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  1. Thankyou for explaining the butterfly effect I was curious to have answered from my post last night. All sounds plausible I think lo
  2. reports today of a rare rapid increase in SSW in the Southern Hemisphere possibly leading to interesting weather later down the line. My question to those who know is what impacts would you expect further down the line for the Northern hemisphere (butterfly effect)? LO
  3. If the models are correct then this summer has more come backs than cliff richard, not that I’m complaining LO
  4. Started here as CG but in the main was mostly CC and yes I think east Lincoln is the sweet spot.
  5. Well we are just seeing this cell move off toward Lincoln and the wolds, the weird thing is it is still very muggy and humid, sticky call it what you like however no indication of cells from the source south of me. LO
  6. It’s pretty good started with CG now CC bit disappointed with the rain not as heavy as I would like
  7. Caught a corker by chance on video but won’t let me put it up it’s getting mean here for sure.
  8. There are another two small cells moving north the one I’m interested in is over Cambridge can anyone in that area tell me the current conditions please.
  9. Update we have had the first flash of lightening looking from my direction looking towards South of Sleaford.
  10. The storm moving up from Peterborough is getting closer, there is a marked increase in noise & the light is getting poor for this time of the day, it appears we are still in direct line for a hit. LO
  11. I have been watching the storm front moving up from Peterborough for the last hour, it stretches up the east lincs coast, it appears if it maintains strength and direction I will be in direct line within the next hour. Still rumbling around and is very still and muggy. LO
  12. The cell in my area is just east of Lincoln and looking at the Radar looks like Louth could be a direct hit.
  13. That’s the cell we took pics of that to my west, it has tracked across to Coningsby and plenty of noise to be heard but alas I think it will skirt to my north. LO
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