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  1. It's been disappointing here in Saddleworth but we have had some nice heavy dustings. Another one just 30 mins ago putting down a cm or 2. Perfectly timed as it's now frozen solid outside! I'm planning to get up on the tops for sunrise tomorrow so hoping to get some nice photos.
  2. Yeh, it's worth moving to get a bit more of the weather you want! I always want more though - I'm 197m now...and I drive up to 450 m down the road and it's a different world...I want to move higher haha! Pic below of the car park at brunclough reservoir in diggle.
  3. They looks better aligned, beefier and slower moving today. I'm hoping that's gonna do it for this area! Although Im already happy with the couple of fluffy cm I have.
  4. Feel for you living on the wirral. Must be one of the worst places in the uk for snow, other than maybe my hometown of Chester! I moved up to 200m in Saddleworth to up my odds of snow haha!
  5. Yeh, nice to see some white. The radar looks fairly promising too actually.
  6. Just woke to a couple of cm of super fluffy stuff. -2c. I'm not totally sure but I get the feeling the wind switching more easterly is helping. Maybe the shorter land track to here?
  7. haha, well I gotta say although the radar seemed to have it over me we had barely anything!
  8. Just passing through here now I think. So far another light ish affair!
  9. Guessing it's the low dew points coupled with a strong wind. The snow is just sublimating back into the air!
  10. Yup, need some more sustained heaviness! Looks decent on the radar to the east, but have to wait and see what happens this afternoon.
  11. No idea why people are negative. I'd bank the latest runs!
  12. Brave drinking in the Granby! 😛 Although that’s the saddleworth one I mean haha
  13. Looks like a NW steering wind until later and into Monday morning. The may turn more Newly this afternoon with the showers developing in the channel N of the isle of man getting more of a chance to hit us! If the showers are around overnight it's more interesting, slack westerlies, slower moving showers and more potential for big accumulations. We shall see!
  14. They will look at a range of output. They have their own high resolution model of course that will show accumulations. I expect a warning will be issued this morning, but it's mainly a high ground affair in my opinion, with small accumulations likely later tuesday/overnight to lower levels.
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