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  1. Evening all very nice usable day today, a thought for you all keep watching them there models because I think it will be a brutal winter, my reasoning gas prices going in to hyperspace and weather wise nature has a way of kicking us when we are down in this country LO
  2. Evening all tonights forecast on look north predicted sporadic thundery showers tonight for lincolnshire, however looking at the current radar the band moving north looks less active for storms but heavy rain would not be out of the question as the front passes through overnight.
  3. Rumbling around in my vicinity just had a heavy shower but now the sun is out, I have to say it’s very very warm in the sun. LO
  4. Got a storm moving in from the SW of my location cg with noise no rain as yet, knocked out my satellite for a few mins. LO
  5. it’s typical summer faye don’t you think, Wimbledon fortnight normally is rubbish once it’s all over it’s like the warm dry summer returns. Nature clearly don’t like tennis me thinks LO
  6. Rumbling around my location in South Kyme SE of Lincoln but as of yet just sporadic showers breezing through LO
  7. Storm here in south kyme Lincolnshire, just knocked out our satellite, broadband & electric all back on now still the odd flash and bang.
  8. Evening all I don’t normally post in this thread I’d rather observe, but going on the model outputs the chance for a sustained cold snap are fading fast with what could be 2 -3 weeks of any cold window remaining I’m starting to look forward to the graduation of warmth into spring. The charts from my untrained eye seem to be starting to move in that general direction. LO
  9. Recent sat image showing plenty of potential showers in the North Sea.
  10. A good covering overnight I’d say around an inch locally, just checked the radar and the showers just keep coming however most of the morning has been very cold and sunny. LO
  11. The radar is definitely showing more beefier snow showers clumping together totally unexpected LO
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