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  1. Looks like Lincolnshire or at least south Lincs will miss out I’ve been totally bypassed with a cell moving to my west and a cell to my east, in the middle nothing but blue sky and a warm wind ? LO
  2. The storm just breezed by to my west, and is gathering momentum as it tracks Ne LO
  3. Storm moving in about South Kyme Lincolnshire moving NE, plenty of sound no light as yet. LO
  4. Snowing here in South Kyme Lincolnshire, was not expecting that at all. LO
  5. Just to lighten the mood but always heed the warnings.
  6. This is footage of the mill prior to the sails and dome being ripped off. Showing the sails turning in the wrong Direction
  7. Update on Burgh Le Marsh windmill pretty devastating damage but sums up the county’s damage since the early hours of the morning here in Lincolnshire. Storm Ciara tears sails off historic Burgh Le Marsh windmill - Lincolnshire Live WWW.LINCOLNSHIRELIVE.CO.UK Residents have been evacuated
  8. Update fro Lincolnshire Latest updates as Storm Ciara batters Lincolnshire THELINCOLNITE.CO.UK Latest weather and travel alerts
  9. We are taking a battering here in Lincolnshire, many trees reported as down and the latest from the police is that Burgh Le Marsh has a safety issue with the windmill and the area is closed. We have many mills in the area and I would not be surprised if it’s not the only mill suffering damage. LO
  10. Thankyou for explaining the butterfly effect I was curious to have answered from my post last night. All sounds plausible I think ? lo
  11. reports today of a rare rapid increase in SSW in the Southern Hemisphere possibly leading to interesting weather later down the line. My question to those who know is what impacts would you expect further down the line for the Northern hemisphere (butterfly effect)? LO
  12. If the models are correct then this summer has more come backs than cliff richard, not that I’m complaining LO
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