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  1. The radar has been utterly utterly useless the last few days, tonight we're under a bright blob of green but not 1 flake of snow (or drop of rain for that matter) I really do wonder at the coverage of radar, if some areas have lower resolution or are interpolated from other radar returns rather than from live data?
  2. Could be at altitude I guess it doesn't actually look like too much is blowing about at the moment but it must be something like that fooling the radar, trouble is people outside that area just assume it must be snowfall and if they're not getting any get the hump. It's worth bearing in mind folks that radar isn't 100% accurate and can be fooled
  3. That radar is not accurate there's a lot of thin cloud about that is showing up on radar as snowfall but nothing is falling. I haven't seen a thing fall on N Norfolk coast so far today but from the radar we're getting a pasting. Got to say looking at the roads don't go out if you don't have to there are so many roads closed and impassable even the snow ploughs are getting stuck and needing rescue with roads under several feet of snow drift. It doesn't look too bad when you look out of the window but some roads are under 3 feet of snow now especially in North Norfolk, the Wells - Fakenha
  4. There's a lot of showers in the north sea tonight just clipping the North Norfolk coast heading towards Lincolnshire as they head west, hopefully we can all catch a few of them
  5. I really would not be surprised to see more unforecast snow. We had a lot last night when it was supposed to snow in the early hours (which it also did) but it was snowing on/off from about 7pm giving a good inch or so before I went to bed and we had 5" or so this morning. It has also snowed most of the day and it's now getting very black again so hopefully we'll see some more tonight whether it's expected or not. Hopefully it won't be too bad as need to get the car to the garage for repairs tomorrow and can't skip it as the MOT is due soon too.....
  6. What a day so much snow falling almost constant heavy snow from 7am until noon and looks like more to come too.
  7. Amazing stuff this morning in North Norfolk woken up to about 5" of snow and its snowed pretty much non-stop all morning. Bit worried now as there's a gap in the radar but hoping some more showers will be along soon, hopefully a good bit of convection will dump a load more or at least keep cloud cover up to stop the sun melting it.
  8. Maybe we can keep the I told you so's until AFTER the chances of snow have gone? People have had such a strop on various forums moaning about only getting an inch or what not, moaning about the met office warnings etc but we've still got tomorrow and Thursday with more snow forecast for many. Once we get to the weekend then we can do the I told you so's but considering we're still inside the forecast period for me it's a bit too soon to say no snow drifts etc because there's still more to come yet, it may well be little or not the amounts suggested but forecasters can only go with what's in
  9. Bitterly cold outside now, wind has really picked up but still not much more than a dusting of the white stuff but very cloudy tonight. Really hope we're going to see some concentrated showers & actually get some accumulations. Doesn't look like we'll be breaking any records after all the hype.
  10. When does the proper cold actually arrive, all we're getting at the moment is the snow equivalent of drizzle. Loads of cruddy little pellets for 20 mins then sunshine and repeat. I'm starting to wonder if this is actually going to happen in North Norfolk at all. Fingers crossed for overnight and tomorrow. Good luck everyone
  11. Lovely dusting this morning in North Norfolk, it fell around midnight last night & hasn't melted. Just a few flakes blowing in the breeze this morning. Unfortunately also blue sky right now too. Just awaiting showers now, looking for convection I suppose.
  12. Errr no that is very clearly not the trend at all have you actually looked at anything other than a few GFS runs?
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