the front garden and looking at the EA flood warnings map tonight
  5. Any suggestions please what sort of wind speeds are currently predicted for the SE area on Saturday?
  6. Hello all - another mostly lurker here who also loves reading the banter as well as the excellent weather discussions. Thanks all - keep up the fun and good work here. Am I correct in thinking the wind is not perhaps as strong here (Dartford area) yet as it will be getting, although it does seem to be picking up a bit more at the moment? Looking at the chart posted by Surrey above I am thinking even stronger wind issues on Saturday? Oh dear..that will teach my other half to abandon us for a week and go ski-ing as he is due to fly into Gatwick late Saturday morning!
  7. Radar is not showing snow, but friend in mid Cornwall has posted on Facebook that it was snowing briefly there and has posted photos of his car with snow on it. It seems it turned to rain pretty soon though. Always a smidge of hope this winter.
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