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  1. Starting to get a bit nasty here now I have retired inside as the rain falls I think I'm on the front edge of the storm over newark
  2. Flashes in the distance to my south west sitting on my decking watching it all kick off LO
  3. Distant rumbles spots of rain here heading to me from the Sleaford area all very still and warm LO
  4. Would you say judged on the common themes so far this winter that we could infact be heading for a more typical spring and summer than in the past few years, where the weather extremes have been marked?? LO
  5. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    Maybe spoke to soon just had one hell of a gust that made my house shake GULP!!
  6. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    It looks to me like the worst maybe over in my part of Lincs and the strongest winds have moved into South Lincs/Norfolk, Could this storm be exiting a bit quicker than forecast?? we were due to have the worst around 15.00pm but i think we had the worst around midday. LO
  7. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    Nature is a wonderful if not slightly brutal thing dont you think.
  8. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    Seems to have calmed down in the past half hour here, however it is still gusty with reports still coming in of problems to my East. LO
  9. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    The A17 in my area is not the place to be report of a overturned lorry on the A17 at Swineshead and also a over turned lorry near the Kirby lane turning a few miles away just now, loads of trees down and powercuts across the area mainly in the Boston & Grantham areas LO
  10. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    UPDATE: all kicking off here now in Lincolnshire.... http://www.lincolnshirelive.co.uk/live-blog-storm-doris-leaves-homes-without-power-closes-roads/story-30158235-detail/story.html LO
  11. Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

    gust reported nearby at Boston, Lincolnshire of 61mph and boy dont we know i my poor dog who is a very old 16 was nearly blown off her unsteady legs. LO UPDATE : http://www.bostonstandard.co.uk/news/storm-doris-leaves-fallen-trees-blocking-boston-roads-1-7835485
  12. Well its been a pretty awful winter so much promise yet never really quite getting there, I do hope your comment above is a glimpse toward what spring or even summer may bring in relation to an early trend, But i think we all know now in our hearts that any cold spell now will not rescue this winter and will instead consign it to the back of the bookcase. LO
  13. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Moderate Snow now here in South Kyme, it has been falling pretty much all night however its been all very sparce and stop start to even give a good covering as soon as it comes we get a break and it all goes again. LO
  14. Good Afternoon all Well its finally happened after weeks of cam watching New York (Times square) finally has some snow, for all of you who are starved of some white action i have posted a link Enjoy!! http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/?cam=tsstreet LO