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  1. A suprisingly low key summery frosty, not sure if i should be worried that for all of the bluster on here in the last few days that you may see things a little differently? LO
  2. Well in my opinion it’s all about the trending pattern, so if easterlies keep popping up eventually that pattern will become the form horse as we move toward the new year and beyond I feel. LO
  3. Looks like we are inline for a stream of storms moving down from the north LO
  4. Serious thunderstorm here in South Kyme very heavy rain indeed
  5. Lincs Observation

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Its all looking good and backs up the metoffice post i put up last week about them being bullish about the next few weeks, stunning is what id say. Quick one for you frosty, i find it ironic reading your posts which i do everyday with great interest about the prospects for the coming weeks and the heat and sun, but its your name tag FROSTY that make me chuckle when i read about heat. Maybe you should change it this summer to SWEATY lol on account of the warm weather not your personal hygiene id like to add LO
  6. Lincs Observation

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Good morning all well the bbc are quite bullish on a return to warmer climes late next week, in this forum you feel the battle between members and what they are seeing in the models is rumbling on some showing warmth some showing cool etc. To put some perspective on the month of May it is by in large a changable month historically that dividing line of late spring and early summer, so anything can happen but for what it's worth I am quite optimistic for this coming summer the trends for a more regular visit of the Azores high and the odd plume maybe. LO
  7. Lincs Observation

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Looking. Good at the moment for another cracking bank holiday end of May, could it be possible ? We just might be in with a shout all be it a small shout at this range.
  8. Several storms have passed through Lincs today as I type we have very heavy hail thunder and lightening LO the hail is coming down that hard it's shredding the leaves on the trees as it falls marble size wow
  9. One would like to think that nature or odds choose either would have a way of balancing things out come summer we need balance in the force
  10. Lincs Observation

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    Good morning all had about an inch over night however the wind has been blowing a hoolie and some surfaces have little on them suggesting drifting still coming down all be it very light. LO
  11. Lincs Observation

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    good morning or should I say not so good morning Lincolnshire police report all arterial routes around the county are blocked due to drifting snow serious conditions for travel today LO
  12. Lincs Observation

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    Not long got back from scopwick drove across Martin fen from south Kyme and the conditions are horrendous compacted snow covering ice, blowing wind causing drifting across the roads plus at a few locations on my journey near whiteout zero visibility due to the snow falling punctuated with snow blowing off the fields. I suspect tomorrow will be another difficult day getting around the region LO
  13. Lincs Observation

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    Fair bit of Snow has fallen across the regions overnight, driving is difficult around the hills in Lincoln, the wolds and Boston to the coast. However the main issues seem to be around the A1 at Stamford. plenty of beefy showers to come this morning although things are expected to ease as we move into the afternoon. LO
  14. Lincs Observation

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    steady snow fall here this morning after a quiet night, ruskington had white out conditions for around ten mins this morning on my way back from the train station, i think we could see more beefy showers today, however the predicted wind speed has dropped a tad. LO
  15. Lincs Observation

    Winter 2017/18 Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Norfolk

    More powdery snow fall in the last hour more over night I suspect, one thing of note is the increase in the wind. The growing wind speed is blowing the light stuff around a fair bit LO